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Everything is bigger in Texas for Angelo

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Bears general manager Jerry Angelo is headed to El Paso, Texas, if he's not already there, for the Texas. vs. The Nation (or is it Universe?) all-star game.

Angelo skipped the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala., last week to avoid the flock of agents and job-seeking coaches who have turned it into a convention for all things not related to the draft.

New England coach Bill Belichick did attend for the first time in six years and, according to one league source, told associates he has no plans of going back after how little work he accomplished. Of course, Belichick's Patriots have been busy preparing for a game this time of season a few times the last several years. But that's how it goes in Mobile where agents are looking for an edge in the draft and free agency, and unemployed coaches are beating the bushes for work.

Angelo probably figures he can get more accomplished from his office at Halas Hall going over tape than being inundated by crowds.

It's not that he's been holed up, either. Angelo did attend practices during the week of the East-West Shrine Game. He's also more hands on in terms of getting out and scouting the college ranks than most general managers. One source said he was at the national title game between Oklahoma and Florida doing some work.

The Bears found some players at the Texas game, which is in its third year, last winter. Quarterback Caleb Hanie, defensive end Ervin Baldwin and departed guard Chester Adams all played in the game, which is considered third in terms of prestige among the college all-star games behind the Senior Bowl and Shrine game. The game has produced one running back who will have a prominent role in Super Bowl XLIII, Arizona's Tim Hightower.

Illinois defensive end Derek Walker and linebacker Brit Miller are in the game as well as Eastern Illinois defensive end Pierre Walters and Notre Dame linebackers Maurice Crum. The Texas game is run by the same folks who used to put on the Hula Bowl.

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Man I am feining for the FA to finally start. These little knick-knacks and tidbits are like teaser trailors for a movie that everyone wants to see but doesn't know the beginning or the ending

Would love to see those scouting reports from the title game. Tebow,Harvin, Spikes,Bradford,Robinson,Loadholt, Harris...quite a list.

He went too the National Title game? He must have been scouting Oklahoma cause ever sense he got burnt in the 2003 draft by Florida, I do believe he has not drafted a single player from there. Or maybe his buddy that worked there left. Harris and Dusty were from Oklahoma I believe.

Glad too see he thinks it's better to see film than to actually be on the field with players during drills. It's good he didn't go to the senior bowl again, he is doing such a great job drafting the last 5 years.

Angelo sure has certain places he likes to stop at while scouting. Let me guess he will hit Texas, Arizona, Louisiana a couple of times, Miami, and maybe Alabama, Arkansas and Tennessee. Of course he may skip Vanderbilt this year. Sounds like the Texas game is just over flowing with talent this year. Probably wants to check out Patton.

Brad if Angelo is more productive watching game film, then why did three of his draft picks come from the Texas game well 2 of them did, he signed Hanie. Seems like if he liked seeing guys in the Texas game that maybe even though he would have had to deal with Agents and coaches wanting jobs, he should have gone to the senior bowl. After all, scouting, hiring, talking to coaches about jobs and dealing with agents are all part of his job to begin with. Basically what you are saying is he didn't want to deal with the hassle so he blew it off in favor of doing something easier. Sounds kind of lazy to me.

But maybe we will get lucky again this year and find another Chester Adams.

Illinois defensive end Derek Walker might be a player Angelo has his eye on. Most scouts see Walker, 6-4 272lbs, as a left defensive end at the next level, Chicago might need a left defensive end going into the 2010 season, Bears current left defensive end Adewale Ogunleye is due to hit free agency after the 2009 season. Chicago could land Walker in the 4th or 5th round, Walker had 6 sacks this season for Illinois.

Mel Kiper of ESPN also seems to think Chicago is searching for Ogunleye's replacement, I see Kiper has the Bears taking LSU defensive end Tyson Jackson at #18. Jackson, 6-5 292lbs, is also seen as a left defensive end at the next level. If Chicago does take Jackson at #18 in the first, it would add much needed youth to the position, but won't help us in the way of a pass rush, Jackson is not a great pass rusher. I would rather see the Bears take a defensive end in the first that is more of a pass rusher, and the only defensive end that might be available at #18 that is, is Michael Johnson of Georgia tech. If Chicago wants a younger left defensive end, I say take Illinois Derek Walker in the 4th, and let him sit a season behind Ogunleye and develop. Use the pick at #18 on an offensive tackle like Eben Britton of Arizona.

