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Ex-DB coach Wilks looking to remain in NFL

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Ousted defensive backs coach Steve Wilks is hopeful that he will land a gig coaching in the NFL for next season.

Wilks was let go Monday with one year remaining on his contract, the first in what could be a series of moves with the staff by coach Lovie Smith.

Wilks joined the Bears in 2006 after Perry Fewell departed for Buffalo. He can be credited with helping bring along cornerback Corey Graham, who emerged as a bright piece of the future in his second season after being a fifth-round pick from New Hampshire in 2007. He also worked with Trumaine McBride when the seventh-round pick was forced to start nine games in 2007 as a rookie.

``Corey made some progress and when you look back at when Nate [Vasher] was hurt he was able to step in and do some good things,'' Wilks said. ``We've got some players back there, Nate was hurt and Peanut [Charles Tillman] was banged up. When those guys are healthy, they're going to do an outstanding job.''

Wilks had some initial contact with Bowling Green University about their head coaching vacancy early last month but it didn't go beyond a few conversations. He had previously worked at the school. He hopes to remain in the pro game and with the change that comes with this time of year there will be a half-dozen openings or more for him to keep an eye on.

Smith is seeking his fourth defensive backs coach in six years.

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I took particular notice to the following...

"Smith is seeking his fourth defensive backs coach in six years."

I'm not a person that likes to read between the lines but this statement saids a lot about Lovie. Looks like the blame never stops at Lovie's door. "Beware" is the sign that any would-be seeker of filling this position should be aware of.
Me thinks that Lovie will have a much tougher time trying to find a good coach for this open position. You can only cry wolf so many times before all catch on. This is a one-year temp job at best.

Would be nice to turn the tables around and fire Lovie. He can then get a taste of his own medicine.

He did this a couple of years ago when Rex was having trouble being a good quarterback. Instead of drafting another QB, they fired the QB coach, thinking that this was the problem. Of course, we all know now that Rex is not coachable because you can't coach someone that has a head space problem.

I agree. You can change coachs and players all you want but as long as Lovie is here, we'll be mediocre.

i love how somehow going to a SB and only having a losing record 2 times since he was hired makes him mediocre..

The rams...THATS mediocre...the raiders...THATS mediocre...the lions...THATS mediocre...

i really wish you people would stop being over dramatic

and just off the top of my head Perry F. the DB coach from last season left to go to Buffalo...he wasnt fired...

im no Lovie apologist...his in game strategy drives me crazy sometimes...the way he cuts off the media and thus the fans drives me nuts...

but the bears "fall from grace" is part coaching, talent, and execution by the players

put your shirt back on you stark raving meatballs....jeez


B-b-b-b-but Lovie doesn't have "da passion and da fire"!!! EVERYONE knows that you have to scream and yell at people at the work place in order to get ANY positive results! Many of us couldn't pump your gas or bag your groceries without having our managers spew profanity-laced tirades at us in regular intervals for motivation. I mean, Lovie has this stupid stoicism like Tom Landry ... yeah, Tom frickin Landry! What did that guy ever do??? He sure as heck didn't win Super Bowl XX that's for sure!!!

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