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Four Down Territory, Jan. 19: Should Bears target USC's Sanchez?

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PITTSBURGH--We had a couple of entertaining championship games over the weekend and it's good to hear that Baltimore running back Willis McGahee has been released from a local hospital after he was taken on a stretcher off the field Sunday night at Heinz Field. There are some compelling Chicago storylines coming out of Super Bowl XLIII, not the least of which is that a Chicago team is in the Big Game--the Chicago turned St. Louis turned Phoenix turned Arizona Cardinals.

But those are some issues we can tackle later on as the hype builds. For now, we'll jump into Four Down Territory with a trip through the mailbag.

Q: When you list the needs of the Bears, you consistently ignore quarterback. Given the recent comments of Jerry Angelo that seem like he's not looking for a ``game manager'' (which fits Kyle Orton perfectly), and that he's looking at all options, why wouldn't USC's Mark Sanchez make sense? Should the Lions go with Matthew Stafford or a left tackle with the first pick, couldn't Sanchez slide to the point where it would make sense for the Bears to trade up and nab him? Orton could still play out his contract year in 2009 with Sanchez waiting in the wings. Yes, I know, the Bears never trade up in Round 1 and, yes, I know the Bears have bigger immediate needs than quarterback, but I think the position demands attention. Like Angelo said, you win with your quarterback.

Dan M., Wheaton

A: There is no escaping the fact that quarterback was the No. 1 need when Jerry Angelo was hired as the Bears' general manager in June 2001 and it remains just that. He's failed miserably to deliver a franchise passer and recently has been quite candid about those shortcomings. If Sanchez grades out like a first-round pick for the Bears, then absolutely he would make sense in the first round provided he lasts until No. 18, or some point close to that.

First, let's consider some things Angelo has said recently:

1. He's not going to rule anything out, including using a first-round pick on a quarterback for the second time in eight drafts.

2. He believes that mid-round selections can be brought along and molded into steady, winning quarterbacks. We've seen mid- to late-round picks succeed elsewhere, but there wasn't much evidence that this was the way to go when you studied the 12 teams in the playoffs this year.

The Lions, with the first pick, are not the only team ahead of the Bears in need of a passer. Consider St. Louis (2nd), Kansas City (3rd), San Francisco (10th), Buffalo (11th) and the New York Jets (17th) could also be in the market for an arm. It's way too early to say where Stafford or Sanchez are going to land. Here's one mock draft that has him sliding all the way out of the first round. There are two issues in play when it comes to Sanchez--he doesn't have a ton of experience playing at USC and he was surrounded by some of the finest talent in college. Matt Leinart hasn't exactly panned out yet.

But certainly all quarterback inquiries are fair game.

Q: As the name indicates, I'm a Bear fan transplanted deep into the heart of Dixie. Is there any indication the Bears have turned the corner on their drafting methodology? Everyone has a theory on why the Bears have regressed since 2006. Complacency with big money, bad coaching, you name it. I think the problem is talent erosion. They are paying the price for bad drafts in 2003, 2004 and 2005. They seem to have done better in early rounds in 2006 and 2007, but in the process lost their mojo in the mid-rounds. Is this just luck or have they refined their way of doing it?

MS Bears Fan, Mississippi

A: Angelo said at the combine last year that he was changing his approach to the draft somewhat and part of that involved looking for players with higher ``football character.'' Obviously, it's something they missed on with Cedric Benson from 2005. I think you're definitely onto something here because talent has been an issue, particularly on the offensive side of the ball. Defensive tackle Tommie Harris and cornerback Nathan Vasher in 2004 are the last position players Angelo has selected that have been selected to the Pro Bowl. That '03 draft not only produced Briggs, but it netted cornerback Charles Tillman, wide receivers Justin Gage and Bobby Wade, along with some other players who have contributed in the NFL. Just think what it would look like if the first round wasn't marred by Michael Haynes and Rex Grossman.

What's wrong with the 2004 draft? Harris, Vasher and Bernard Berrian make for a good class. Kyle Orton is the only player from 2005 still with the club and it's still a little early to take a hard look at 2006 and 2007. Angelo needs Mark Anderson to turn around for that '06 class. It's hard to say the Bears have refined what they're doing because we haven't seen tremendous production from the last two draft classes yet. The jury is in deliberation.