Another possibility for a young left end is Eastern Illinois Pierre Walters, and I see he is also playing in the Texas game. Walters, 6-4 260lbs, only had 4.5 sacks this season, but did have 16.5 tackles for loss, and is ranked third on Eastern Illinois all-time list for TFL with 42.5. So the guy can make plays in the opponents backfield. Chicago currently has defensive end Ervin Baldwin on the roster from last years draft, Baldwin could also be in the mix as the left defensive end of the future, it should be interesting to see how it all unfolds GO BEARS!!

Here's a post senior bowl mock draft, I didn't select a defensive end, right or left. As far as a future left end, in my opinion, Chicago already has one on the roster in Israel Idonije. As for the right side, the Bears have Alex Brown, and hopefully Rod Marinelli can get Mark Anderson back to his rookie form, Anderson has proved in the past he has the ability to get to the QB, so the ability to get to the QB is there in Anderson. Alright, here's my mock.

1. Eben Brittan OT Arizona 6-6 310lb
2. Rashad Johnson FS Alabama 5-11 195lbs
3. Austin Collie WR BYU 6-2 206lbs
4. Andre Brown RB N.C. state 6-0 230lbs
5. Sammie Lee Hill DT Stillman 6-4 330lbs
7. Travis McCall FB/TE Alabama 6-2 276lbs

My first two picks are no brainers, Chicago needs help at both tackle and free safety. In the third I took BYU receiver Austin Collie, who with 105 catches as a junior, has the hands to develop into the possession receiver Chicago could pair with deep threat Devin Hester, Collie can also return kicks. Running back Andre Brown helped himself this weekend with a pretty good performance in the senior bowl. Brown hits the holes hard at 230lbs, and is a great receiver out of the backfield. With Browns size, and abiltiy to catch passes out of the backfield, Brown could be a great #2 runner to spell Forte. Also, its nice to have a #2 runner that is also an all-purpose threat like Forte. Sammie Lee Hill is a big defensive tackle who has the ability to get up field, to go along with his size 6-4 330lbs. I've always liked Travis McCall, who played tight end in college, but is a powerful blocker, and could develop into a strong lead blocker for Matt Forte at fullback. GO BEARS!!

I know JA blows smoke (as he should) but he did say he was thinking about looking at FA for Oline. So I really believe he will go that route for Oline, which would free up that 18th pick for another need. I realize you can't base your mock on something that has not happened yet, but I am hoping on that one big time.
Also - JA does blow smoke, so what ever he did not mention we need is probably what he will draft 18th.
sounds funny but true.
also if Kiper thinks we go DE, then someone out there is thinking DE - which you know JA/Lovie LOVE to draft D.
I am not disagreeing with your mock, just throwing some things out there to think about. I personnally do not follow the college game enough, so it takes me a bit to get the draft stats going, the Bears never drafted who I wanted anyway so I gave up on my Bears draft dreams quite awhile back. (see Wilfork,) of course I liked Mike Williams as well so maybe thats a good thing.

Ish, Dude I'm so there. Did they play the Super Bowl yet? Do we know who is in it?

Kevin, Good thoughts in your first post, but after the first round go back to the drawing board on your mock. The Bears need to return to their roots.

I call it, Finks-osiphy. It means essentially that, in the NFL, until you control the line of scrimmage you lose. Angelo needs to keep picking linemen in rounds 1-4 on both sides of the ball until he either gets it right, or we get a new GM. He has tried, but too many Columbos, Johnsons, and Bauzins(sp?).

Well OK, since you think we have a couple already on the roster, I'll let you have a 2nd round WR. But that's it.

Good stuff tho, and I didn't need my page-down key to read it.

By the way, whatever happened to Cheese Adams? I know he got an injury settlement, but is he still in football anywhere? I thought the Bears were interested enough to keep him around at one time.

Angelo went to the title game to talk to Tim Tebow.

Boy, I feel great that JA is going to Texas for the great Texas vs, Nation Draft Prep Bowl because he found the stellar future HOF-amer, like Chester Adams, Ervin Baldwin and Caleb Hanie. What an arrogant idiot he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin acouple of things to consider for your draft.
1. Eben Britton not Brittan, he is a great pick and 18 is a good spot for him cause no way he falls past the Eagles or Detroit.

2. Johnson is a good player but there is a good chance he is gone by the time the Bears draft in the second round. I think he will pass Moore as the number 1 saftie in the draft because Moore is looking bad. Also Manning is getting a shot at FS, so Saftie is more a Depth pick at this point than a need. To soon IMO.

3. Collie is a reach as a third round pick, his resume is strangly familiar, a lot like Bennett's. Top reciever in his schools history and a third round pick?

