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Four Down Territory, Jan. 23: Could the Bears target Ball State's Nate Davis?

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We're entering what looks to be a pretty quiet time for the Bears. If the coaching staff and scouts have not returned from the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala., they will Saturday (the game will be televised at 6 p.m. on NFL Network). The next step in the offseason is the thorough organizational meetings that go over everything from top to bottom. This is where the coaches, scouts, and front office collaborate to shape the plans moving forward to free agency and the draft.

Four Down Territory is going to take a little bit of a break next week while we're in Tampa covering the Super Bowl, but we're going to monitor any Bears action that is going on. You can also track information on Twitter. If you're not already signed up, you can do so to get instant updates when we make them. It's free. Often times, we'll Twitter news as we're posting to the blog, delivering it to you on your mobile phone. You can also get updates sent directly to your IM. We don't expect a rash of updates soon, but as free agency and the draft approaches, we'll be active.

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On to Four Down Territory.

Q: What do you think of the kid from Ball State, Nate Davis, or Brian Johnson of Utah as potential third-round picks to bring in this season? Both have proven to be leaders and winners with teams that many fans overlook. Could one of them become a pick for the Bears?

Chitown Bear, Parts Unknown

A: Davis finished his career at Ball State with two remarkable seasons, passing for 7,258 yards and 56 touchdowns. He's got decent size and a strong arm and could be gone well before the third round. It just takes one team to fall in love with a player. Johnson is the winningest quarterback in Utah history but isn't nearly as touted as a prospect. The third round would be a real reach for him at this point and he'd be a developmental player for sure. Unless you've been asleep since the season ended, you've gotten the message loud and clear from the Bears--they believe in Kyle Orton. They believe he will take a step forward in 2009 when he doesn't have to split reps with anyone else. They trust in his ability to become the quarterback of the future all the way up until the point it comes to putting their money where their belief is. General manager Jerry Angelo has not ruled anything out, including using a first-round pick on a passer, but at this point all signs point to the team signing a veteran in free agency. Right now, Chris Simms and Byron Leftwich are considered to be the top candidates. With a young quarterback already under contract in Caleb Hanie, the Bears could go another year without drafting one.

Q: Why do you assume that if a nose tackle is on the bigger side that he is not quick enough to play in this scheme the Bears run? That is frustrating to hear you say that. I never heard anyone say that Keith Traylor wasn't quick enough when he constantly stopped the running back two or three yards into the backfield time and time again. Heck, I bet you big Albert Haynesworth is just as quick as Tommie Harris. Until the Bears get this position resolved on the defensive front, they will not be a dominant defense.

Bill H., Parts Unknown

A: I think you're comparing apples to oranges here, at least to an extent. Ted Washington was the nose tackle in that defense and it was a completely different two-gap scheme. Traylor was a productive player for many years but probably would not have been at his best in a one-gap scheme like the Bears employ. As for his constant stops in the backfield, he made 18 tackles for loss over three seasons from 2001 to 2003. Yes, the Tampa Two can be run with a dominant run stuffer. Pat Williams in Minnesota is a perfect example. There has been some talk about the possibility of the Bears adding some bulk at the nose. Anthony Adams, in one man's opinion, did pretty well down the stretch playing there. The bigger issue is Harris and getting him right. If he's playing up to his potential, he's going to make the man next to him, whoever it is, a whole lot better. If Harris is commanding a double team, someone is going to get freed up for a solo block. I'd submit the Bears will not return to dominance until Harris returns to dominating form. He's the issue more so than the nose.

Q: Why would a team that claims to get off the bus running the football continue to try to employ a West Coast style offense like Ron Turner's? I thought the whole point of the West Coast was to use the pass to set up the run. Would the better route to an improved offense be to re-tool player personnel to better suit the West Coast style, or to ditch the coordinator and scheme and actually live up to the "run first" self-image?

Michael L, Parts Unknown

A: Valid questions there. I think Lovie Smith might have wrapped his arms around the idea that the Bears get off the bus running because that was the mind-set and game plan that best served the team's defense and special teams at the time. The Bears wanted to play a field-position game and control the clock and you have to be able to run the ball to do so. Be careful sticking a blanket West Coast label on what Turner does. I don't think that's accurate. The Bears run an awful lot of power, and used as much or more than anyone in the league when Thomas Jones was around. That's not a staple of your typical West Coast offense. It's pretty apparent, it's strikingly obvious that the franchise needs to find some bona fide playmakers on offense. The kind of difference makers who can be weapons in any kind of offense. That's the missing ingredient. With a complementary back and a more level performance at quarterback, the rushing numbers would have been better last season. No question. As long as Smith wants to talk about his bus and what his team likes to do coming off it, we'll have fun with it though.

Q: Everyone likes to point out that Marc Colombo has turned into a pretty nice player for the Dallas Cowboys. What about Mike Gandy, the starting left tackle for the Arizona Cardinals? How did the Bears let a quality lineman like him get away?

Chad A., Tucson, Ariz.

