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Barring another visit, Marinelli to choose between Bears, Texans

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Unless there is another stop on the Rod Marinelli NFL Tour, he will be choosing between the Bears and Houston Texans at any time.

Word out of Seattle is that Marinelli is no longer in consideration for the defensive coordinator position with the Seahawks. The National Football Post reported Thursday that Jim Mora had hired Casey "Gus'' Bradley for the job, although no official word has come on that. However, it's at least in line with what we're hearing from the Emerald City, that Marinelli is no longer in the works there.

That means it could come down to the Texans and deep-pocketed owner Bob McNair and the Bears, where Marinelli has personal ties with several people, most importantly head coach Lovie Smith.

Marinelli, 59, visited Halas Hall on Jan. 2 and was in Houston to meet with Texans coach Gary Kubiak on Thursday. Marinelli said he would wait a few days to see how things work out. We're not sure how much there is to sort through if it's down to these two teams. Marinelli was courted to be the defensive line coach in Houston where Mario Williams is a one-man band. Here, he'd be charged with rebuilding a line anchored by former Pro Bowl tackle Tommie Harris.

The Lions are on the hook for one more year with Marinelli at $2 million. That means if the Texans or Bears were to hire him to coach the line at $1 million per year, they would pay him that amount and Detroit would be responsible for the remaining $1 million.

That kind of price tag isn't out of line with what some of the top position coaches in the league are receiving, and Marinelli certainly holds a reputation as a fine line coach. But that would surely be richer than the Bears would want to go. So it could come down to more money in Houston or a chance to reunite with Smith & Co.

Stay tuned.

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Rod, buddy, pal...take the money man! Please!

And to all you Rod-aholics out there. What does it say when this "top d-line coach" is overlooked by all but two out of thirty-two teams?

Oh, and one of those teams just wants him because he and the coach are BFFs?

I don't know, but I feel like the rest of the league is laughing at the Bears and Texans; including the Lions and Raiders.

Wouldn't be the first time though.

ppl calm down ... a head coach is one thing,
an experienced line coach is another ...
LOVIE is the SAME, not a great HEad Coach.
Way over his head, and he only knows one defense.

yet as they said, ther Bears have won more games in the last 4 years than any team other than the NYG,
so, really we need to back off ... let this play out.

Rod M. would be better than anyone they had there last year, so
please calm down.

I sure hope the have a backup plan for the three positions if they don't get Marinelli. The Bears might end up being worse off than they were before the layoffs...

"yet as they said, ther Bears have won more games in the last 4 years than any team other than the NYG,
so, really we need to back off ... let this play out."

That's true. However those years include Rivera's tenure with the Bears. Chicago's record since his dismissal is 16-16, showing Lovie's true form.

Could be even worse if not for Dave Toub.

One more thing the Bears have going for them is that big Rod would have 2 chances a year to beat up on Detroit.

I still think we should save all the money we have to make a play at the biggest free agents in the league. I wouldnt mind if we picked up Micheal Vick when he gets out to compete for backup time. Also Ocho Cinco will be available in the sweepstakes and i think Chicago would be alluring to him because he could easily step in and be the number one guy which he is accustomed to being. Rod Marinelli could come on board but for the wrong(cheap)price.

Marinelli is a very good line coach, now with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove. That would be a great recipe for him to come to the Bears and develop the under performing D line. He was considered a great D line coach before going to Detroit where Vince Lombardi would have lost with the talent that the Lions put on the field particularly this year. No D, hurt QB, trade a #1 WR and all pro D tackle, no wonder they finished 0-16.

Wow do the Bears get a big trophy for winning a few games over a four year period. How about looking at reality the last two years the Bears are winning exactly half of their games. That is the current Bears not the Bears from four years ago.

I would love to have this guy here. We were ranked at the bottom of the NFL in sacks per attempt and this guy helped make so many players on the defensive line better. Rod should come to chi town and help out the Bear nation because we need it. Tommie Harris will do better and we may see the delevopment of Mark Anderson who has not had a great couple years but is looking good. And then with pressure from our D line we could get more take a ways and the secondary will improve to. People need to look past the 0-16 record and see that he was there with no help what so ever. He may have had a good WR in Calvin but he had a defense that did not play its hardest. He would be great in Chi town and the bears will be on there way to a better 09 season.

Rod Marinelli has apparently found new work.

The former Lions head coach will stay in the NFC North and join the Chicago Bears as their assistant head coach and defensive line coach, according to a report in the Detroit Free Press.

Great, grand, wonderful!

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