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A whole lot of Lovie: Smith explains coaching shakeup

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Lovie Smith is under the weather. He was fighting a cold when he talked with reporters for 16 minutes in a teleconference Tuesday afternoon. You've seen the news sliced and diced every direction by now.

Here's a chance to read a transcript of the session and draw your own conclusions to his explanation of the Bears' moves two weeks into their offseason:


As we go into championship weekend, a nine-win team is going to the Super Bowl. That is why I say we're not far away. Once you get in the playoffs, anything can happen. But for us the first step in the offseason, of course we evaluate everything we did last year and what we're going to do for the coming season, but the first step for me was to complete the staff and I'm pretty excited about some of the new additions to our staff. Offensively, the staff will remain the same. Ron will still coordinate the [offense] and Harry Hiestand, Pep Hamilton, Rob Boras, Tim Spencer, Darryl Drake, Luke Butkus and Charles London will remain in their same jobs as last year. And special teams-wise, Dave Toub will still coordinate the special teams and Chris Tabor will assist him, so we're excited about that.

On the defensive side of the ball, we do have some changes. That's where some of my excitement comes in. First off, brining Rod Marinelli on board. Rod will be our assistant head coach and he will coach the defensive line. He will help me with some of the head coaching duties. I have worked with Rod in the past. I know what he brings, he's an excellent teacher, communicator, motivator, you guys will see once you get a chance to be around Rod, what he will bring to our defense. Bob Babich will continue to coordinate the defense. Along with, Bob before he became coordinator, did an excellent job of coaching our linebackers. Bob will be our linebackers coach also. So he'll take on those additional duties of coaching our linebackers. We also hired Jon Hoke as our new defensive backs coach. Jon was with the Houston Texans last year. I've known Jon really since he was the coordinator back at the University of Florida and I was the linebackers coach at Tampa. So he'll bring a lot to the table. Gill Byrd will remain our assistant secondary coach. I really like what Gill brings to the table as a coach and Eric Washington will remain our defensive assistant and he'll work with Rod with the defensive line.

As a head football coach, I've been involved throughout, a little bit with the offense, a little bit with the special teams, but most of my involvement has been with the defense and I'll be even more involved this year. With Bob taking on the linebacker duties, that doesn't necessarily free him up, but with additional duties I will be helping him coordinate the defense. As a staff, we haven't gotten the staff together completely right now, Rod and Jon will get in a little bit later on and then we'll go into some more of the details as to who will be doing what. My involvement with the defense, I've had involvement. I had involvement early on when we were one of the best defenses in the league and I've had a lot of involvement the past couple years when we haven't. Some of these changes I've made I think will help us get back to that position. I'm excited about taking a more hands-on approach to helping our defense get back to where it was. Besides that, again, the first step was getting our coaching staff together and we've got that. We have the Senior Bowl coming up shortly. We have combine coming up so I am looking forward to tweaking the scheme a little bit, we have tweaked our coaching staff a little bit, and looking forward to tweaking the personnel a little bit also. Again, we're close. I think we've already started for the next year.


No more than what I talk about each week. First off, scheme wise, we're not changing our scheme. I believe fully in the scheme we are running. Each year when I say tweak, you try to improve some of the things you have done and that's what we'll do. Every coach on our staff, our players, we all believe in what we're doing. We're going to do it better and that's the way we're going to make our stand back up to the top.


Well, first off, when you say coordinator, I have changed. Just looking at the entire staff, first off, I wasn't happy with what we did. I evaluate our group each year and that's what I did this past year. After my evaluation, I thought these changes were necessary. Getting rid of Bob Babich was not a part of that. Bob's duties have changed like all of guys' duties have changed. But no one is in the same position that they were defensively last year so there weren't any scapegoats. The guys I thought that didn't need to be here any more, we needed to go a different direction from, we did that. The ones that stayed, I think these guys all bring something to the table. Our linebackers, Brian Urlacher's [defensive player of the year] season was with Bob as his linebacker coach. That's the guy that you would like to stay here and keep here and try to adjust and build on some of his strengths.


Yes, that's exactly what I said. Again, I have been involved a little bit. My involvement will be a lot more now in that situation. For some reason offensive coaches, there are quite a few offensive coaches that do that. There are not a lot of defensive guys but for me, I look at the situation as a situation develops and now for us, I think this is what will help us get back to where we need to be.