A: The simple answer is it was hard to say Gandy was a "quality lineman" when he played for the Bears. He worked at both guard and tackle and at the time was an in-between guy. You didn't know if his future was at guard or tackle. He made 30 starts over his final 2 1/2 years before being cut in the middle of the 2004 season. Smith was in his first season and he knew a little about Gandy having tried to recruit him out of high school when he was at Ohio State. Gandy was battling a hamstring injury that season and had shoulder and knee issues. He was someone who was seemingly always battling one ailment or another. That being said, the 30-year old hasn't missed a start in four years now, playing two in Buffalo and the last two for the Cardinals where line coach Russ Grimm has improved his play. Sometimes it takes a jarring wakeup call--like a release--for the light to turn on. I'm not saying that's what happened here, but it's one theory. He'll enter the final season of a three-year, $14 million contract in 2009, a modest deal for a starting left tackle. As far as Colombo, his recovery in Dallas has been a feel-good story. The Bears waited and waited for his mangled knee to respond and it just never did. The Cowboys, on the recommendation of former Bears' receivers coach Todd Haley, took a chance on him and he returned to health. Colombo pulled down a $22 million, four-year extension last month and has been a fixture at right tackle in Dallas.

Thanks for all the questions. We'll do our best to get to maybe one mailbag next week so shoot in your questions. We'll return to our regular schedule after the Super Bowl. As always, thanks for reading.

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You could field an all-star team with all the ex-Bears out there!!!!

Please tell me the Bears do not sign either Simms or Leftwich. Leftwich winds-up like Fernando Valenzuela before delivering the ball. Simms on the other hand ... are we going to sign Major Applewhite so when a big game is on the line we have a QB who can deliver?

The truth is that unless you pay out big money to get Matt Cassel (who's probably descent but look what he's working with) the quarterbacks this free agency are weak. Simms and Leftwich are considered the best on the board ... after Rex Grossman. Everyone else are aged guys with little time left who would merely be a stop-gap (Garcia, Warner, Collins).

If Chicago wants to do anything via free agency let's see a good backup RB like Maurice Morris to spell Matt Forte. Or go after a good lineman like Jordan Gross or even Jahri Evans. If William Moore is projected to be off the board when the Bears draft, how about they make a play for Daron Landry? The point is free agency is NOT going to solve the quarterback position.

I have a question: How come Bill Holland, world's greatest Bear fan, a man who has forged life-long relationships with Dave Toub, Lovie Smith and Rusty Jones, hell he's so close with Jerry Angelo they are on the same menstruation cycle ... how could Bill not know the difference in schemes and personnel that it takes to run them? I mean it's almost like he merely claims to know football and then opens his mouth and doesn't know shiat from animal crackers. How could that be?

Hmmm, that's a mystery!

I know how to fix the Bears QB problem. Make a trade to the Ravens for Troy Smith!!! He'll never get a chance with Flacco there. He's better than any current free agent!! He'll also beat out Orton if given a fair shot! (Better arm, more mobile, etc,etc,etc.....)

Amen Church, but you can draft a backup or just play the one you have. Jones was hurt most of training camp a full camp should solve that problem. There are no QB's you already have Hanie draft another project late and go on. This is a linemen rich draft it's time to get fat.

Brad, do you think Kyle Orton is the Bears QB of the future, or do they need an upgrade at the position? I personally think he is, and for a lot of different reasons. I'll give one. A lot is made out of how Ortons productions would look if he had a legit receiver. Interestingly, Kyle Orton had more TD passes last season, 18, than some of the leagues other QB's who aren't that bad of players them selves. But on top of it all, these QB's had a legit number one type receiver, unlike Orton. Here's some examples: Ben Roethlisberger, 17 TD passes, had Hines Ward as his number one receiver, Matt Ryan, 16 TD passes, had Roddy White as his number one receiver, and Jake Delhomme, 15 TD passes, had Steve Smith as his number one receiver. Oh I forgot, Orton missed a game, so I wonder how many TD passes Orton would have had with either, Hines Ward, Roddy White, or Steve Smith as his number one receiver, and another start? GO BEARS!!

i agree with da coach about this free agent QB class, very underwhelming as a whole. if angelo goes out and signs a simms or leftwich, he hasn't "solved the position" which he claims he's ultimately focused on doing.

that being said, my question to brad is, do think the bears (a) sign a stopgap re-tread this season and draft a qb in 2009, which should be a pretty loaded qb class? or (b) take a shot on a guy with tremendous upside in round 1 like josh freeman? or (c) both?

my gut tells me they will choose (a) and we'll hear the same exact speech from angelo next off-season.

it really is amazing to think about how little angelo has accomplished in eight years time as GM. one super bowl run bought him job security through 2013. unbelievable.

the bears seem always to have trouble with lineman could it be because they draft all-american tackles and move them to guard always trying to ëngineer"a lineman instead of just developing one at the position that he played in college see metcalf no sacks allowed in his last 2 years playing left tackle in the sec. it's time to draft players and play them at the position they played not try to turn them into something else versatility is for backups starters specialize