Q: I know the Bears have a laundry list of needs and a decent amount of cap room but are they brave enough to fill some of those needs in free agency to lessen the importance of making a quality draft, which Jerry Angelo has a hard time doing? Julius Peppers is very attractive and the cover two starts with the pass rush of the front four. A Tommie Harris and Peppers combination would make our overrated secondary look better than it is. Am I dreaming or is there a shot the Bears will make a play for him?

Troy, Parts Unknown

A: This issue is certainly going to gain some momentum moving forward. We addressed the issue Saturday and it's a little early to say how it will all play out. Certainly, it's unlikely Peppers and Carolina will come to an understanding, but money has a funny way of fixing a lot of things in the NFL. I'm not convinced the money spent to bring Peppers to the Bears would solve some of their defensive issues, however. Peppers' agent has hinted that he might like to play in a 3-4 but that's just silly negotiating because he's eliminating roughly three-fourths of the 32 teams.

Even if Peppers doesn't land the $72 million deal with $30 million guaranteed that Dwight Freeney pulled down in Indianapolis, he's going to command a fortune. It might be dreaming to think the Bears are going to open the vault like that. The possibility cannot be ignored, however.

Q: When does the free-agent period begin?

Alex W., Palatine

A: Free agency begins on Feb. 27. That means it will begin for the Bears at 11 p.m. on Feb. 26 for the Bears, when the clock strikes midnight in New York.

Thanks for all of the questions. We're going to hop a flight home from Pittsburgh and look into some of the news coming out of the Senior Bowl when we get home. Someone has found a way to remove the facemask from the Franco Harris display in the airport here since last week. He's still plucking the ball out of the air, though. Send in your questions and will get back to Four Down Territory again Tuesday.

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It is just my opinion, but Pete Carroll's system is designed with one thing in mind...winning football games at USC. He doesn't care about what happens when they leave campus, and in many respects, he does very little to develop his players for that potential future. Since Norm Chow left campus, what have they sent to the NFL as far as offensive players? Leinart is mired on the bench in AZ. LenDale White is solid, but nowhere near what he was in college. The wideouts are largely non-descript, except maybe for Steve Smith with the Giants.

Sanchez has more physical tools to work with than Leinart or Booty, but that doesn't mean he will be any good in the pros. They are so much more talented than the teams they play in most cases, which leads to laziness and a lack of development. That is why they falter against a weak team every year. Sanchez, just like Booty, and like Leinart, stare down their receivers and can't read what defenses are doing. They haven't had to, as their protection schemes are able to handle what most teams throw at them.

Sanchez in the first round would be a mistake, as would Stafford. Both have the potential to be solid, but it will take time, and that would require a rebuilding process, which would also mean a departure of Angelo and Lovie in my opinion. If at this time next year, we are still unsettled at QB, both will be gone, and the new regime will attempt to go after Bradford, McCoy, or whoever else the flavor of the month happens to be.

If Chris Williams pans out, the 2008 draft could be a monster one for Jerry. Forte is a cornerstone of the offense for the next 5-10 years. Harrison looks like a legit DT at the NFL level. Bennett, Steltz, Williams, Bowman, and Davis all have the potential to be solid. Not a bad haul, as only Barton and Monk did not factor in. Addams could be a surprise if he gets another chance to compete.

A solid first day in 2009 could solve all of our problems. A DE, a safety, OL, WR, and LB should be the plan. Take a QB in round 4-5, and see what Pep can do with him.

But there are not enough good players at QB in this draft for us to get our hopes up. There is no Matt Ryan this year, or Joe Flacco. There may be a lot of Akili Smiths, or Alex Smiths, but no franchise QBs in my opinion.

totally agree.. no sanchez.. go with orton for another year on a tight leash... bring in another vet for competition and see what develops with caleb hanie.. if that plan fizzles there is always next years draft.. bears have more pressing needs to fill then a qb who i feel left too early.. even his coach said so.. spend money wisely angelo or you and lovie may be looking for work next year!!

Joe what you are talking about with Sanchez? He is very well coached, he has nice arm strength, really good footwork and he goes through his progressions really well for a junior. He is better then anyone on the Bears by a long shot. I would be surprised if Detroit doesn't grab him first. As for Matt Ryan lasy year lots of people were saying he was decent but not a franchise QB. Guess they were wrong. Plus last year at this time Joe Flacco didn't even exist to most people.