No, I can't say that it is just experience. It's about getting the best possible coach to first off help our players improve and get us in a better position to win. Yeah, a lot of times that is a more experienced coach. But it's more than that. I don't think years of service necessarily make you that much better as a coach. And the guys we are bringing in, Jon Hoke, Rod Marinelli, they're just good football coaches. That's what we're trying to do. When you don't like exactly where you are, you need to do something to change things up and that's what we've done. We have taken that approach every year I have been here. We evaluate it, here it doesn't matter if we're on a Super Bowl season or a 9-7 or a 5-11 year, we evaluate and make decisions and go from there and that's what we've done. Again, I like the additions that we've added. Our players will be excited about the new guys that they will be working with.


I considered every coach available out there. Just like every time we have a roster spot open, we consider all players available, and then you go from there.


Right now, instead of me going over exactly how we're going to do that, what I said is that I'm going to be more involved with the play-calling and everything else. There are very few situations where one guy calls every play. Offensively, defensively and special teams, you all incorporate the game plan and go from20there. Will I be more in the lead position in that role? Yes, I will. But again, Jon and Rod aren't here yet. We haven't met together as a staff yet, so it would be premature for me to go over exactly how everything is going to work right now. What I can tell you is about the guys that we have coming in and what they're going to bring to the table.


No. I'm a big boy, and after five years in this role, I think you find out exactly how much time you have and where you have time to do a few more things. This past year I coached the nickels for about half of the season and enjoyed that quite a bit. So I saw that I had a little bit more time to do some of these things. And as someone mentioned earlier, there are a lot of offensive coaches in the league that call plays, that do a little bit more on their side of the ball where their expertise is. For some reason, a lot of defensive coaches haven't done it. But I think it's time to change some of that.


I think all head coaches would tell you that they miss being able to have a position and some of the hands-on coaching you get a chance to do by having your own position, and of course some of the play-calling, you miss that. That's what you've done all your life. So, yes, I would definitely say that. Every year I've missed some of that. But it's not far away. It's not like I haven't been involved in the play-calling. I don't want to say that at all. I have been. This past year in some of our worst games that we played, I was involved in that, and I realize that, and together we're going to all make it right.


Well, first off, I don't think Jerry said that our No. 1 priority was that. Jerry talked about the quarterback position and he needed to see more from Kyle. You heard my statements, our statements, Ron, all of us around here, and Jerry's saying the same thing. We like what Kyle Orton was able to do this past year. Ten minutes after our last game, as I was asked about our quarterback position, I talked about Kyle Orton then. I'm saying the same thing now. I think our quarterback position is in the best shape it's been in going into the offseason. I'm excited about Kyle Orton having a chance to go into the offseason as a No. 1 quarterback, getting a chance to work with the receivers, taking the majority of the reps and things like that. But at the same time, there's a good chance that Rex Grossman won't be with us next year. Rex has other options and things like that. I think as much as anything Jerry was probably talking about that, of bringing in another quarterback. Just in general, you need so20many quarterbacks in here. Again, we don't want it to sound like we don't have faith in Kyle Orton. It's the complete opposite. I have a lot of faith in him and what he can do for our team.


Every job we have is a job where you come in and you have a chance to compete. We start off from scratch every year. That's what I say at the end. That's what I'm saying now. As we bring a guy in, you don't look for guys that have backup-type physical ability. You're looking for guys with starter-type ability with every man on your 53-man roster, and that's what we'll do at all positions. Quarterback is no different.


I just knew that it was a perfect fit for Rod to be here. It takes a while in the coaching profession to build up relationships where you work with someone the way Rod and I have had a chance to work together, from the start, getting our start at the same time, of building this defense up, and knowing exactly what you need to do to play it at a high level. So to think that Rod would go somewhere else, I was just hoping he wouldn't. I knew that most teams would try to get Rod and I'm just glad that he liked what he saw from our program, and Rod looked at the program. He looked at our defensive line. I know he's excited about getting a chance to coach Tommie Harris, Alex Brown, Mark Anderson, Marcus Harrison, Dusty ... all of the different guys that we have. Adewale Ogunleye, Israel Idonije, I know he's excited about all of those players and we're going to let him go. He will bring a lot to our ballclub, not just our defensive line.


Bob is a team player. He's excited about ... we didn't meet our expectations this past year and in the offseason you look to try to make improvements the best you can, and Bob is excited about that. Again, he's excited about having a more hands-on approach with Brian and Lance and Nick and Jamar and all of our guys, along with other duties. And just because I'm going to be more involved doesn't mean that Bob [isn't] our defensive coordinator. There will be a lot of things that he'll be helping me do.