You've got to be kidding me "da coach" calling me out. I'm assuming that what your referring to in terms of me not knowing our scheme is that you think that Albert Haynesworth would not fit in this scheme simply because he is a big man. Why? He's quick, penetrates and disrupts plays in the backfield. Isn't that what your claiming our tackles need to focus on as their main objective. Let me ask you do they need to be "small" to accomplish the task of being disruptive? Are you disappointed that he can do these things while still stopping the run. All Albert does is combines STRENGTH with his ability to penetrate with quickness, something Tommie has not shown the ability to do. And if you know the scheme so much better than I do than why in the world were guys like Babatunde Oshinowo, Jimmy Kennedy and Alfonso Boone used at the nose tackle position over the last couple years. I know that Kennedy and Oshinowo did not start, but you could see that Smith and his staff were trying to get bigger at the nose position, and I would hardly call those couple of guys quick or penetrating. Heck, even drafting Harrison last year is a sign that the Bears were trying to get bigger inside, so what's your deal here "coach". Are you the one a bit nieve about the scheme? The 2 positions are NOT the same (3 technique and nose tackle) and it seems like you are pretty quick to jump on me when you have no clue what I know or don't know. Next time lose the sarcasm and show some character, and I'll simply answer your question.

With Herm gone from KC I wonder the odds of him becoming a bears coordinator or member.


I could write volumes as to your idiocy but I'll just defer to the resident expert in response to YOUR question as to why I "called you out" in such a way ...

Brad Biggs: "I think you're comparing apples to oranges here, at least to an extent. Ted Washington was the nose tackle in that defense and it was a completely different two-gap scheme. Traylor was a productive player for many years but probably would not have been at his best in a one-gap scheme like the Bears employ."

Now STFU and go drunk dial the entire coaching staff and GM.

Advice to Jerry Angelo if he actually gets Bill's voicemail ...

Check it out. John Shoop, 2001-2003, look retarded, act retarded, not retarded. Couldn't call a play if his life depended on it, called 2-3 yard plays on 3rd and long, even in clutch situations. Dumb, sho'. Not retarded. You know Terry Shea, Lovie era. Slow-talker, yes. Retarded ideas, maybe. But he molded quarterbacks in Kansas City and is still in the league. That ain't retarded. Lovie Smith, "Rex Grossman is our quarterback." Infantile, yes. Retarded, no. You went full Bill Holland, Jerry Angelo. Never go full Holland. You don't buy that? Ask Dick Jauron, 2001, Bears 13-3, playoffs remember? Went full Holland, went home empty handed...

Ummm...Who the the heck is this Bill Holland?Does he stand at the 3rd tee offering to wash balls?


You are basically correct about the crop of available QBs, but there is one problem.

Who is the backup?

You have to assume Orton goes down for a couple of games that the Bears must win. Hopefully he doesn't, but if you don't plan for it, and he does miss a vital game, then the season is toast, finis, over, bon voyage. The stakes are too high to take a chance. The backup has to be able to step in at a moment's notice and at least manage the game.

Do you think Hanie is ready? OK then say that. I may disagree with you, but you covered the question. Or are you planning to draft somebody? The only way to draft a backup who would have a chance to be ready in 2009 is to cash in a high pick. Is that what you want? Anything else is really rolling the dice on a developmental player.

Whatever you think of Grossman, he did the job and played the role as a backup this year. Grossman is gone. Who takes his place?

While I essentially agree with you about the FA prospects, I think the Bears should try to sign Sims for backup money. He is experienced enough to be the backup, but young enough to have some upside.

Exerpts from a discussion I heard personally between Bill and Da Coach. Jerry Angelo was there too as a witness, so was Brad he was flying around on his flying Bear watching and listening to it all. Swear to god, this is so true.

Bill Holland: There were times while I was playing GM where I felt...
Bill Holland: ...retarded. Like, really retarded.
Da Coach: Damn!
Bill Holland: In a weird way I had to sort of just free myself up to believe that it was ok to be stupid or dumb.
Da Coach: To be a moron.
Bill Holland: Yeah!
Da Coach: To be moronical.
Bill Holland: Exactly, to be a moron.
Da Coach: An imbecile.
Bill Holland: Yeah!
Da Coach: Like the dumbest mother *&%$#@ that ever lived.
Bill Holland: [pause] When I was playing the GM.

Bill normally I would have jumped all over you like white on rice, but I have not been in the mood and I figured you would have come to terms with your delusion by now. But you just keep pushing.

Now Bill, listen to me very cearfully, First, take a big step back... and literally, $&%@ YOUR OWN FACE! I don't know what kind of white padded cell the doctors let you out of jack. But you are not friends with Lovie, Angelo or anyone else on the Bears. So do yourself a favor and pop your meds and get a grip, it's reality time. And whatever you're thinking of saying next about your buddies Angelo and Lovie, you'd better think again! Cause that is isn't reality, ok, you have gone full retard up to this point and now it's time to pump the breaks. If you keep it up I'm gonna have to get on this blog, and I will rain down in a Godly @&%$*^# firestorm upon you! You're gonna have to call the #$*&^%@ United Nations and get a $&^%@#& binding resolution to keep me from &%^$#@# destroying you. I'm talking about a scorched earth! I will massacre you! I WILL $&#% YOU UP!


