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Bears' opportunity to move up in draft remains alive

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Through no doing of their own, the Bears took a step toward moving up in the 2009 draft Saturday.

That is what the overtime win by the San Diego Chargers over the Indianapolis Colts meant. The Bears are tentatively slated to have the 18th pick in the first round, according to the NFL, but can move up to No. 17 if the Chargers go to the back of the line. San DIego won the AFC West with an 8-8 record and is currently selecting 16th, ahead of the cluster of four teams that finished 9-7, including the Bears.

If the Chargers reach Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa, they'll drop to 31st or 32nd in the first round, depending on whether or not they win the Big Game. Next, San Diego will travel to top-seeded Tennessee or No. 2 seed Pittsburgh depending on the outcome of this afternoon's Baltimore-Miami game. The Chargers, having won five consecutive games, are the hottest team in the AFC.

So, now that ousted former Bears defensive coordinator Ron Rivera is 1-1 calling defenses against the Colts in the playoffs, Bears' fans can root him on the rest of the way if they're interested in moving up that one slot. You wonder if they're doing the same thing at Halas Hall.

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"You wonder if they're doing the same thing at Halas Hall."

Well, if you mean the players I would be they are. However, the more success Rivera has the dumber Lovie, Jerry and Babich all look so those three are probably doing everything short of voodoo to jinx the Charger's run ...

Not that it will help ... everyone knows they're idiots. Go Ron!

Don't make any changes in your defense or your schemes, and this time next year ESPN will be speculating on who will be the next coach of the Chicago Bears with Ron Rivera's name even more in the headlines than ever. Your team is weak in alot of areas, and the leadership seems weak at reacting to that weakness obvious to everybody

It doesn't really matter, the bear always do just enuff to be out of reach of all the top draft picks and the picks they do get they never seem to be an elite player. Every year they show us what pick we have that year(18 pick) and elite player that came from that number pick(18 pick)of years past and we still don't get an elite player. Next year we'll be looking for a new coach, becuase of the teams were playing in 2009 we just might be 7-9, just enuff to get the 11 to 13 pick. Out of reach again. Go Bear !!!!!!!

Hey Biggs how many times did you hear Rivera mentioned last night? Boy he really tuned around that Chargers D. It's funny there the same Defense as they were all through October but he takes over in November and poof they get better. Boy they were talking about what a great defensive game plan he came up with. Funny nobody really says what a great job Bob is doing. You know Bob the guy Lovie hired cause Rivera and his top 5 defense wasn't getting it done so Lovie let Bob take over. I guess scheme and game planning really do matter.

Oh I also read that slop you and Haugh seem to have colaberated on. What happened? Lovie call you and have a temper tantrum about all his bad press and ytou caved. All you got to do to fix this team is five simple things. Then you list like 9 things to do and of course fail to point out some of the problems with your plan.

Hire Rod as a position coach, what you meant to say is hire Rod and his son in law or brother in law or who ever it is he wants the Bears to hire along with him. Then I am sure he will be happy with just being a position coach after being a head coach. Oh and what did you say? If you Hire him he will turn around Mark Anderson and Harris. What's he going to do perform surgery on Harris's knee to fix it? As for Anderson the guy had one good year two years ago and has stunk ever sense.

Then draft a pass rusher. Oh cause it's that easy to just draft a pass rusher. How long have the Bears been trying to do that. Heck Angelo has never done it why do you think the Buc's had to sign Rice? Then there was team Lovie Okowo and Buzain, that worked out well. I guess they should get better at drafting too.

Oh then you said Draft a running back to help Forte. How about drafting a guard who can open a hole for him first, how about a line that can run block that might be nice. Or maybe call some different run plays that involve the abilty too pull, and to do it right. Oh wait the bears don't do that do they. It's Power O, crash left, crash right. There that the run game.

Then Chris Williams needs to get on the field and play well. Really does he, no kidding? How about he stays healthy first and learns how to run block.

