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Don't expect the Bears to use the franchise tag

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TAMPA, Fla.--We'll dig a little deeper into these franchise and transition tag numbers that were revealed today.

But first, they're unlikely to apply to the Bears. General manager Jerry Angelo is not going to place a tag on any players this offseason. The deadline for clubs to tag a player is Feb. 19.

Four Bears players popped up on the list of salaries used to determine the tag numbers. The franchise tag is the average of the top five cap figures in the league at a position and the transition tag is the average of the top 10.

Here they are:

CB Charles Tillman was sixth at his position at $8,166,666.

DE Adewale Ogunleye was ninth at his position at $6,358,855

DT Tommie Harris was third at his position at $6,030,662

K Robbie Gould was second at his position at $2,520,000.

For what it's worth, ex-Bear Bernard Berrian was third among wide receivers at $9,438,333.

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3rd highest WR

thats ri-damn-diculous

im glad the bears past

Chicago really doesn't have anyone worth tagging this year. The only player of any significance thats due to hit the open market this year is tackle John St.Clair. Thats going to be interesting to see if Angelo resigns St.Clair or not. Angelo has to make some kind of move free agent wise for a tackle, either resign St.Clair, or go for someone else all together. If not, tackle will be the Bears biggest need headed into the draft, and will there be a legit tackle even available at #18 in the first round when the Bears pick? Thats taking a heck of a chance, Chicago should sign a free agent tackle. As of right now, Chicago only has one tackle, 34 year old John Tait, with any playing experience on the roster, thats kind of scary if you think about it.

While I would love to see the Bears draft in another tackle, they might be better off going after a free agent. I would like for Angelo to pay Panther's tackle Jordan Gross to come to Chicago. If not Gross, I say go after Dolphins tackle Vernon Carey. Carey has nice size, 6-5 340lbs, to man the right tackle spot, and is young enough to be around for awhile, Carey has only been in the league since 2004. Also, Carey is very durable, he hasn't missed a start in three seasons, and has been a starter almost his entire career. And signing someone like Gross or Carey, would free up the Bears on draft day. Again, with John Tait as the only tackle with playing experience, on top of the fact that Chris Williams will basically be a rookie starter next season, it might be a good idea to bring in a free agent tackle vs drafting one GO BEARS!!

If JA gets a Free Agent RT - I will be believing the Bears will go into the 2nd round of the playoffs, we need that RG as well, Tait and Garza would just stand there and do squat, imagine what Forte and Orton could accomplish with a new good right side. If Orton is a game manager as people say then it will be easier to manage with some good protection, that will help Olsen as well, remember he was the top rated TE of the Draft, according to some polls, it's time for him to break out. Someone said drop Clark, I agree Olsen needs no backup, he needs as much time as possible on the field, but surely Clark has some value as trade. We just drafted another TE to block too. I have to feel that Lovie learned what not to do with the D as he made major changes with the Coaches, so I am very hopeful we can better last year (it would be awful hard to get worse)- Free Agency will tell if we have a playoff team next year.

I agree there is no one worth the tag this year. Randy I agree with needing a RT and I have said it as well that how we attack the free agency will tell a lot about next season. I disagree about Clark. Olsen needs to see the field more, but those 2 together on the field at the same time really works. Plus Clark catches everything and is a good blocker. With our lack of WR's at least we have 2 good TE's.

Here's to hoping we get a WR, safety and offensive line help.


Wow, Berrian's cap number is insane. I was sorry to lose him, but the fact of the matter is, he's really not a #1 wideout. With our receiving corps, JA would have been reckless to pay that kind of money for another #2 WR.

I still believe that we need to add a bigger-bodied possession receiver to our WR corps. Bennett has the size, but it remains to be seen if he will take that step forward in the offseason. He only saw a few offensive snaps late this year, but our coaching staff has never really brought offensive players along quickly.

If he's not the answer, it will have to be through the draft or not at all. The list of free agent WR's is pretty depressing. You either have to overpay for Housh (and most likely get Moose-type results) or bring in a #3 WR and try to coach them into a better player.

I haven't heard if there has been any talk about bringing back Brandon Lloyd, but given his production (and general attitude) after his sprained knee, I doubt we'd try to go that route again.

All of that leads me to think that next training camp will have a hodge-podge group of WR's again. On the positive side, Kyle Orton did more with that group this year than most people expected, so given a little bit of development time for the young guys on the roster, it may not be bleak season for yardage next year.

Go Bears!

bearDown weren't you paying attention all the draft experts say ther is no first or high second round safety talent. K.A. very insightful I like it we can use some guard help. If just one side of the line were a real force we would be all right I really believe our QB future is already on the team as well as the complemetary running back. I also believe the safety is on the team already in Charles Tillman, the pass rush is here a very large DT to complement Harris and Harrison, I also believe if you use Anderson like Balt. uses Suggs he could be a piece to the puzzle. At wide reciever if they would give Rideau a real shot he might just be the answer don't reach for Furrey off a 0-16 team give Hass a legitimate shot. This team for some reason will not develop their own. They had a tackle last season on the practice squad did they try him at guard? they just don't use any imagination, instead we get Booker, Davis and Lloyd. He's hoping they really think they are on the verge GO BEARS.


Ditto, a free agent OT like either of the two you mention and a WR Housh would be very good or take a flyer on a Ocho Cinco trade. Ocho needs a new venue and could thrive in Chicago.

By picking up an OT in Free agency the Bears could either pick a stud linebacker at #18 USC or OSU or they could pick up picks and drop to early round two and pick up a stud guard in Duke Robinson and guess what the line is pretty well set for awhile.

Round three there is decent WR help available as well as other developmental needs such as DB and FB. QB is next year. Give Caleb a shot as #2.

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