To Creighton, B. Holland, and Da Church....or should I say , Moe, Larry, and guys are a waste of blog space. Opinions are like a$$holes, everyone has one. You three should keep yours to yourselves!! Or better yet, if we wanted you three's opinion we'll give it to you!! Go join PackerSlacker and save your stupid blogs for The Packer Report!! Blah,blah,blah...............


In my post I was addressing anyone who's looking for the Bears to get a starting QB. It's just not going to happen.

At this point in time though I would prefer Hanie be the #2 and they grab someone in the draft. He seems to have the tools and I'm not sure how much he can learn as the #3 again this season.

If that does not happen and they insist on a veteran, I'd personally prefer Luke McCown out of Tampa Bay. Good backup, starting experience, and he's still a young guy who could grow.

RealBearFan ... pot meet kettle. The hypocrisy. Let me show you it.

Pat White sure looked pretty good last night. Kinda intrigued about Palmer out of Ole Miss, might make a good safety

It's funny, but everything everyone wants in a veteran backup we already have....Rex....he's better than any other free agent out there!! I think we have to make a trade with someone or settle for Kyle, Hanie, and some other teams' scrub backup until we can draft a franchise QB in the future. (not this year)

Da Church and Creighton:

I agree with Real Bear Fan that what you are showing me by just attacking people and calling them names exhibits your own level of ignorance.

Do you realize that some people in this world are in fact born with birth issues or other problems that makes them mentally or physically impaired or as you would say retarded, great word retarded isn't it. Many do not survive and die at young ages because of these physical and mental challenges. As an example, one of my children, my daughter Jessica was born with downs syndrome and died of a heart ailment at 18 months of age, she was a beautiful little girl.

You were probably the big tough bully's at grade school that made fun of people like the people you would call retards (and I probably in my youth did a little of that myself, which I regret). Yes "retards" are people, yes real humans who through no fault of their own weren't up to the accepted norms whether physical or mental.

DA Church and you to Creighton I am ashamed of your behavior for you, so you don't have to feel bad about yourselves and the moronic comments you make trying to make others feel bad about themselves.

Show some level of dignity and self respect when you blog and yes I have said a few things myself that after a second review I wasn't too proud of the content (except to Packer Backer).

At least Bill Holland was man enough and recanted his comment about being the #1 Bears fan, a bigger man would be able to admit their foibles which you both clearly do not have that capacity to do and you clearly show this group of bloggers that you have poor self esteem to make such comments.

What bothers me is that I truly enjoy the knowledge that you both impart about football and the Chicago Bears which is valuable to me and I appreciate your football points of view.

To dahlillama........Amen, brother!!!

Would love yours and your colleagues thoughts on the Senior bowl last night.Anybody leap out at you? Thought we saw some terrific O-lineman step up.
I don't know which was more painful, Harrels' throws....or Maylok biting his tongue not to rip the poor kid!


First, my condolences to you losing a child. That has to be very tough and I wouldn't wish anyone to have to go through such a thing.

Second, calling Bill - or anyone else - retarded does not make mentally handicapped people any more or less retarded. It's a word. Get over it.

Third, your "behavior" in judging me or my value system because I use a word you do not like is - well - retarded. I have worked with special needs children and adults. I met my fiance when she was director of MARC (McLean county). One thing I have found, people who get up in a huff about the word "retarded" actually are able-minded people not those who are mentally handicapped.

Fourth, do you think it's more or less harmful if I call another adult on a blog a "retard"? Or is it more harmful to name a national organization ARC (Association for Retarded Citizens) with it's key to helping a person is that they must be mentally handicapped? Just a thought.

We do have Grossman but if I were him I would be looking for the first train out of Chicago. Look how this guy has been treated by the press, the fans, et al. Grossman believes he is a starting quarterback - he may be just not here. I don't like Rex as a QB because of his inconsistencies, his height, his streakiness, and his inability to handle the rush; but if you put him in Minnesota with a stout line, an all-world running back and a home-run type receiver in Berrian, and he could probably return to his early 2006 form. He's in an offense that does not suit him and in a town full of fans who boo him constantly. Rex needs a change of venue and don't expect him to hang on another year.

why isn't anyone talking about shoring up the guard position. if you want to run inside and protect the qb up the middle,you must do better than garza and beekman. they are "Ok" but ok isn't going to get you into the top 5 in rushing offense. they should have gone after fanica last year i still contend. They must shore up reciever, d end, find a replacement for john tait,a back up qb, and safety as well. So many holes, so many needs, but this i do ask as well, where is the money going to come from? We have a finite amount of money for a near infinite amount of needs. be ready for mediocrity again.


I missed it but did DVR it. I haven't seen a lot of Palmer but I did check out some of his write-ups from scouts; many are predicting he will not be drafted mainly because he's a tweener with as low as 4.7 speed; could be someone Chicago could invite to camp at least. I cannot say I watch a lot of SEC football so I have to read a lot more when it comes to guys like that.

I've been a fan of William Moore (Mizzou) in the 1st round but if we can't get him, look at Derek Pegues (Miss St) in the 3rd round. Pegues is a free safety that can cover a lot of ground. He may not be around though because some scouts think he could even go in the 2nd round solely based on using him for his excellent returner skills.