In the offseason you're always looking to improve your ballclub, and that's what we'll do. Just right now before we get our defensive line coach in, this is the group that we have. But we'll start player evaluations as soon as Rod gets in and go from there. But all those players I mentioned are like our defensive line. But you're trying to add good players to every position that we had. We were 9-7. That's not good enough. We need to do better. So you have to look at all areas for improvement.


It's harder, period. Just because we're a nine-win team and a Super Bowl participant is also doesn't make it any easier. We're not in the playoffs. That's not as good feeling, It hurts to watch. But at the same time, you see how things can change. Last year Arizona wasn't talking about that. Philly has had a couple of lean years. And that's what it shows you, that you can get right back up there. Baltimore was 5-11 last year, whatever, and that's the excitement about making changes and then getting ready for the next run. Also, you see in our league it's hard winning games in the league, it really is, and once you start talking about winning more games than you've lost, just a few more little things, then you can get over the hump.

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Although it is clear the Smith and Angelo are tied together at the waist, at least for now, a visionary GM would consider dismissing the head coach. The personnel moves are not merely a sign of desperation (see today's article), but of a coach who does not possess an adaptable understanding of his team's needs. With a coach like Mike Shanahan potentially available, or perhaps a number of other interesting candidates a year away, Angelo needs to make a move soon. I respect Lovie Smith as a person, and he seems to have a sound football mind, but I'm not sure he has the goods to lead the Bears back to the Super Bowl

shannahan got canned because of his inability to get over his own ego and player evaluation skills (especially on the defensive side of the ball)

i dont see desperation i see a coach saying what ive done b4 (hiring college coaches as position coaches) wasnt working...and it needed to be changed...

and usually when a GM and the coach arent in lockstep...the coach gets canned...why would you NOT want that...

Some of what Smith is saying sounds good...some of it sounds bad. But even with the good talk, it's just talk. Coming from a guy who said, "Trust me" after replacing Rivera with Babich, or felt it necessary to handout "Superbowl or Bust" t-shirts at the start of the '07 season, which cemented in players' minds the notion that they would skip and hop right back into the SuperBowl without having to earn it, I feel a tad uneasy about all of it.

Still, next year has to be a win-win. Either the Bears make it to the playoffs, or they fail yet again and the coaches get the boot. And I guess it'll be a little more enjoyable watching our coach actually do something rather than stand on the sideline with a glazed look in his eyes while the assistant coaches shoo pigeons off his head.

While I would end with a tradional rah-rah chant in support of the team, this fruit I'm eating is just so tasty and juicy so...Go Pears!

I have been adamantly opposed to Lovie and Babich for most of the year for poor play(lack of passion)from the D, poor decisions and what seemed to me a lack of an ability to make halftime adjustments.

However with that said I am now starting to become a believer in what Lovie is now starting to do. He is clearly putting the bullseye on his forhead if he is not successful. I like and respect the fact that Lovie is making changes and what I believe are good ones with Marinelli coming in as D line and Assistant Coach and Babich moving back to Linebackers.

Lovie obviously has enough belief in his own abilities to do what he is doing and I do think this will morph into something good for the Bears. Possibly a top 5 D with a pass rush that is so effective the whole D becomes effective and formidable.

Bears just don't forget that the offense needs at least few new additions. A number 1 WR, a fullback, a stud OL tackle or guard and a complimentary running back to relieve Forte.

The D needs DE as first need if the right talent is available in the
draft, if not a stud linebacker or stud free safety with range and someone that can stick someone coming across the middle or anywhere for that matter. I believe the Bears pick at 18 should be a defensivive stud as noted above with round two going to the offense.

Houshyourmomma would be a good FA to pick up, he would complement a speed receiver like Hester.
Go Bears!!!

Thanks Brad. I usually like your analysis type stuff too, but this is exactly the type of "raw data" information that makes me want to keep up with Inside the Bears. Keep up the good work.

The GM and Coach should be in agreement in both philosophy and personnel needed, the changes were a clear sign to the fans that changes have to be made to get the team where we need to be, and that is a consistent contender for the playoffs and to get to the Superbowl....we brought in guys with something to prove also both guys lost there last jobs, Hoke in Houston and evreyone knows Rod's story... This team blew a chance to compete again for the title, but made improvement in several areas last season, we shored up our running back posiiton, got serviceable production from our QB, developed another young solid corner (Graham) and o-lineman (Beekman), and may have found a steal to play in the D-backfield (Bowman)...Hester showed promise at receiver, and Harrison looks like a find......we also have glaring holes to fill another solid receiver to CATCH the football, a playmaker on Defense (Safety or Strongside LB), possibly an upgrade on the line, if the coach and GM get the right guys in we can make the two game improvement needed to get to the playoffs....Now who and how we get these players is the challenge, but I like the accountability they are showing as a staff to GET better, and not be satisfied with not getting in the tournament every year.....this should be a very interesting off season, I look for a few trades also we have some pieces we can move to bring value back to the team....Go BEARS let's make 09 out time to shine.....