As for 2008 draft. Bennett can't even get on the field, I field bad for him, and i should remind you that he is Hesters backup, Steltz was really bad, Harrison looks like a backup, Williams is a ?, and Bowman will never stay healthy, oh and Davis stinks. Forte was good though.

As for a DE in 09, who is going to be there? Just taking a defensive end does not make him good. How many guys fit the Bears scheme? How many will be there when they pick? Angelo said he believes his current line can get the job done. If Sanchez falls to the Bears I hope they grab fast. The guy is the goods.

Oh and just for the record can you name the last draft that didn't produce a franchise QB? That said unless a miracle happens the Bears have no shot at Sanchez. Angelo will have to wait and see who falls to him, but I don't think he will take and OT unless it is a steal in round 1. DE is up in the air because so many teams need defense and I can only see 2 guys who fit what the Bears do being taken as high as 18. LB is a rich class, that could be the pick. Or he may shock everyone and take a reciever. I think it will all come down to who is there and not position. I don't think it will be a saftie or a corner, he will look for a RT later, no QB worth the pick will be there, Angelo thinks the DLine is set, so you have WR, Guard, Center, RB, LB. I wouldn't be surprised if it was LB or Guard.

Brad how good do you think Dom Capers is as the Packers new defensive coordinator? Me I think he is pretty darn good as a defensive coordinator. Plus he may switch them to a 3-4 in the next year or two. This really doesn't sound like good news for the Bears, considering we just made our head coach our defensive coordinator.


I disagree. Mark Sanchez is a project and not a 1st-round talent. IMHO I believe he is the lesser of the last three (Palmer, JDB, and Leinart). Last season he was inconsistent at best when backing up JDB. This year? More of the same.

Yes he did show up for the big games so that is something that I like about him. What I do not is his accuracy and arm strength. If you watched him last season in replace of JDB, it seemed like the ball just floated in the air and you cringed every time he dropped back.

I just do not see any snap to his passes and Chicago has battled inconsistency for too long at QB. The Bears also do not have a history of developing young talent and that's exactly what he needs. Pete Carrol - agree with him or like him I don't care - thinks that Sanchez needed another year to be ready for the next level. If you think it sounds like "sour grapes" all you have to do is look at who's waiting in the wings: Mitch Mustain and Aaron Corp.

My money is on:


I was delighted to see that in your usual pile of drivel there was one nugget this time. You said you thought it would come down to who was there, not position.

That is good thinking. There is no better way to mediocrity in the NFL than to worry too much about team need in the first round. Stopping short of absurd, you take the best talent you can get regardless of position. Otherwise you give the, presumably better, teams drafting behind you the opportunity to widen the gap while you are stuck with progressively less and less talent.

I thought the Bears were benefited on this idea in '07 when Olsen fell into their laps because several teams in front of them were picking on need. A more talented player dropped down to the bottom of the first round and the Bears got him.

QB is the toughest position to fill. The league is dominated by 1st rd picks. It could be that with 1st rd picks clubs stick with them longer and that's why the majority of the playoff teams start 1st rd picks at QB but I believe only about 30% of the 1st rd's end up being succesful.

Orton did a nice job with line of sight throws, but was terrible with throws over the defender to the receiver, especially down field. I don't know of any QB's that develop that ability later in their careers.

Sanchez does throw a nice deep ball that is very catchable. I think his accuracy is at least 62% and he has good size. If he's there they have to take him. He won't be. QB's are hard to find and he looks like he might be good.

Creighton I think you are right about DE. It's going to come down to OL, S, WR. My money is on Moore FS/SS (if he's there) replacing Mike Brown.

I think the Bears have been going about this all wrong. We felt we were questionable at QB heading into this season and what did we do? We let our two leading receivers leave as free agents. Heading into the draft/free agency I kept waiting for the Bears to make a splash. What do we get? Brandon Lloyd, a promoted return man with no starting experience and a 3rd round pick. I think that is the main reason we are still stuck with questions at QB. Before we give up on Orton how about giving him a legitimate receiving threat. I think the Bears need to take a serious run at Boldin and make that the highest priority signing. If Boldin comes in all questions get answered. If Boldin's numbers plummet, we must need a better QB and we let the search begin for 2010 knowing we really do need a better QB, but if Orton can make plays with a legit #1 then we've resolved two issues with one move. Otherwise we're left with the Bears age old QB question still unanswered and unresolved.