Da're right on about Rex!! I'm just scared he will go somewhere else and come back to haunt us!! Let's hope he goes to the AFC. I hope Kyle is at Halas Hall as we speak working on the deep ball!!!!!


Yeah, that is definitely what Orton needs to do. I keep hearing people (some on these boards) say he is weak-armed. I watched him overshoot the long ball on Hester so I don't think that's the problem. In college he threw a good ball so I think tweaking his mechanics may be in order and a 2nd CONSECUTIVE year behind center will do the trick. At least I hope.


You answered your own question ... too many holes that need addressed when Beekman and Garza are average. Free Safety. Left Tackle. Wide Receiver. Backup QB. Backup\Future Right Tackle. Backup RB. Backup\Future MLB. Pass rush DE.

I'd like to see Dan Buenning get a shot at guard, and who is this Cody Balogh dude? Try him at right tackle. My main focus this off season would be to FIX THE PASS RUSH!!!! A good pass rush will make any safety, corner, nickel back, linebacker, look better. Good luck, Rod! Next, get a decent WR and hope Devin keeps improving!! Use Wolfe as Forte's backup, and pray everyone stays healthy. If all this happens......Super Bowl here we come!!!!!

Creighton, you have some of the worst character I have ever seen by a human being. Are you really that stupid to threaten kicking my butt on a blog. What a joke. And Creighton if you knew how to read you would see that I have never even spoke to Lovie Smith LET ALONE BECOME FRIENDS WITH HIM. Now normally I wouldn't give such stupidity a response but Creighton I'll make and exception for you. And as far as you "destroying or massacuring me" I highly doubt it. On your best day and my worst you COULD NOT stand in front of me, so Creighton take a character class and go home. And "Da Coach" if you happened to read the rest of Brad's response to my question on the nose tackle in a tampa 2 defense, you would have seen that he stated that not only are the Bears considering bulking up a guy like Anthony Adams, but also that Pat Williams is doing just that in Minnesota and helped give them the #1 rush defense. I already knew that using the analogy of Ted Washington was apples and oranges to what we do in our scheme now, I was just stating how guys like that are not all about size, BUT like in the case of Haynesworth they are quick as well. So I guess like usual "da coach" you are wrong. And I said that with all factual info. and I didn't even have to resort to saying (STFU or retarded) WHAT A CONCEPT: "CHARACTER"!!!

Lighten up, Billy Boy.............What is this, Blog Rage?????

How about converting Izzy Idonije to offensive tackle? He has the perfect size, excellent wingspan, and he is still young enough to learn. He could be the next James "Big Cat" Williams!! He wouldn't even have to change his uniform number. What do you all think??


.To Creighton, B. Holland, and Da Church....or should I say , Moe, Larry, and guys are a waste of blog space. Opinions are like a$$holes, everyone has one. You three should keep yours to yourselves!! Or better yet, if we wanted you three's opinion we'll give it to you!! Go join PackerSlacker and save your stupid blogs for The Packer Report!!

You guys REALLY!!! messed up this entire blog piece by jumping on someone who only was trying to ask a question (unless I missed something)
You all 3 know I have enjoyed your chats but I did not hear Bill call any of you out on this or call yous guy's names (unless I'm missing something)
so for the sake of The best Bears blog out there I feel you all 3 owe Brad an apology.

We do need a RG - but I am hoping Buenning can move to RG and we draft a RT. We could also go to Free Agency (I believe JA will do that) for Offensive Linemen.
Kiper has Jackson DE pegged for the 18th pick so he is thinking DE as well.
(Not that I give Kiper a moles eyes for credit)
I really feel that FOR ONCE WHEW! (finally) JA goes Free Agency as his job is on the line and he needs results asap, so he does not have the time (or quality Coaches) to develope talent.

also John - what? you have not noticed that finite amount of money stays in the McCaskeys pockets? or we would all be talking the SB this week with all the Great Free Agents they bought FOR US last year to reward the fans for making them rich.

Anyones thoughts on Kiper having Jackson as our 18th pick???

HAHAHAHAHAHA, are you kidding me? None of you accept Coach knows were that is from? What I wrote and what coach wrote is from a movie. Tropic Thunder. It's a joke. Have you not seen Tom Cruise as Les Grossman? If not check it out you will be in stiches. Also it is suppose to be in bad taste. It's Les Grossman.

Dahli, I too am sorry for your loss. But understand something, I do not associate the word retearded with the handicap. I associate it with insane stupidity that a person brings apon themselves. Like Hitler was Retarded. See how well that fits?

Oh and Bill your right you didn't say Lovie I assumed you were talking about Lovie sense you said you were friends with the coaching staff. Seeing as he is head of it and you are talking to his Boss and Best friend Rod M.

If people do not know about Bill and what is going on. Here are some Bill quotes.

