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Harris' relationship with Sapp goes back to his college days

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We finished going through the Warren Sapp interview with Mully & Hanley this morning on the Score, 670-AM. It was interesting to listen to because you can tell Sapp holds Tommie Harris in a special place because of the similar athletic traits they have. Harris first reached out to Sapp when he was playing at Oklahoma.

He used to call Sapp and pepper him with questions, trying to find out what made him tick, what tips he had for a hungry star in the making. It came full circle for Harris when he was fielding phone calls from Marcus Harrison. Harrison was playing at Arkansas when he first got to know Harris.

"I've got another job,'' Sapp said when asked if he would come to town for camp to work with Harris. "He is a friend. This kid reached out to me when he was at Oklahoma and I really want to see him do well. I know the system and he has all the tools. We're going to go to work on it. I can't be sitting around not doing anything all these years. There are a certain group of guys that really enjoy this thing and love this thing and he's one of them."

*** Speaking of players when they are in college, Thursday is the deadline for underclassmen to declare for the NFL draft. What is interesting is Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford and USC safety Taylor Mays have announced they will return to school next season.

Bradford and Mays were considered first-round talents and both could have been high first-round picks, gone well before the Bears select at No. 18. What that means is it has watered down the Bears' pick somewhat. Obviously, the Bears want as much talent as possible in those first 17 picks to give them as much as possible to survey before making a selection.

*** We're running behind again today with Four Down Territory, but we're going to get to that next.

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Can we sign Warren Sapp? after dancing with the stars he should be in the best shape of his life

People are making such a big deal out of Lovie calling the defense and taking control there. Offensive head coaches do it all the time and no one yells one bit. Lovie does it and screams come out all over the place. Calm down. As I remember the Bears won a super bowl with Buddy Ryan calling the defense and Ditka ran the offense and was head coach too. Marinelli and Babich will take some load off Lovie and if we get back to a solid D the offense only needs to score 20/per to win most of them anyway.

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