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Bears issue apology from Marinelli for calling Detroit reporters "ladies"

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Rod Marinelli issued a swift apology on Wednesday for his choice of words in brushing off three Detroit sportswriters on Monday at the Senior Bowl.

Approached in the bleachers in Mobile, Ala., Marinelli said, ``Goodbye, ladies,'' when making it clear to the reporters--all male--that he was not going to entertain their questions.

The Detroit Free Press wrote that the Association for Women in Sports Media contacted the NFL after learning of the incident and president Jenni Carlson expressed concern over Marinelli's words.

Through team spokesman Scott Hagel, an apology from Marinelli was issued: ``Please accept my personal apology for the words I used in response to the request of a few Detroit reporters covering the Senior Bowl. In attempting to avoid being interviewed, I understand that my comment was inappropriate and wrong.

``I want to assure you that this tone and this choice of words will not occur again in response to questions from reporters.''

Carslon was pleased by the apology.

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Are kidding me with this PC BS. Who cares if he called them ladies, how much garbage do reporters right all the time. How often does Rosenbloom aplogize? Christ it's a good thing none of thses clowns ever went to Boot Camp, poor little girls would be crying there damn eye's out. Poor reporters can write what they want but god forbid anyone call them something harsh like ladies. Bunch of sensative B!^@%$.

Oh no he said ladies, my ears, my ears, my ears are bleeding.

Jenni Carlson expressed concern over his words?

Is this a joke?

i tell you what you call a female a lady she whines you call her a tramp she whines i swear you just can't win.

I didn't like Rod Marinelli to much prior to this story but now I love the dude. I liked Detroit prior to this story and now I am with the rest of the country and lets just give it to Canada. The Auto business is booming, the Lions are awesome and the weather is great haha... I can't stand Detroit.

BFD, making mountains out of molehills!!

I think this was more about saying the wrong thing, at the wrong time, to the wrong people. To the Detroit media Rod??? I can think of a few more tasteless things to say to media types, but ofcourse their going to blow this stuff out of porpotion since they have been after his head since the whole daughter bit. But I have to say its nice to see some personality come out of the Bears organization. I can only hope his passion and grittyness rub of on the rest of the defense... Go Bears!!!

non-issue...he got reamed in Detroit...some of it was deserved...he wasnt a very good coach...BUT Bellichek, Walsh, Bdduy Ryan and Jesus couldnt make that sad batch of talent into a quality NFL team...

I'll say it for him. Get away from me ladies. The Association for women need to get a life. How about news from the Senior Bowl, who have the Bears been talking to this week? Last week at this time we heard a lot about Matt Forte and Chris Williams.

Oh well, the PC police take another skirmish. Maybe. Actually it kind of ends up looking like one of the three ran home to mama.

Marinelli's comments underscore his moronic demeanor which he demonstrated plenty of time while in Detroit. Marinelli proved to be a total failure as the Detroit Lions' coach and had no clue how to improve the team. He is as responsible as Matt Millen for three dismal years culminating in the 0-16 season. His choice to populate the team with Tampa bay rejects was unconscionable and symbolic of his stupidity. Marinelli made his reputation as a defensive line coach in Tampa Bay. But the reality is that with a defensive line that had Warren Sapp and Simeon Rice any moron disguised as a coach (i.e. Marinelli) could have done a decent job.

maybe Hillary issued tampons will smooth things over?

I think Jenny needs to take a xanex and relax a little.

You gotta be freaking kidding me!! I can't believe he apologized. Who freaking cares! I thought it was hilarious he called them ladies and it was probably well deserved. I wouldn't give those Nancy boys, friggin marys, or sissy pants the time of day either.

I'm guessing Jenni Carlson only 'expressed concern' because it's actually demeaning to women to have these 3 knuckleheads associated with women.

Association for Women in Sports Media

-What the hell is this?

And who the $%&^ is Jenni Carlson and why would I give a flying rat's behind if she "expresses concern" over anything?

This is sports we're talking about. Guys trash talk each other all the time. It's what we do.

What has happened to this country!?

Get a life Jenni Carlson, you're an idiot. Until your organization is some what important, shut up!

Lol texasjim!

Anyway here's the story according to the people who were, heaven forbid, "concerned": and a snippet from that:

"But [Marinelli's apology] Wednesday afternoon is a source of hope. We appreciate that the NFL, the Bears and Coach Marinelli took this matter seriously and are working to see that it doesn't happen again."

Rod musta went to the Bob Knight school of media etiquette lolol (which is not a bad thing for a NFL Coach)

How do you think the story got out? The three reporters go back to the shop and stand around the water cooler and sniffle about a football couch calling them "ladies". How big of a dork do you have to be, to get the Association for Women in Sports Media involved in this! I hope the Chicago media never lel Detroit forget about this one.

How pathetic. Talk about tucking in your tail and running. This is what I can't stand about people being PC. The first amendment is their for a reason. GET OVER IT!!!

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