Oh get a reciever but don't draft one. Sign one. Why do that look at all the recievers we signed last year. Didn't help much did it? What you meant to say was sign a good reciever. I am positive that will not happen.

What else draft a saftie. Great Idea draft Mays I am sure he will fall to us. But what did you point out when you said that? Oh yeah, the Bears haven't drafted a saftie in forever in the first round even though the position has been a mess for years. Gosh maybe that will change.

And we should hope the Chargers win the Super Bowl so we can move up one whole spot in the draft. How exciting, we do a lot of that in chicago, hoping other teams win or loose so that the Bears have a shot at something better. God forbid they get good enough to control there own destiny.

Creighton: "Hey Biggs how many times did you hear Rivera mentioned last night? Boy he really tuned around that Chargers D. It's funny there the same Defense as they were all through October but he takes over in November and poof they get better. Boy they were talking about what a great defensive game plan he came up with. Funny nobody really says what a great job Bob is doing. You know Bob the guy Lovie hired cause Rivera and his top 5 defense wasn't getting it done so Lovie let Bob take over. I guess scheme and game planning really do matter."

Now that's just "crazy talk", Creighton. I mean Lovie said "trust me" so this is all an illusion. Pretty soon the Chicago defense will return to top 5 ... maybe even #1! I mean it hasn't come anywhere close in the last two years while they missed the playoffs ... but any day now! You can count on it. Lovie said "trust me" so you can count on it!

It appears to me money is still the determing factor on how the Bears do business. Minnesota spent money on a offensive lineman and got a defensive end. Turned the whole team around. Of course they drafted good pler in Peterson but you have to have the horses up front on both sides of the ball. As for Forte they need another back or he'll get burned out or hurt and be gone for sure. Then there is the quarterback position. Another money decision trying to get by cheaply. Remember they had a chance at Kurt Warner. My gosh even the Blackhawks and Cubs are doing better in getting quality players.

You guys sound crazy..... the reason the def play better was becausee they wanted the money. Now they all got paid they trying not to get hurt. Underpaid players always plays better because they want the big money. Just ask the Redskins they proven that fact. As for the wideout core Rex Gross had the same problem drop passes wrong route no effort turn inot INT and loss games. But now Orton has the same problem its not his fault it the WR core. Davis had big drops in every lost that could of put the game away. Robbie Gould is a great kicking when aiming at the post but his unside and squid is lacking. Plus Orton was so easy to read when he switched from run to pass and why most he stared down the wideout everytime. We finally get a winning team and all you do is cray and whine how bout you support them for once like a real fan would do. I was tried of seeing the Bears at the bottom of the food chain wit 4 - 5 seasons. This year willl be a turn around year never seen the front office so on the edge. We wil be back next year GO!!!!!!! Jerry Lovie and GO team......

trib: "eesgajsfgasjkbagjdjfnasjfasoidfajsnvnvjasdjfjasdfnjas"

... And that brings me to my second point kids: DON'T DO DRUGS.

The good news is that Biggsy's blog is now attracting international users with English a step above say ... Mike and Creighton's :-P

ahhhh...tahts right biggs! i now your pro-sports writer but i am crap-ton ans iam always right! (man ia am always right!) so yea im bsasicaly teling you that your wrong since i am always right. did you now brad? i should probanly take youre job because my righting is perrfect ans because i omly give facts. if i wrote a article it would bee simple: FIRE ANGELO. ans then make ME the gm becaue i only give faxts.

but you guys now me old crap-ton just trying to be posative...

p.s. i HATE BRANDO!1!!!!!!


"You wonder if they're doing the same thing at Halas Hall."

The Bears wouldn't know what to do with an earlier draft pick. they have problems picking in the first 64 picks. So it really doesn't matter whether they pick 1st or 64th. the result is the same. Angelo would have better luck trading his first and second pick for a slew of 4th and 5th picks. Of course...with that many newbies, you can bet that some would end up warming the bench all season long without any chance to show their talent.

