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Vikings don't play until Sunday, but they get a win today

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The Minnesota Vikings do not play until Sunday but they got a victory late Thursday afternoon when U.S. District Court Judge Paul Magnuson announced he will not rule on the StarCaps case involving defensive tackles Kevin Williams and Pat Williams until after the season.

That means the Williams Wall will stand down the stretch with Minnesota facing Arizona, Atlanta and the New York Giants down the stretch.

The Williamses have been suspended four games for violation of the league's policy on anabolic steroids and related substances. They appealed and lost that appeal before filing for a temporary injunction. Magnuson has asked the parties for a schedule by Dec. 22 and a judgment will not come until the season is over.

That also means New Orleans defensive end Will Smith and running back Deuce McAllister will remain eligible for the Saints for the remainder of the season.

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Sweet jesus, this must be one of the most indecisive judges in the court system. First he postpones it for a week, now he's decided he needs a couple months. Love the double-standard in punishing athletes for using banned substances.

Gee, this doesn't sound shady at all. Minnesota's main competition for the playoffs plays New Orleans last night and their defensive heart all get a pass until after the playoffs.

Nothing to see here citizens, move along.

This is a complete embarassment to the justice system. A zero tolerance policy, agreed upon by the players union, means just that: zero tolerance.

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