Coach every player taken in the draft is project. Sanchez will be the best QB out of USC sense Palmer. One thing about USC QB's and almost all college kids is if you have a lot of talent then it's a matter of work, if you don't have a lot of talent then you gotta work harder for less.

Take Leinhart, his problem isn't his arm or his mechanics, his problem is his head. That fool is still a frat boy in college, he don,t want to work, and he don't want to think, but he still gets paid. USC gets the best of the best in terms of talent, but there also spoiled and lazy a lot of times because they are catered too most of there lives because of talent. Sanchez likes to work, I think he will be better than all of them. You watch, give him a year in a decent system, with a decent teacher. I hope he doesn't go to detroit, keep him out this division, plus he might kill himself, he has a good shot of landing with the 49ers and he will fit like a glove there. Sanchez is very coachable, and has all the tools to be a great QB. There are Four main things you look for in a QB, Arm, Feet, Brains, and is he coachable. USC QB's usually have the SoCal approach to work, but not this kid.

MS, yes I am a horrible person and a moron and yet you still agree with me. So what does that make you? You must love all these great moves by Angelo. Harris gets a huge bonus for playing lousy, Manning gets the FS gig for being a lousy saftie and Mike Brown is getting the axe for being the brains and heart of the defense. Boy that Angelo is your guy and you can keep him.

Fights, nice post, your right about Orton, he has a problem with his mechanics, that starts in his feet and ends in his hips. He has no touch on his passes. It's just step and fire, his timing needs work, and his acurracy gets worse and worse past 10 yards. He also eyeballs his recievers. Bears need a new QB coach, Rex had a lot of the same problems and they never got fixed as well. I don't think Angelo will pick Moore. He has a nice eye for the secondary and usually goes after them later, also he sounds like he is giving Manning the shot at FS. My guess is Angelo wants out of the first round or he wants to trade down for value. Team needs are QB, RT, OG, C, FS, TE, DE, NT, LB, WR. QB wont happen, you can get a good RT in the 2nd or third round this year, he won't take a center that high, DE will not be there, NT you can get in round two, plus he thinks he is set there, he needs a blocking TE, him taking a WR in the first is so not him, OG maybe if he trades down, LB depends on who is there, FS I think he would grab Jekins, Davis, or D.J. Moore and convert either one of them or Graham to saftie to backup Manning if he stumbles, if not he still has a cover corner. Me I like Oline there, Eben Britton, Mack or Robinson if available. I would Take Curry above all. Bears have tons of needs so it's not like they need to be picky in round one, fill out your roster later, best player available. Or in Angelo's case best player Available who is not a reciever. Like I said I think he trades down, and he is in a good spot to do it to. Who wants the last 1st round calibur LT or 2nd best WR or snd best CB. Vikings may make a move for Sanches which would make Singletary happy. Eagles got two first round picks and need a LT. It's gonna be a crazy draft.

By the way did anyone look at that mock Biggs posted, Percy Harvin to the Bears? What a laugh. An undersized injury prone reciever in round one. Angelo would rather blow his brains out. Or the Raiders taking Andre Smith. I am telling you it will be Mike Johnson or Crabtree if he drops.

Al Davis: How big did you say he was?
Davis: How fast?
4.6 40 at 260 pounds.
Davis: Ok take him and convert him to a Saftie or Corner.
New Head Coach: Oh $%!*

The college draft is all about matching team need to available talent. Some positions provide more opportunity for finding the best value or marriage between need and talent on the first day.

The falcons may not draft a QB in the first round for another 10 years regardless of the QB talent available. On the other hand, any team could select a high-value offensive lineman because there are 5 positions that could benefit from a talented 315 pound athlete.

Also, some positions provide greater impact due to development time. Unfortunately, wideouts (like Earl Bennett) generally take more time to develop their skills and master the techniques necessary to execute complex pass plays. In 2008, not one receiver was selected in the first round because teams were looking for immediate impact players and organizations know that 1st round receivers won't contributed as expected for 2-3 years.

