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A shift in the division

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News came out of Green Bay on Monday that isn't directly Bears-related, but it will be an interesting storyline in the division moving into 2009.

Mike McCarthy announced a day after hiring Dom Capers as his defensive coordinator that the Packers would be switching to a 3-4 defense. That's a significant move because the personnel required to operate a 3-4 is vastly different from a 4-3.

For starters, the Packers are going to need to come up with a stout nose tackle to anchor the attack. The defensive line was a mess for them in 2008, particularly after right end Cullen Jenkins was lost for the season. Some personnel folks question whether it will be a good fit and play to the skills of left end Aaron Kampman.

It's going to be a big shift and there could be an adjustment period. How long? Wait and see.

*** Northern Illinois defensive end Larry English is at the Senior Bowl and according to a report out of the Sporting News, he made some favorable impressions on the first day Monday. English excelled going against Oklahoma offensive tackle Phil Loadholt, who was an All-American

*** Here's a look at Mike Mayock's just updated list of the top five players from every position for the draft. English is fifth on the list.

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Great News for the BEARS Brad, this puts the pack in full re-building mode and sets them back at least two years on that side of the ball, they need to adjust personnel and then find out who can play the scheme with what they have, plus it completely overhauls there draft board.....This makes me happy I can't wait to hear the packerslackers excuses (I mean justification) for this move......Go BEARS more good news in the division

I see in Mike Mayock's top 5 safeties, he has Alabama safety Rashad Johnson ahead of Missouri safety William Moore. I have a feeling Johnson will continue to move up draft boards, especially with a good performance in the senior bowl, and a strong combine. This could be good news for the Bears, who need a free safety. If Johnson moves up, the Bears will have a better chance of landing either Moore or Johnson at #18 vs if Johnson stayed as just a projected high 2nd rounder, which is where he is currently rated by most scouts, the Bears could use either Moore or Johnson, and they might just be able to get one of them now at #18 GO BEARS!!

ahhhh....wunderfull news brad! my beloved packers looks like they are getting better not like the looser bears. ans guess what???? they are going to a 3-4.....jus like i wanted!!!! man i am walayws right!!

but you guys ow me old crap-ton just trying to be posative....

p.S. i HATE taht #1 diehard bear fan...BRANDO!!!

Wow the packers are going to be a 3-4 defense. Who gives a *&**? Either way they still SUCK. They are in for a world of hurt next season. Maybe the Lions can get there 1st win against them.

You Bears fans have got to be jealous!!!! We have a crap year on defense then we clean house from top to bottom!! You guys have a crap year on defense and not only are you stuck with the same crap, you hire a coach from the worst team in league history!!! Hahahaha What a bunch of tools!!! You guys are half-a$$ and backwards!!

ahhh....packerbacker you always say al tye righ things. i now two how the bears are al loosers like there looser fans and taht they only DREAM of havin a REEL team like the packers.

packer backer do you beleave in love at first site????? :)

ps i HATE looser bears fans like that wunderfull kindharted.............BRRRRANDO!!!

Eben Britton is a stud and will move past Smith who look more like a RT or Guard to me. He will also move past Monroe because of injuries.

Kevin A, you know Lovie was checking out Alphonso Smith today. I myself have said I like Johnson and Chung at Saftie as well. Moore seems like a tweener to me. Also there is a chance the Bears take a big corner like Jenkins if available to play Saftie. However I think the Bears will go with Manning at FS as Angelo has hinted at this and Payne at strong saftie. If they take a big corner this fills the bill as a guy who could switch to saftie and a backup if Vasher or Graham or Manning don't play well.

Packers are taking Raji or Jackson with there first pick, Maybe Jackson but NT is more important to the System but Pickett can play that position. For those wondering yes I am totally jealous, I love the 3-4. Kampman should have no problem playing Rush LB but they still need a lot of Help at LB, they may make a push for Suggs. Jolly might be able to play the 5 tech end position but I doubt it. Unless they hit free agency hard the Packers D should struggle with the switch so at least there is some good news.

I knew you'd come up with an excuse packerslacker, and try to turn the tables on the BEARS. Fact is, we brought in someone to help us improve a weakness (pass-rush), you in turn had to improve one whole side of the ball, that in itself, makes you in worse shape than us, the fact of the matter is your defense has sucked for quite sometime now, you needed your enenama a few years ago you moron, you will still suck in a 3-4 just like you did with a 4-3....pack might fall to the bottom of the division with this move......AHH.... as I said before what a great peace of news , Thanks Brad......

Chitown did you look at the Pack's stats before you posted that? They actually had a Top 8 offense and a 20th ranked defense. They had a better defense and offense than the Bears. There problem is they choke in the 4th quarter. They choke big time, they are chokers. How many 4th quarter leads did you blow this year Packerbacker? I mean whats it like watching your team choke over and over and over and over. All that talent and just gullllpppppp CHOKE!!