By Bill Holland on January 23, 2009 10:13 AM
"Ish I left a voicemail with Coach Marinelli about my concerns with our personel at the defensive tackle position earlier this week. You can bet he wouldn't have heard anything like this from Lovie or anyone else since all they will probably talk about is the pass rush or Tommie Harris. Someone had to let him know about our abilities to stop the run. I mentioned to him about the posibilities of adding some lean mass to Harrison or Adams in terms of staying in house to resolve this issue, or adding Haynesworth which would in my opinion be the one idea that would completely turn around this defense in the quickest way possible."

By Bill Holland on January 23, 2009 12:36 PM
Mike sorry to bust you bubble on this one, but because of my consistent calling and talking to a lot of bears coaches I have made pretty good friendships with a few of the Bears staff, I don't just always leave voicemails. Because of calling I have become very good friends with Coach Dave Toab, and have met his wife and son. I have also talked numerous times with Jerry Angelo who has spoken to me many times, and he and I have also built a friendship, along with Rusty Jones (strength coach) who I talk to frequently since I am a high school strength coach myself.

Here are some quotes Mike caught Bill saying
"Mike I am not claiming to be more knowledgable than anyone else on the Bears or even fans for that matter..." - Bill Holland

Mike: Indeed.

By Bill Holland on January 9, 2009 10:32 AM
Please answer me this! Why in the world would I send you guys ANY questions regarding the Bears when I know a hell of a lot more about them than any of you. I am the Bears #1 fan, and I have already expressed all of my concerns for the upcoming year with Jerry Angelo via his voice mail. What would make you think you can answer anyone's questions regarding my team simply because you write stories on them. It takes passion for this team, and a overall attitude of willingness to do anything to help them to win a Super Bowl that is the criteria to answer any questions about our beloved Bears. Brad I am not saying you don't know a bit on my team, but to think in your own mind that their is anything that I would need to be informed about through your "opinions" is a huge leap. Why don't you e-mail me and I will answer questions for you about my Chicago Bears, I can tell you this, the answer's will certainly be informative and passionate. Keep up the good work Brad.

Chicago Bears #1 fan,
Bill Holland

Take note that Bill repeatedly calls the Bears his Team, "MY TEAM". He repeatedly states he is friends with Angelo and coaching staff members and talks to them regularly. He then becomes angry when he does not get the answers he wants from Brad or is confroted with facts.

Now this is what started the whole thing. Mike called him on it first, then Da Coach called him on it, then I called him on it. He insulted Brad, he insulted every poster hear and then there is the lies about being friends with the coaching staff and Angelo.

Now Dahli I want you to understand if the joke went to far I am sorry if it offended you. I really am, but it was just a joke, from a movie. Thats all, I thought most people would get it as it was a very popular movie. All that said I am not going to stop saying diet coke and thats the bottom line.

Now Bill may have said he was sorry about insulting Brad but he is still shovling the major BS about his good buddies up at Halas hall. Lucky for me the number 1 fan has the entire staffs number so he can impart his wisdom to them, and of course they listen to him because they are all so close. Bill how are you not on the staff? Oh and as for character Bill. A real man would just admit he lied, so don't try and call me out on my character. I may be harsh, and my jokes can be in bad taste at times or most of the time, but at least I am honest.

Oh and for all the hyper sensative people out there, your all idiots. Does the word idiot real offend you? Is it so harsh that you are crying and can't live now that you have been called such a harsh word? Don't worry the pain will pass and I promise you will survive, cause like coach said. It's just word and it can only offend you if you let it. Now stop acting like a bunch of girls and Bill stop lying. You all need to Cowboy up a little.

Now for some football. The senior Bowl was ok, Raji and the USC linbackers all looked good. Who was the QB that led the 2 scoring drives, that people keep telling to be a reciever? Is it White? He looked as a QB to me. Raji look's like an Animal, he is gonna be real good, Carry Harris the CB from USC stood out to me this week and is now shooting up the charts. I also put him on my Mock last week, you know that One don't you deputydawg? The one were you said I should have taken Moore. Now people think Moore looks bad and this Harris kid who I liked before the bowl looks good. What did you say to me, oh yeah, thats why you don't do the drafting. I guess so cause I am just a week or two ahead of the curve, I guess it wouldn't be fare to the other GM's. What else did you say, oh yeah I didn't address the line. Eventhough I picked Alex Mack who is now the number 2 rated interior lineman in the Draft. As for the defensive lines I think there are a lot of 3-4 tweeners this year at End and I would have liked to have seen Orakpo.

Oh and too whoever said me Mike and Coach were wasting blog space. It is a blog, it is by it's own nature a waste of space. So do yourself a favor and take a big step and actually &%$# your own face.


Creighton...........blah,blah,blah,blah DIET PEPSI!!!!!

I thought White did a fantastic job last night for playing a pro-style offense for the first time.
Help me clear up a few things about Haynesworth....didn't he try to lobotimize a dude w/ his cleats 2 years ago? And I think Fisher suspended him for something else as well. Doesn't this go against JA's stance about morally upright players in the clubhouse?

Da Church and Creighton:

This will be my final words on my blog above and I do stand by my original words.

In the 1990's the Association of Retarded American Citizens previously (Association of Retarded Citizens) changed its name again as noted from an internet site I copied from this organization's history as noted below.