Sanchez may become a fine NFL Quarterback. Question: Will the bears be a playoff team in 2009 if the rookie Sanchez is their quarterback? Will the rookie Sanchez even be in position to start in 2009? Does forcing a 1st round quarterback onto the field hurt his development?

If record-breaking rookie running back Matt Forte averages less than 4 ypc, I doubt any offensive back will be able to play up to their ability until the offensive line talent is significantly upgraded to overpower the Vikings defensive line.

Few teams win in the playoffs without a crazy defense and sack-obsessed defensive line, which we don't have.

I believe it is better to develop mid-round talent at QB and WR over time and use the high picks on impact lineman.

Accumulate dominant talent on the lines and go to the playoffs. Avoid a first round QB and avoid the pressure and expectations of a “Sanchez Era”.

Select a QB in round 3 (or 4 at the latest) and let him learn, develop and compete with undrafted Hanie in 2009. The best scenario involves the continued progression of Kyle Orton.

Day one picks must make an immediate impact in 2009, not 2010.

The proof in the worth of Mark Sanchez will be in whether or not he ends up with the Bears.

If he does, he'll suck.

If he doesn't, he'll be an all pro player for years!

Remember when the Bears COULD have had Jake Plummer (sp?) but took "Slash?"

Remember Cade McNown?

Remember when the Bears could have signed Kurt Warner? (too old)

Remember when, after 10 years in the league, the Bears told George Blanda was too old? Yeah, he only played FOURTEEN more years.

To paraphrase that famous line from "Field of Dreams," --- if the Bears pick him, he will suck!

DagoT wrote this insightful message:
"Remember Cade McNown? ... Remember when the Bears could have signed Kurt Warner? (too old) ... Remember when, after 10 years in the league, the Bears told George Blanda was too old? Yeah, he only played FOURTEEN more years.

To paraphrase that famous line from "Field of Dreams," --- if the Bears pick him, he will suck!"

Well if we are going to look back to the Blanda days for examples that the Bears blew you conveniently missed these "gems": Ditka, Butkus, Sayers, Payton, Hampton, Dent, Singletary and Urlacher. Yup, the Bears should just forget about scouting players and just come here and read the insight of its fans.

We are the font of all knowledge on the Bears blog at the ST. Yeah baby!!!

Creighton......blah, blah, blah, must have too much time on your hands!!

I like how you think, DagoT. To prove your point look at what happens to many of the players the Bears release back into the league (you might say parole). Justin Gage thrived in TN with a real team, Mike Gandy is a starter on a team going to the Super Bowl (AZ), Bernard Berrian had a better year catching passes from less-than-stellar talent in MN. Many, many more examples.

Kevin MD you come up with 8 nuggets in 89 years; that's not even one a decade. Maybe one since Y2K, which is almost a new decade. That's not a drought, that's incompetence.

My suggestion is, give Kyle Orton a solid wall at the tackle possition, and you'll see a good quarterback emerge from the rubble. If you give him plenty of time to throw the ball, and provide him with some legitamate playmakers down the field with some speed, leeping ability, and good hands, he'll be able to those dramatic plays that the other so called great quarterback are able to make. Just look at what Joe Flacco, and Rothisburger where able to do with the time they had to throw the ball. Kyle knows how to move out the pocket which has helped him most of the season with the exception of the Detroit game. I think he carry the Bears as long as he has plenty of time to sit in the pocket to look down the field.

guys, Think about it...the ONLY reason Sanchez came out is because at best he would be the 5th ranked QB in next years' draft. This is an extremely weak year for QB's, so why be desperate. I'll stick w/ Kyle

Sanchez will take a few years to develope as he came out early, maybe the Bears have that time as Orton can be a solid QB now with a good line, so:
If we get a RT via Free Agency then we can take Sanchez and wait a couple years on him.
But we miss a DE in the draft with that first pick.
I feel it all hinges on what we do with Free Agent

Brad, I see the mock draft [NFL Draft] you had for us to check out, had Missouri safety William Moore falling to the Vikings. If Moore does fall, which he might, Chicago should grab him, the Bears need a free safety that can cover like Moore. Moore played most of the season on a sprained foot this year, and still had 5 pass breakups. Last season as a junior, Moore had 8 ints. Moore would fill a need and be the best player available. Chicago could then team Moore at free safety with Payne at strong safety, and the Bears secondary would get younger and better GO BEARS!!