4. Andre Brown is a good recieving RB but not a true Power Back. Forte can already catch.

5. Big problem with this pick. The Bears already have 6 DT's on there roster and all of them are under 30. You think they will make it 7? 6 is the most in the NFL.

7. McCall is really a Blocking TE, more than a FB and is not a runner. And there is nothing wrong with that, except we already have 3 TE's and none of them are getting cut.

All that said I would love to see Britton but the Bears may reach for a WR. Angelo will probably not go with back to back OT's as first round picks. Best bet is Angelo will trade down. Also Kevin why no interior line help, even if it's just depth?

Biggest Bear needs are:
1. WR, they only will have 3 wide recievers on the team shortly.
2. RT, we only have 3 tackles and one is 34 and the another is a swing guy. Paper thin
3. OL, the Bears have 4 interior linemen for 3 positions and Kruetz enters his 12th season, Garza could easily be upgraded, Beekman may be moved inside to center or made a backup as Buenning may get the LG position. Again Paper thin.
4. QB, they have to get a third QB, probably a vet.
5. LDE, Goon's play dropped off with Harris's play, in the Bears system this position is not a huge key. Lacks depth, but goon will start there next year. Izzy is a swing player and could start here if Goon is hurt
6. FS, Manning will be given a shot, meaning any pick will be depth not a starter.
9. RDE, the Rush End, does anyone really think they are going to replace Alex Brown who played better than everyone on the DLine, or that they will spend the first pick on a situational pass rusher? I think an end will be taken just not with the first pick.

Brad, With Kerry Collins coming back as the starter in Tennessee, how about the Bears trade for Vince Young?

Creighton--It's not SAFTIE

By Safety Help on January 26, 2009 7:01 PM
Creighton--It's not SAFTIE

Hahaha, very true.

If I was to go with a mock draft, assuming we did not get a big free agent, I would hope for something like:

1st round: Larry English, DE
2nd round: Attempt to trade 2nd and 3rd to get Heyward-Bey. If not, get best available RT/OG
3rd round: If you didn't trade up, get Massaquoi here at wideout.
3rd round comp. for Berrian (assumed, not confirmed) Best available OT/OG (OT Tupou or OG Levitre, perhaps)
4th round: Fiametta, FB (solid lead blocker)

With a defensive end, a new wideout, at least 1 new linemen with some real size, and a new blocking FB, I could care less what happens in rounds 5-7.

MsBearsFan wrote:
"The Bears need to return to their roots...I call it, Finks-osiphy. It means essentially that, in the NFL, until you control the line of scrimmage you lose. Angelo needs to keep picking linemen in rounds 1-4 on both sides of the ball until he either gets it right, or we get a new GM. He has tried, but too many Columbos, Johnsons, and Bauzins(sp?)."

Agreed. Control the line of scrimmage and all your skill players improve dramatically.

MS BearsFan wrote:
"By the way, whatever happened to Cheese Adams? I know he got an injury settlement, but is he still in football anywhere? I thought the Bears were interested enough to keep him around at one time."

So did I. Say Brad can you tell us the status of Chester Adams and could he come back?

Now I am going to hijack this message....

Also another one for Brad -- or the board -- why is it that WRs seem to take longer to develop. I can understand QB and OL and DB but what makes route running so difficult that it takes a few years to come around. I was talking with my Redskins friends (I live in the land of Redskins) and their team took 2 WRs and 1 H-B as their 3 2nd round picks in 2008 and none of them did much. So what's the deal with the time it takes WRs and TEs to get going. And what does this say for the future of Bennett and Kellen Davis?

Finks-osiphy is god

Finks-osiphy is the way to keep going back to deep into the playoffs and getting back to the superbowl. If angelo wants to keep his job he should follow finks-osiphy.

Why do people want to see Heyward-Bey drafted by Chicago? A Wide Reciever\Kick Returner with blazing speed yet below-average route running ability and lacks toughness accross the middle of the field. Hmmm ... sounds familiary except Hester does go over the middle.

WIth all the knocks on Orton as the quarterback the one most glaring is that he had no touch on his deep ball all season long, so we should correct this by going out and getting a blazing, deep ball receiver? How does 1) help Orton and the offense and 2) compliment Chicago's other blazing, deep ball receiver?

Chicago is in need of a route runner and intermediate receiver to play opposite Hester. I would look at a guy like Kenny Britt from Rutgers or Brian Robiskie from OSU.

Of course, if by some form of miracle Jeremy Maclin is on the board, then that's a burner that you grab because he has the complete package.

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