In the 1990's "Changed names again to become “The Arc”. For the first time the word “retarded” was gone from the name".

The reason the word retarded was removed was because of its negative connotation, and yes many of those adversely affected individuals were also hurt emotionally by this word, "retarded".

Now for the Bears.

I agree with Creighton that the Bears will draft OL, DL or Linebacker with the 18th pick in the draft. If one of the two top wideouts Maclin and Crabtree were available at #18 then maybe they would draft a wideout. With that said I really do not see them drafting a safety until possibly in the later rounds, they have stated that they may be moving internally with this position, also there is very little talent in the safety's that would be worthy at #18 and very good talent would be available later in the 2-4 rounds.

My belief is that they will pick the best available athlete at #18 and that may be linebacker or O line and maybe Defensive end if someone like English drops to #18. Maybe a linebacker from USC or Laurentis (spelling) may be a pick or a good offensive tackle, a few choices at tackle since a top offensive guard can be obtained in round 2.

My preference would be to take the top talented linebacker available, if it is an outside backer then Urlacher stays put if it is an inside backer from USC maybe consideration would be given to either moving Urlacher to the strong side or having this inside linebacker from USC develop first on the strong side and then move to the middle in a few years when Urlacher moves on.

Round I Linebacker or Offensive Tackle
Round 2 Offensive Guard Duke Robinson if available
Round 3 Wide Receiver, Corner or Safety
Round 4-7 need a Fullback another running back and more line help

Creighton and everyone else I promise this is the LAST brief statement I will make in regards to all the negative talk on this blog. I have never lied, I am friends and I do talk occasionally to some of the Bears staff ( mainly Coach Toub and Rusty Jones as well as Jerry Angelo). This is not a lie, and I have no reason to lie about something like that. My initial reason for stating these facts was to ONLY let Ish know that I felt the same way he did in regards to emphasizing the nose tackle position. I have no personal agenda, ego or want praise or criticizm for stating that I talk to the coaches. The one time I did act immaturely I apologized to Brad and it was DONE. Can you guy's (Creighton+DaCoach) let it go, I have nothing more to say except can we please get back to "REAL" talk about what we feel will help get "OUR" Bears back to the Super Bowl. Sorry to everyone on this blog who had to read some of the past garbage that has transpired. GO BEARS!!

Bill Holland, I disagree that we should go after Albert Haynesworth, as much as I admire him as a player and would salivate at the notion of him lining up next to a healthy Tommie Harris, his price tag is going to be too high and, to be honest, I just don't think splashy free agent signings are the right way for a franchise to approach their long-term strategies. Haynesworth is going to command $8 million plus and we just have too many other holes to fill.

I'd rather see us get younger and tougher on the offensive line, healthier, tougher and more active on the defensive front and more consistent in the secondary. In a perfect world, with no salary cap, Haynesworth would be a great pick-up, but even with our nice salary cap cushion, I think he'd be a mistake (plus, no one knows how a big fat payday would effect his big fat eating/conditioning habits).

And, I'd like to go on record as saying I like Kyle Orton as our starting quarterback going forward, he's a leader, he's got a nice release, he's relatively accurate (especially with a good leg to push off of) and he makes pretty good decisions. A component of the leadership aspect is the fact that he's really done a great job of improving his conditioning over time. I think K.O. is the right choice for us, I really think he's a true competitor and I look forward to him validating my faith ... GO BEARS !

Kyle Orton got his chance to show us his skills. I believe he has the potential to be a top 5 QB in the NFL. The next step for him, I believe, is good QB coaching. He makes a lot of fundamentally bad decisions throughout games; holding the ball too long, scrambling when it's too late, etc. He's not fleet of foot, but we're talking about a small window of opportunity to make a play and being mentally prepared makes a huge difference between sucess and failure as a QB. I think he would benefit greatly from a really good QB coach but if history repeats itself (and we know it will) the braintrust won't see it that way. Get used to more of the same in the future, unfortunately, or should I say sadly.

RBF and Randy (and anyone else who thinks I owe Brad an apology),

1. If I felt truly apologetic for calling people out I would apologize. I don't so it would be insincere.
2. I would\do feel bad if I caused Dahli any hurt or frustration given his private and specific situation; that was not my intention in the least.
3. This is site's comments are MODERATED by BRAD and the CST STAFF ... They could have simply NOT POSTED MY COMMENTS (or Creighton's or whomevers for that matter).
4. Maybe it's because I work in IT but I have the amazing ability to skip over people's comments and actually not read them ... Just like when people complain about the contents of a television show, I find it amazing I may be the only person on the planet with a remote control and the ability not to watch something that offends me. You all may want to look into it these new-fangled contraptions.

Sarcasm off ... on to football ...

Randy: "Anyones thoughts on Kiper having Jackson as our 18th pick???"

My initial thought is take whatever Mel Kiper says or does with a grain of salt or less.