How many relatives does 0rton have? Can all these Bear fans be so delusional to think that a QB that can't complete a pass past 15 yards is a threat to anyone other than Devin Hester and Brandon Lloyd's fantasy status? Atleast twice a game Hester had the secondary beat deep only to have to stop and come back for a lame duck. Maybe that is the Defenses scheme, cut off the underneath stuff and if any Bear reciever goes past 25 yards let him go.

Is that these people rooted so hard for Orton to beat out Grossman that they can't see all his glaring weaknesses? Orton is a back up QB and nothing more... period. If Sanchez is available then you take him but we know the bears, they'll grab Percy Harvin and start some gimmick offense because his talents will be wasted with Orton too. Gimmicks may have got the Dolphins to the playoffs but in the playoffs the cream rises to the top, hence they got pummeled.

Actually if we are not going to get a legit QB and waste next season I'd rather see the Bears trade down for more picks to get younger and we can wait 'til 2010 when the new GM and coaching staff comes in and see what QB they can bring in.

What's wrong with Hanie???? I would not waste a high pick on Sanchez or any other QB ever again!! Unless Peyton Manning has a son!! We do need someone other than "Mr. Dink & Dunk" Orton though. I'd rather develope Hanie than watch Orton underthrow everybody all season long.

Da'Bears have the 18th pick in the draft. it real simple get a real good look at a mark Sanchez because i think he's ready to lead and play right now. so drop orton NOW!

Brad, who do you think should be the NFL offensive rookie of the year? I realize my opinion is bias, being a Bear fan, but I think Matt Forte should get it over quarterbacks Matt Ryan & Joe Flacco, and runningbacks Chris Johnson & Steve Slaton, I'll explain.

A lot of people think Ryan will win, and he probably will. But let me ask you this, not taking anything away from Ryan, but how would Ryans numbers have looked without a runner like Michael Turner behind him [they say a good running game is a QB's bests friend], or a receiver like Roddy White, the only thing Forte had helping him for each game was a new set of cleats. As for Flacco, I think Fortes numbers as a runner were better then Flacco's as a QB. Matt Forte was third in the league in yards from scrimmage, trailing only the Vikings Adrian Peterson and the Falcons Michael Turner, Flacco wasn't third in the league in anything.

As for the runners, Forte blows both of these guys out of the water as far as being an all-purpose threat. Forte was the first NFL rookie to rush for at least a 1000 yards, and catch more than 62 passes, again for emphasis, the FIRST in NFL history! Also, Fortes 63 receptions were the most by any NFL runningback in 2008, tell me again, why wasn't this guy a pro bowl alternate at the least??!! And like Matt Ryan, both runners had advantages over Forte. Chris Johnson was spelled by LenDale White, and Steve Slaton had probably the leagues best receiver, Andre Johnson, to open things up for him. In my opinion, Matt Forte is the 2008 NFL offensive rookie of the year, hands down!! GO FORTE!! GO BEARS!!

I think we need to go with a playmaker in the 1st round, someone who can step right in and play, realistically Sanchez is a 2nd or 3rd rounder and I would be happy to take him then, he is coming out now beacuse his competition from a Heisman trophy standpoint is staying in school, this is not a year for franchise type QB's, the BEARS should draft Nate Davis from Ball St instesd, he's from a cold weather program, has size and a strong arm, bringing a Cali boy to Chicago to throw the football is not a smart decision in my opinion. Look at all the complaints about Orton's arm strngth on the blog (which I disagree with by the way), you all would be all over Angelo in a year if he does draft the kid. The BEARS need to draft people who can play immediately with the 18th pick, that means Safety, O-line, Strongside LB, WReceiver or Rush DE, then get Davis later in the draft to develop. let Kyle play next season he should improve with this seasons experience and get better play from the defense try to get 10-11 wins and get back to the playoffs. There is some value at QB in the later rounds we should look for someone there to come in and compete, another name to keep in mind is the kid from Kansas St. Josh Freeman, has size and an arm to boot, also knows how to play in cold weather.