Kevin I don't get why you are quoting Mayock and safeties. THERE ARE NO 1st ROUND STUDS AT SAFETY. This team needs to get big and strong in the trenches and catch the freakin football. A safety will not move the chains or score touchdowns but offensive linemen protect and open holes recievers catch and score. At 18 the offensive line should again be addressed with a healthy large mean man on both sides of the ball. The division is changing and the Vikings, Giants and others have good defensive lines and as was proven in Atlanta a great running game is a offense and defense best friend it made Ryan a pro-bowler.

The Packers will switch to a 3-4 and Peppers wants to play in a 3-4. Seems like not only will the Bears have any chance of signing Peppers but it shouldn't surprise anyone if lands in Green Bay. I could care less really but there has been alot of talk about the Bears getting him and I don't see that happening

Packer backer what have you been choking on lately?

3-4 D is good if a Ryan brother is coaching the D, Capers, well lets see where the D is next year at year end. Sucking tailpipe because the PAck are chokers!!!

It's highly unlikely the Packers will pay for Peppers and his huge price tag. Not only that, Carolina will franchise tag him and cost you or any other team a first rounder. The Packers 3-4 defense will be an open sieve next year trying to figure who can play, but more importantly who can't play.

Hey, Creighton thanks for the stat info, I don't care much about stats, I'm more into wins, plus I hate the pack period, this shows they need to re-tool everything, you might like the 3-4, but even you know this sets them back two years, first to learn the scheme, second to get the personnel in place to run it effectively. I do not agree though, Kampman will not be converted to rush LB, big mistake if they do, he's had his hand on the ground too long to make the switch quickly, plus he's been darn near all-pro caliber at end, he's one packer I wouldn't mind stealing for us!

And the hits just keep on coming. Jim Schwartz just hired Gunther Cunningham to be his defensive coordinator...So let's see, the defensive coordinators in the division are:

Dom Capers
Gunther Cunningham (Jim Schwartz pulling the strings, which is even scarier)
Leslie Frazier
Bob Babich/Lovie Smith/Rod Marinelli

Ron Turner has his work cut out for him next season.

Deputydawg, I agree with what your saying, I would also like to see the Bears land another offensive tackle in the first round at #18, maybe Eben Britton, the question is, is one gonna be available at #18? Also, to run the cover 2 effectively, or any other defensive scheme for that matter, you must have a free safety that can cover. Deputydawg, the Bears don't have a true free safety on the roster right now, thats a problem. I know a good pass rush helps the secondary, but the same goes for a pass rush, what good will it do if the Bears have no one to effectively cover the centerfield, like William Moore or a Rashad Johnson could do. My point being, at #18, there might not be an offensive tackle or defensive end worth taking at #18, William Moore would be the best player available. As for a tackle, this is a deep tackle draft later on, maybe in the second or third the Bears could land tackle Fenuki Tupou, who is a monster run blocker at 6-5 330lbs. Chicago needs a right tackle. Chicago has last years first rounder Chris Williams coming in to play left tackle, again, Chicago doesn't have a free safety other than Danieal Manning. If a safety like Moore is there at #18, and one of the high rated tackles falls to #18, like an Eben Britton, of course you take the tackle, my point was, I don't think any of the tackle or defensive end prospects will be there at #18, so it would make the most sense to go with a free safety like Moore, free safety is also a huge need for the Bears so GO BEARS!!

Point taken KA my reasoning is Tillman is perfect for the job he knows the defense he is a playmaker, he's big enough to cover the TE, and he is in-house. They have corners in Bowman, Graham and others, they have gone so long without large roadgraders now is the time to stock up on both sides of the line of scrimmage with large angry men some of these large tackles would also make good guards. My philosphy is the NFL is played in the trenches, we finally have another top notch RB let's build around him and get back to run first ball control power game. Manning is a nickel now KA.

By the way the combine will probably come up with more but to name a few tackles Monroe,{Va.} Oher, {Miss.} Smith,{Baylor}, Loadholt, {Okla}, A.Smith,{Ala}. Nose tackles B.J. Raji, {B.C.} D, Scott {Clem}info courtesy

I've been saying for years that the 3-4 is the future. The AFC had it right in the '70s, it was just too far ahead of its time. The 3-4 is better for defending the pass, which the jerk owners have made it just about illegal to defend and which has taken over the game, and it creates more confusion on offense by hiding 1) how many will rush the passer and 2) who those pass rushers will be. Brad Biggs is correct that it takes different personnel, though that doesn't necessarily require a major change, just some imagination. For example, Dusty Dvorcek and Anthony Adams would probably make good nose tackles, and Tommie Harris would make a good end in a 3-4. The Bears would need another starting end and some backups, but that's not "totally" different, just different. I'd love to see the Bears switch to the 3-4, but they'll never do it with the stodgy fools who run this team.

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