I have to assume he's talking about DE Tyson Jackson from LSU since I do not have ESPN Insider. Why on God's green Earth would Chicago use their first overall pick on a run-stuffing defensive end? One of their glaring problems last season was no one on that line gets to the QB ... so they fix it by getting an average (even below average) pass rusher who's good against the run? They already have that on this team.

ahhhh....YES!!!!!! let eth hate flo!! wen i see al you looser bear fans fighting....ohhh i love it so much!!!!1 it makes Crap-ton STRONG! let me add by saying i hate angelo mccaskey philips lovie turner kevin bill mike randy dahliama but especialy BRANDO. i hat BRANDO because he always tell me tahtim not right but i now tah i am always right ans ionly give facts! taht looser doesnt now anything. he thinks metcalf (his boyfirend) actualy started for the bears. why donut you show me some fCATS looser???

buts i love moovies. his is what i say al the time when i look in the mirror..MEESA JAR-JAR BINKS!!! hyu hyu i am soooo funy wehn i quote movies.

but you guys now me old carp-ton just trying to be posative...

p.s. i HATE the ultimet #1 bear fand....BRANDO!

My main point is - I am not trying to waste my time with a bunch of pi.. ant arguing about whose d... is bigger on a Bears Blog, Please just argue Bears and let it go, we are here to talk Bears not how big your d... is.

The best value at #18 just might be a linebacker.

Da Coach, not only is Jackson a run stuffer but he is considered a 3-4 end. The pick makes no sense. To many drafts try to place value in there mock picks, but don't actually look at what system a team runs, or are to busy to consider it this early. The Bears already have Izzy who could do the same job as jackson at LDE. It also makes no sense because they say Jackson is a run stuffer who won't really help in pass rush then say the Bears need major help with there pass rush.

Mocks are real sloppy this time of year. It's better to just study up on prospects and try to fit them to the Bears. I don't see the Bears going after a Pass rusher in the first round unless Orakpo falls to them. To many tweeners in this draft, and I cannot see them going after a situational pass rusher with the 18th overall pick. You want an every down player.

They need to fix Harris if they want the line to work. If they don't they need a new 3 tech, a really really good 3 tech. Actually they could really upgrade the whole line. To bad they have so many guys under contract. 6 DT's who are under 30 years old, they have more DT's than anyone in the NFL save the Lions. Fact is the Bears have not drafted a major talent position player for about 5 years. Talent wise the most taleted guys have gotten older or have some injury concerns and the Bears have not drafted anyone to replace them. They also have a bunch of bad contracts.

By position: 26th Ranked offense
WR, BAD no depth
QB, Average to below Average no depth or proven talent
OT, No Depth, getting old or yound and unproven
OG, No Depth, Average to below Average talent
C, Age, no depth
TE, Average
RB, Good talent, some depth
FB, Does it really matter?

21st Ranked Defense
DT, Lots of players Average talent or injury issues
DE, no depth, no pass rushers Below Average talent
LB, Depth and some talent, age is now an issue
CB, Decent talent and depth
S, No depth at FS, no much talent.

So what your saying is you don't like JA's drafts huh Creighton? lol
Can't argue with you untill we actually start going to the playoffs and further.

But I feel we do have good TE's and ummmm, uhhh well we do have good TE's.....

Really the jury is out on Harris, Williams, Bennet and even Adams cause who knows if they will play him and Bennet or not?
fan55 - I was thinking the same, LB/DE We did pretty good with URL (back in the day)

For the record I never believe Kiper just wondered what you guys thought - thanks

Thats kool Da Coach,
Its all good,
unless of course JA does not adress Free Agency this year again...

By Crap-ton on January 26, 2009 1:01 PM

ahhhh....YES!!!!!! let eth hate flo!! wen i see al you looser bear fans fighting....ohhh i love it so much!!!!1 it makes Crap-ton STRONG!

p.s. i HATE the ultimet #1 bear fand....BRANDO!

Wow I really messed you up didn't I? You don't even talk about the Bears anymore, you just focus on me. Thats pretty sad. Then again it's my fault, I snapped that little brain of yours like a twig. Ok Brando are you happy I payed attention to you for a second, but only cause I am affraid you will hurt yourself if I don't. I even tossed in a couple of digs, that should keep the the fires burning nice and bright, now go obsess over everything I just said and try not to do too much damage to the voo doo doll.

Hey would anyone here like there very own blog stalker? It's free, and he does tricks. How about you Brad? Brando has always had a crush on you?
Mike he never liked you, what you say? Randy you seem like a nice guy, you want him? Da coach, buddy, pal, just insult him and he is all yours or tell him you like his post.

Speaking of huge d tackles and their speed, I'm returned to the dim dark past and recall Les Bingaman of the Lions (and Illinois). Les weighed in at 349 lbs and was just as fast as Doak Walker (the fastest on the team) for 5 steps out of a three point stance. Like me, size and beauty may go hand in hand.


Am i overley sensative?


Do i walk around in high heels?


Is it time to see my gynocologyst?


Sounds like the person that wrote that is the one sensitive.
And that is exactly the type of attitude I was talking about, Laughing at others and putting them down to make yourself feel more important.
How about commenting on the Bears instead of trying to make yourself seem larger by belittleing others?

Which was my point (again) Is this a Bears blog or is it a `put down other people' blog?
Thanks for proving my point.

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