If Halas Hall is watching, don't worry, they won't get embarassed either, should ron rivera do well. They are beyond that. They might just turn around and blame the year on the water boy and fire him.

But you can bet us fans are watching ron very closely and it has nothing to do with getting an earlier draft pick. It has a lot to do with wondering if the McCaskys are also watching and preparing to pull the trigger and fire those bozos that are running the bears.
For us fans to wonder what it would be like to have a real coach running the bears ...that is what we are thinking about. We are also happy for ron rivera. He is more liked by fans in chicago than lovie can ever dream of.

So you see, getting the 17th pick in the draft won't help the bears get better. It will just be another wasted draft pick.

I was just wondering, do you think if we get a few thousand fans in front of the McCaskys house and protest, that she could take the chicago fans serious?

Anyway, I heard a good one from Rick Morrissey's column in the trib..
I have heard Lovie called stoneface before but this one really rocks. Rick said...
"At least when Smith speaks, you don't have to do much interpreting. It's like interpreting porridge."
Read his article today "Bears keep fine-tuning their pedigree of futility" and get a few laughs.

Please don't put people down like that - spelling and such is nice but you never know the situation. Be happy they are a Bears fan - We are not all Rhodes Scholars that didn't inhale or get BJ in the White House. lol

Creighton (and the rest of the comments) I agree totally with that!
The D has went down - I saw the Colts game, excellent D by our old D man!. I guess we better hope he is available when Lovie is fired next year cause with Babich nothing will change, optimism is great but after years of following the Bears optimism turns into reality. There is way too much to fix here (forget that article as JA has not done any of that yet - so I am sure he will do it all in one year!) I am wondering if the McCaskeys have the b.... to fire Lovie/JA and get Shannon? or the money? Cause w/o Babich being fired there is no doubt that JA/Lovie are totally clueless.
The fans will have to sit through another futile/heartbreaking year with Babich

Shanahan - see no Rhodes Scholar here, no white house bj or...well, I deny inhaling too!

Hilarious Val. Made me laugh for sure. And Morrisey is right. They keep screwing up basically.

But they haven't screwed up that bad.

Screwing up in the NFL is the norm. The only teams I can think of that basically do NOT screw up (the last decade) are Pittsburg, New England, and Indianapolis. Hence they are also in the Playoffs every year. That is only 3/32 teams, or 9.4 % of the league. Detroit, St. Louis, Cincinatti, and Clevland seem to screw up every year, and hence only the Bengals St. Louis made the playoffs once this decade. That is 4/32 teams or 12.5 % of the league. The Bears are in neither group.

78% of the teams have a combination of shoddy or good talent, bone head or adequate coaching, and good or bad luck, and all this happens at different times. These 25 teams are consistently inconsistent all the time. Game by game and year by year. These are the teams that have a bad year, then a playoff year, then a year where they were a game out of the playoffs (or close).

In 2006, Bears, Saints, Eagles, Seahawks, Cowboys, and Giants made the Playoffs. Same for Colts, Patriots, Ravens, Chargers, Jets, and Broncos.

in 2007, all the teams were NYG, Patriots, Chargers, Packers, Seahawks, Cowboys, Jaguars, Colts, Steelers, Bucs, Redskins, and Titans. Half the teams didn't make it the year before. Half the teams from the year before didn't make it this year.

In 2008, all the teams were Vikings, Eagles, Cardinals, Falcons, NYG, Panthers, Titans, Steelers, Chargers, Dolphins, Ravens, and Colts. Only 5 teams made repeat visits. Only 1 team in the NFC made it last year.