sanchez will probably be gone by eighteen but if he's there take him. Orton has not shown he can pass past thirty yards accurratly long enough. Angelo needs 5 players to put this team in the playoffs and a defensive back would help the most to shore up our pass defense. Manning a bust who's being handed mike browns job and roasted peanut should be demoted to nickelback. that being said I'd like to see them grab an O-lineman in free agency to power run behind on the left side, one who can play gaurd or tackle if williams back flares up or he's another bust. We've seen some bad drafting and bad coaching from our organazation and if it don't turn around this year more fans will boycotte their games as i did last year. We need owners who don't rely on consultants and beancounters to replace cheerleader loving, gut feeling, live and breath football genuise.

As a resident Kyle Orton criticizer, I have to say the Bears drafting Sanchez would be an enormous mistake.

If the Bears want to upgrade that position, they need a PROVEN commodity like Matt Cassel or Derek Anderson. I think Kyle has as good a command as those two, however, he can't throw an accurate deep ball.

And that begs the question: Why is Hester playing wide reciever if the quarterback can't get him the ball? If Lovie and the boys are dead-set on going with Kyle, why not just put Hester back in full-time returner and let him do some damage?

Do the Bears want to win now or not? If they do, they need a free agent quarterback that can get the job done. Matt Ryan was an anomoly and Jerry Angelo is as well known for his inability to identify quarterback talent as he is for finding mid-round gems.

Sanchez is a joke. After USC and Oregon State, the PAC 10 was extremely soft.

There is a lot of chatter already that's great. I don't know were anyone got the idea that Manning was going to safety Angelo said find a place for him and his atheletism. Tillman would be the best option at free safety and Anderson could become a factor if his hand were not on the ground, and Urlacher were off the line of scrimmage he could flow again to the ball. The biggest need again is the offensive line and wide reciever. The defense has parts just poor situational scheming and weak coaching, the trenches is where the game is won and lost without it you are already at a disadvantage, we must get bigger and stronger upfront to compete. Look at Pittsburg they are huge, they wear you down and beat you down. We need a reciever who can get seperation and catch the ball. These should be priorities Angelo put his foot in his mouth when he took and diminished Hanie where is the part were they develop some one? This off season will define Angelo's entire regime failure here should be the end.

The Bears do need better quarterbacking, but they also need big improvements on the offensive line, which is more fundamental to the success of an offense, and at wide receiver. Without large improvements in these areas, no quarterback will help, even Payton Manning. If Chris Williams is close to being as good as the Bears say he is, him starting at left tackle and John St. Clair moving to left guard would be a large improvement, as it would also greatly improve Olin Kreutz's play. But even with that, the line is old and the Bears should concentrate on drafting offensive linemen early. A great line automatically makes the whole offense better. Add a couple of good receivers and a decent second string running back, and Kyle Orton would be good enough. It's much easier to fill these other positions than to draft and develop a good quarterback, and the Bears have shown no evidence that they're capable of doing that.

Would like to see Sanchez as first pick at 18 but do not think it will happen because he will be taken before that pick and the Bears will not move up in the draft.

Sanchez does have all of the skill sets needed to develop into a very good QB in the NFL, actually many thought he should have started over Booty last year at USC.

I hope the OG from Oklahoma is available at #18 and the Bears take him and then go with LB in the second round. The Free safety position should be covered by Manning, but I would prefer moving Tillman to it and have Free safety set for the next five years. Manning is a better nickel back and kick returner than free safety and maybe not smart enough. Move Graham to Tillman's corner and keep Vasher at the other corner with Bowman and McBride to cover for injuries. Payne is a natural at strong safety and should be steady for years with Steltz as a backup. Maybe bring some 4th round to 7th round developmental draft talent at safety to work with for the future.

The DE position will not have #1 round talent at #18 just like Creighton said, very unlikely to be there. Ogunleye is on his contract year so he will produce and the line has Marinelli with Anderson a project that may turn out OK, we will see. Add some depth at the D line in round 3 through 7.


Dude I try not to refer to anyone as a horrible person or a moron. Those are your words.

To answer your question, what it makes me is open minded enough to at least hear out almost anybody when it comes to discussing the finer points of my favorite team playing the game I love.


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