A desperate man gives himself a rope just long enough to hang himself with. Good luck Lovie in the land of Crash and Burn.

There is a reason Head coaches don't call there own defenses very often. I also saw the Angelo interview and him and Lovie said two different things.

I hope he goes all out on the defense as he appears to be doing. You just keep ignoring that offense and watch what happens. Dave Toub and special Teams gave this team 3 wins last year and kept them in multiple games. He is the best coach on the team and a none Lovie guy. Lovie and his boys give you a 21st ranked defense and a 25th ranked offense. Lovie put Babich in charge and I think the only thing he is taking away from Bob is some power, he has avaoided saying he is in charge of the defense he just keeps saying he will be more hands on. He said that last year too. It's always double talk with Lovie.

I know when a coach looks like he is covering his own you know what and that is what Lovie is doing. It's about him and it's about his friends, it's about Tampa and it's about money. But it will never be about the Bears, winning and the Fans. Cause he is not a Bear he is a Buc and he is showing that everyday. The Tampa Bay Bears.

Making himself accountable is the same as being desperate, not so sure my friend.....they need to get in the playoffs and quick that is what this is all for them being Tampa Bears, that is another attempt at taking a shot at the system they gained crediability with to get hired for the job in the firstplace...the same Tampa you rag on is also down i-65 known as the Colts the team we lost to in the Super Bowl......The difference is they made the playoffs the last two years, have stars on Offense and an all-world quarterback getting the job done....Come on Creighton, you want the same thing we all want a winning team....I see through you....Lovie got us there he just did not finish the job, this is about getting us where we need to be back in the playoffs with a chance to win it ALL......Most of you Lovie haters got what you want his job finally on the line.....its sink or swim next season for the team and after all it is Chicago in the Winter who is not covering their azz.......LOL

I'm excited to see what happens when Ron Turner is left alone to do his own thing. Maybe part of the predictability and ineffectiveness of the offense had something to do with Lovie's play-calling.

However, I think Lovie calling the defense plays can only be a good thing. Whatever he learned from Tony Dungy in Tampa was enough to get him the Rams' defensive coordinator job. St. Louis' defense was killer in 2001, a mediocre in 2002 and better in 2003.

I'm not sure if Lovie sold Angelo on his philosophy on coaching, if the general feeling was that he put together an overachieving defense based on the so-so talent he was working with, if everyone just got excited over the Rams averaging about 11 wins a year in Lovie's time there and assumed he was a good coach or if he was just the cheapest guy out there.

Unfortunately, anything Lovie had to bring to the table as an offensive mind with the Bears wasn't really going to be utilized with Jonathan Quinn or the rookie version of Kyle Orton. All that talk about "get off the bus running"? What else is he supposed to say? You play to your strengths. I actually credit Lovie for realizing he wasn't running that Greatest Show on Turf. The only problem is, when the trio of Grossman, Jones and Muhammad (not Warner, Faulk and Holt - but respectable) did get on the field together, they played well. Of course, Carolina put up 29 on us in the playoffs (just like they did to the Rams 2 years earlier), but we came back the next year. The whole league had the offense figured out by the time the Arizona game was over, but the defense was still good enough to carry us all the way to the Super Bowl, and we might have won it if our two best defensive tackles would have played in that game.

I'm not surprised he stuck with Rex for so long - no defense is always going to hold a team to 9 points a game and he just didn't feel like he had anyone else with the same potential to make big plays in the couple games a year where the defense inevitably faltered.

No one should believe most of the stuff Lovie says about the defense in public because he's not going to just give away his defensive strategy, so I don't mind his "lying" and I take some of the more ridiculous things he says with a grain of salt. I still don't see how or why Lovie would have approved the Benson deal and I really wish the whole Babich thing would have never happened. That said, considering the mound of garbage on offense, I'm impressed we won 16 games the past 2 years.

I also think giving Ron Turner a more proactive role in trying to piece together the offense and work with it in a different way is a good move because that's not really Lovie's area to begin with - he's always been a defensive guy in the NFL. I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out he's just not a real great evaluator of offensive talent.

As for the defense, I trust him a lot more than Babich as far as evaluating those players and coming up with a strategy on how to use them.

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