The Bears will not be in the same class as the top 3 I mentioned above next year. They just simply cannot do that much in one year. But they could be like the 2007 Giants next year, or the 2000 Ravens, or the 2002 Bucs. They could sneak one out next year. They could be a one and done.
All the need is to fix a few spots, better coaching in clutch situations, and a little luck sprinkled here and there.

The moves and players are available. The coaching is always available, too. Lovie is fine. He made the standard of play higher than it was before by 5 games per year. Over 16 games, that is quite a bit. The assistants, it seems, he should leave up to Angelo to get. Lovie's 2 picks of Terry Shea and Bob Babich have been poor. But he is a good motivator. The only Meaningful (not the end of season games against Minn in 05 and GB in 06) game I have ever seen the Bears tank is the GB game at Lambuea this season when they lost 37-3. It just seems like the schemes and talent on defense kill the Bears more than the player's efforts. And the talent problem is the same on offense. They need better O-line and WR's. Orton is good enough, Forte is awesome, and the Olson / Clark combo is formidable. Lloyd and Hester would make good second and third receivers.

My hope and wish is the that they do everything in their power (especially McCaskey) to improve the team.

The salary cap is set for 123 mil next year. The Bears currently have 97.5 mil for 2008. There will be cuts, and changes. This will probably bring the cap down to around 90 mil or so (that may be conservative). that is 30 million to spend on Free Agents. If you are not drafting well in the first round, then you must sign the big play making (not big name) FA's. They must sign Julius Peppers and Albert Haynesworth if they are still not signed to extensions once FA season starts in March. I thought just one before, but now I see they can get them both if they so choose. You might be thinking about why these players would leave their current homes. But the truth is that players around the league love playing for Lovie Smith. he is a draw by himself and the Bears should use that to their advantage.

Houshmanzadeh is good, but Boldin is better. He will just command a first round draft pick. He is worth that. they should trade their first rounder (and possibly more) for Boldin). He wants out, and there is a void for a receiver in Chicago. That makes Hester the 2 and Lloyd the 3 receiver. Boldin has the classic combination of terrific hands, huge size, and great speed. Hester on the other side with his completely insane speed makes it so there is only 7 in the box.

Then simply draft the best players available.
Round 2: Tebow
Round 3: O-lineman
Round 4: O-lineman
Rounds 5-7: Do your thing Jerry Angelo.

This is the recipe as I see it for a return trip to the top.

Go Bears!

Ryan, excellent post. I agree with almost all of your post.
I like Lovie, and I think the players like the guy. Look at how they always tow the compnay line when __it hits the fan, see how they all stayed supportive when Grossman self-destructed. that marks a well led team.
But ya, on the field many of the moves and assistant coaching hires have been disasters. Firing Chico Rivera for BOB BABITCH?!?!?! Babitch was a pretty good Division 2 football coach, but comon. That was proabbly the worst blunder in recent history. Bringing in Marinelli would go a long ways towards getting some coaches on the defensive side of the ball who could get these guys playing at a higher standard. You get that D-Line playing up to it's potential and the defense would jump 10 spots in the rankings immedietly!
This team will either rebound and battle the Vikes for the division next year, or they will age and crash fast. It will be interesting to see what happens.
I am all for Bolden, but I don't think Haynesworth or Peppers will get away.
*Maybe we can trade a 1st round pick for Rick Meier. ;)

bears stink at draft picks; fire angelo, like yesterday.

Coach, that's low. Comparing my writing to Creighton's? I figure the man is some kind of hoofed-creature with all the misspellings and absent letters/words. My reasoning is if you have fingers, you should be able to type properly. Hmmmmm...maybe he's an antelope?

Actually I've been told my writing's pretty good. There's this blogger named Sir William R. Donald III (Yes, he's royalty!) who gave me that compliment. If you don't know who he his, he usually posts on Fullcourt Press and his blog entries are so long, that more often than not you can hear his life story from reading just a few of his posts.

With the 18th pick of the NFL draft, the Chicago Bears select Tim Tebow of the Florida gators.

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