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2009 Franchise and Transition tag numbers

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TAMPA, Fla.--The NFL Players Association dug in its heels for a fight with owners over the collective bargaining agreement Thursday in its annual meeting.

More on the rhetoric later.

First, let's get down to the numbers that matter for the 2009 season, which will happen.

Here are the Franchise and Transition tag numbers for 2009:

Position Franchise Transition
Cornerback $9.957 million $8.374 million
Defensive end $8.991 million $7.777 million
Def. tackle $6.058 million $5.45 million
Linebacker $8.304 million $7.48 million
Off. lineman $8.451 million $7.744 million
Punter/kicker $2/483 million $2.264 million
Quarterback $14.651 million $12.44 million
Running back $6.621 million $5.925 million
Safety $6.342 million $5.13 million
Tight end $4.462 million $4.065 million
Wide receiver $9.884 million $8.393 million

2009 Minimum Salaries

0 credited seasons $310,000
1 credited season $385,000
2 credited seasons $460,000
3 credited seasons $535,000
4-6 credited seasons $620,000
7-9 credited seasons $745,000
10+ credited seasons $845,000

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Who this season do we have that would be worthy of franchising (aside from maybe Mike Brown)?

So Julius Peppers should get the tag, which puts him at a $9 mil payday for 2009, or at least guarantees a compensation to the Panthers to get him.

Who else gets the tag? Boldin, Houshmanzadeh maybe? One of the Baltimore guys might get the tag, so they can bring back two out of the three LBs (Scott, Suggs, and Lewis).

There should be a pretty low number of tags issued this year. Haynesworth won't get the tag, as that was part of his signing of the deal last year.

Should be a lot of no strings attached free agents to look at. I am curious to see what Cassell does now that Brady says he will be ready by the start of the season. I can't imagine he wouldn't want a chance to play somewhere for another team.

Hopefully Jerry will be looking to get active early, and lock up what he can before the draft. Maybe Deuce would be a nice add to spell Forte. New Orleans is probably going to release him next week. He catches the ball well, he is a bigger back, and he can pass protect. He could also help Forte learn a thing or two.

Just a thought....

The QB tag is that high???? Shoot, all three of our QB's combined aren't worth that much!!!! Sad, but true!!! Maybe someday!


You think Mike Brown is worth $6.342 million???? Good thing you are not in control of the purse strings.

News flash: Mike Brown had a base salary of under $1m with around $1.5 in performance bonuses. Look here:

Over paying for aging players is not the way to improve the Bears.

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