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Ex-Bears in playoffs this weekend, Vol. II

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We went over the rosters of the teams participating in wild-card weekend to find players with ties to the Bears. We'll wrap up ex-Bears in the postseason here with a look at the players from the teams who had a first-round bye. Here is a look at the players from the teams that advanced from the wild-card round.

Carolina Panthers

Chris Harris. Twenty-nine of the Panthers' 53 players have never played in the postseason and Harris is one of the few with Super Bowl experience from his days with the Bears. The hard hitter has flourished in Carolina and punished his former team with a forced fumble in their Week 2 meeting in Charlotte, N.C. Adam Archuleta? Harris? Who would you rather have?

Muhsin Muhammad. The Inside the Bears staff was re-watching the regular-season meeting between Arizona and Carolina on Thursday, thank you NFL Network, and couldn't help but notice an uncovered Moose drop a touchdown in the end zone. It didn't cost the Panthers, who rallied from a 17-3 deficit to win the game. Muhammad's 65 receptions, 923 yards and five touchdowns would have been tops for the Bears and he was a complementary player to Steve Smith. The Bears got rid of Muhammad but they didn't replace him. They didn't come close.

Dante Wesley. Against the Cardinals' high-powered passing game, Wesley could see some time on defense. He's been a special teams standout for the Panthers, just like he was there before he came to the Bears and filled the same role.

Tennessee Titans

Justin Gage. Injuries kept the fifth-round pick from 2003 out of four games or he would have been the Titans' leading wideout. Still, he's Kerry Collins' most consistent downfield threat. Gage averaged 19.1 yards per catch (34 receptions) and had a team-high six touchdowns.

New York Giants

R.W. McQuarters. His contributions could not go overlooked in the Giants' march to a championship last year when he had an interception in each of New York's first three playoff games, clinching wins over Tampa Bay and Dallas with picks. McQuarters plays in the dime package and if Philadelphia goes to much four-wide stuff, he could play defense. Otherwise, he's a sure-handed punt returner. McQuarters compared the Giants-Eagles tilt to a Bears-Packers rivalry earlier this week.

Pittsburgh Steelers


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Who gives a rats a#* about ex Bear players?? I'm more worried about the scrubs we have now!! I'm also sick of hearing that we have the 2nd most wins in the last four years!!! What has that gotten us?? The little success that brings us just satisfies everyone to thinking we are good when we're just mediocre. CLEAN HOUSE NOW!!!!!!

I think Moose put up those numbers mostly BECAUSE he was a complementary player to Steve Smith. Had the Bears retained him, his stats wouldn't have been nearly as good because he's simply not good enough anymore to be a no. 1 receiver. While I agree the Bears wideouts are a mess, I'm not sure retaining Moose would have helped.


You got that right. The first place to clean house is to get rid of the bozos at the top, starting with Angelo, Lovie and Babbage.
Until those idiots are gone, this team is going nowhere.
Anybody that's satisfied with what the Bears have done must be cub fans. Only they enjoy mediocrity.

I think seeing the list of ex-Bear player makes one wonder why they were released from the Bears when they are clearly still performing at a high level. Someone is making mistakes in letting quality players slip away.On the other hand,some Bear players who got big contracts to be retained did not produce. Perhaps the Bears need someone like Mike Singletary to identify plyers who will produce and dump players who won't.

Hey Brad Biggs, I have a question for you: Can I sue Angelo for immpersonating a general manager? How about suing Lovie, Turner, and Baggage for immpersonating a coaching staff? I also think the Bears should change uniforms. Make them look like Mickey Mouse and the Mousekateers. They should look as the are.....a Mickey Mouse outfit!!!!! are a genius!!!! I give Papa Bear Halas credit for one thing, he named this team perfectly!!! The Bears...they hibernate every winter!!!!! See you losers this summer after you botch another draft and still don't have a QB, WR, DE, MLB, CB, safety, G,C,T.......etc,etc,etc....

I think the Bears replaced Moose when they signed Marty Booker - an aging number-two receiver. You're absolutely right when you describe him as a complementary receiver. The problem in Chicago was that he wasn't complementing anyone because the Bears tried using him as a number-one receiver. The closest thing we had at that time to a Steve Smith, not to mention a playmaker, was Bernard Berrian, who wasn't really good in our narrow-minded offensive scheme anyway. Too bad Mark "Wasted Second-Round Pick #115" Bradley didn't pan out for us, because in Hester-Booker, we've actually got an inferior version of what we had before. At least we've still got Rashied Davis, whose version of playing the slot is the closest any of our WRs actually got this year to performing in their role. I just hope we don't complete the cycle by putting Earl Bennett on the bench for a couple years before just straight releasing him.

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