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Dent's Hall of Fame chances could improve moving forward

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TAMPA, Fla.--Richard Dent's disappointment today at missing the Pro Football Hall of Fame might linger for a little while.

But the Super Bowl XX MVP could be in good shape moving forward. It's a good sign that Dent made the cut from 15 to 10 for the second consecutive year. It was the fifth time in six years that he was among the final 15.

Two pass rushers have been selected in the last two classes--Bruce Smith and Derrick Thomas this year and Andre Tippett and Fred Dean in 2008. What bolsters Dent's chances are the fact that there are not any more elite pass rushers coming on to the ballot in the coming seasons. Without more competition at defensive end, Dent could be aided. Of course, he needs to get one of the five modern-era slots and Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith will be slam dunks at this time next year. Some of the first-year eligible players in 2011 are also impressive.

Dent isn't alone as a pass rusher, however. Three other defensive end/linebackers were on the semifinal list of 25 and have impressive credentials:

Richard Dent: Super Bowl XX MVP finished career with 137 1/2 sacks and had 10 or more for five straight years from 1984 to 1988.

Chris Doleman: An eight-time Pro Bowler, he had 151 sacks and eight interceptions and was a member of the 1990's All-Decade Team.

Kevin Greene:
Five-time Pro Bowler was on a division championship team with four different clubs and finished with 160 sacks.

Charles Haley:
Member of 10 division championship teams and five Super Bowl winners. The five-time Pro Bowler had 100 1/2 sacks.

The next time a top defensive end will come on the ballot is 2013 when Michael Strahan will be eligible. Here are some players who will be considered in the coming years:

2010: Gary Anderson, Tim Brown, Eddie George, Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith

2011: Jerome Bettis, Marshall Faulk, Willie Roaf, Deion Sanders, Jimmy Smith

2012: Tiki Barber, Curtis Martin

2013: Steve McNair, Jonathan Ogden, Warren Sapp, Michael Strahan

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Hopefully Richard Dent can get into the hall next season, Jerry Rice & Emmitt Smith are locks in 2010 [as they should be] but I can see Dent getting in over the other pass rushers, Haley, Greene, and Doleman.

I like everyones chances in 2011 except for maybe Jimmy Smith. If Chris Carter [who might be the new Art Monk] can't get in, I can't see Smith going in as a first ballot. What might kill Smith is his lack of touchdowns, inside of 11 seasons Smith only has 67 tds. Also, 8 tds is the most Smith ever caught in a season, Smith never hit double digit tds in a single season.

I also can't see Steve McNair going in as a first ballot, maybe even ever. Agree or disagree, QBs are judged by their career stats, and Super Bowl wins. McNair never won the big game, so he will have to get in on the strength of his career stats. In 13 seasons, McNair only went over 3000 yds 6 times, and only threw 20 or more td passes 3 times. If your gonna consider McNair with these kind of career numbers, what about Drew Bledsoe. Bledsoe, who played for 14 seasons, one more than McNair, threw for 3000 plus 9 times, and threw for 4000 yds 3 of the 9 times, McNair never hit the 4000 yd mark, the most McNair ever threw for was 3387 yds in 2002. Bledsoe threw 20 or more td passes 7 times, thats half of his career. I would put Bledsoe [44,611 passing yards and 251 td passes] in the hall over McNair [31,304 passing yards and 174 td passes,] just an opinion.

I actually think career numbers will get a QB in the Hall of Fame over Super Bowl wins, heres a name to ponder over as an example, Jim Plunkett. Plunkett was a 2 time Super Bowl MVP, who lead the Raiders to two Super Bowl victories over the Eagles & Redskins inside of just four seasons, impressive huh? Not impressive enough for a ticket to Canton for Plunkett. Career stats are probably why Plunkett isn't in the Hall of Fame. Incidentally, a win tomorrow for either Big Ben or Warner will be one of their second career Super Bowl win. I think Kurt Warners would be a little more impressive because he did it with two different teams, and one of them would be the! I like the Steelers to win, but Im pulling for the Cards, oh well GO BEARS!!

Steve McNair better NEVER make the Pro Bowl. The guy was an average QB at best and never did win anything big. There are plenty of QBs in the past that are more deserving.

Curtis Martin was a solid and quiet professional who should get consideration.

As for Deion Sanders ... I wouldn't pi$$ on him if he were on fire. He is a complete and total eogmaniac and a "born again" Christian to add to bring him to unparalelled heights of douchebaggery. DIAF, Deion.

DCODC: "Steve McNair better NEVER make the Pro Bowl."

Umm, too late Church. But I think you meant HALL OF FAME you idiot!

// Corrected my own stupidity.

how long can u be eligible for the hall of fame???

Dent doesn't deserve it. He was a loafer that took too many plays off and never gave 100%. How about Gary Fencik for the Hall??

I agree with Hadji!! Dent was lucky because of the players he played next to!! I'd rather see MONGO get in then Dent. Mongo gave no quarters and left no quarters. All heart!!!!

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