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UPDATED: TE Clark now questionable to play vs. Jaguars

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The Bears have had another late-week injury. Tight end Desmond Clark has been added to the injury report with a pulled hamstring and is now listed as questionable for Sunday's game.

It's unknown at this point if Clark was injured in practice Friday or if he perhaps pulled the hamstring in a walk-through this morning.

This would put the Bears in a bit of a jam with starting fullback Jason McKie already out with a pulled quad muscle that could sideline him for the remainder of the regular season. McKie pulled the muscle in practice on Friday, Nov. 28. It's rare for players to be injured in practice that late in the week.

We'll update this when we have more information.

UPDATED: According to a team spokesman, Clark showed up for the walk-through this morning and reported that his hamstring was tight. Clark has the longest current streak for consecutive starts among tight ends in the league with 63.

If he is unable to play, seldom-used rookie Kellen Davis would be forced into more action. The problem is the Bears do so much with two tight-end sets that if Clark does not play it would probably force them in to using their wide receivers more and that group has provided so little help in the last month.

Fontel Mines is also a possibility. He's been on the team for almost two years now on the practice squad. They would have to clear a roster spot for him though.

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Play the young guys for goodness sake. This team is going nowhere in the playoffs and we could use these last three games to evaluate the talent or lack of talent on this team. Hass, Williams, Rideau, Kellen Davis, Steltz. These guys are our future so lets see if they are worth keeping.

I'd like to see Kellen Davis and see him blocking and catching receptions in the red zone. In training camp and preseason he had terrific hands and is a load to tackle. The other person who should provide an interesting possibility is Earl Bennett. Let's see what these two guys can do? The wide receivers aren't exactly tearing up the field.

I think the main reason rookie tight end Kellen Davis was so seldom-used was simple, the two tight ends in front of him are pretty good. Also, Davis is only a rookie, its important to remember most rookies won't contribute till their second season, some even third or fourth. Ultimately, draft picks third round and down, sometimes even first or second rounders, are like bonds, they won't pay off right away, but most will in the future. For example, take 2007 draft picks Greg Olsen, Kevin Payne, Corey Graham, and Josh Beekman, a lot of fans on this very board were frustrated none of them seen the field much as rookies, now in their second season they have developed into pretty good starters. This is why rookies like, Chris Williams, Earl Bennett, and Kelen Davis don't necessarily suck, they just weren't ready to play as rookies, there's nothing wrong with that. I think Williams, Bennett, and even Davis should be major contributors in 2009 GO BEARS!!

Why even discuss what the Bears should or should not do? Hasn't Lovie proven to everyone that he has no clue what the right thing to do is? We may as well discuss if my dog should spin to the left or to the right before he takes a dump.

Let the kids play.

St. Clair has looked bad so why not give Williams a start, or did the Bears give him a roster spot for no reason? If your not going to use him and his back is a problem then let him rest, if not he can't improve if he can't get on the field or practice with the first team. Of all Offensive linmen taken in this years draft he is the only one not to start for his team. Baker, Brown, Long, Cherilus, Otah, Albert and Clady have all looked good and have at least 8 starts or more. Williams has zero starts and has played about 5 downs.

Bennett and Steltz were touted by the Bears as ready to play from day one. Well this is day number 98 of the season and were are they. Can Bennett be any worse than what we have seen?

Outside of Forte the Bears rookie class has done less than just about any team in football. Why do other teams trust there rookies enough to play them, but not the Bears. Why do players who leave the Bears always wind up doing better somplace else? Are there starters so good than no one can beat them out. Remember Forte was behind Benson and probably still would be behind him no matter how bad he was if not for several legal problems.

Two rookie QB's are starting for playoff teams, Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan, it's the toughest job on the field and they can start and excell. Why can't the Bears draft picks do the same at least more than one. In the Angelo era the only players he has drafted that are excelling this year are Forte, and Briggs, everyone else looks average to mediocre to bad. This includes trades and free agents. Bad development, bad scouting, bad coaching, bad managment. This team is going the wrong way. Who will replace the vets who will be gone after this year and next? Were is the depth at any position?

Clark can sit he has 300 yards on the year and can't block in run support. Nothing special about that.

Creighton, not to bust your chops, but what would you do?

Whom would you pick for coach?

Whom would you pick for GM?

What type of offense? (power, run n gun, west coast, vertical passing game)

What type of defense? (1 gap, 2 gap, 3-4, 4-3 big up front, or 4-3 speed up front)

My point is, that as a Bear fan, don't you want a power team with a monster defense to physically wear the other team down in "Bear Weather"? I don't know exactly whom I would pick for coach or GM. I just wish that the ones we have now would pick in congruence to the philosophy they preach but refuse to practice.

"We get off the bus running the ball" - Lovie Smith
"We strive to be a running team, and a physical team" - J. Angelo

But then they draft the only O-lineman with any significant injury. Or get a tight end last year in the first round when a O-lineman ws needed then.

If they want to be a power running team, then they have to draft power players. A heavier, blocking tight end, a bone crushing full back, and LINEMEN!!

The only other thing they need to do is fire Babich. There is plenty of talent on this roster, and Babich does not know how to use it. The best bet for a replacement would be Marinelli, Wade Phillips, or Mike Singletary. Marininelli is the most likely because of familiarity with Smith, and the cover 2. Phillips will definitely be fired if the cowboys do not win a playoff game again this year. Singletary might actually stay as the 49er's are clearly playing much harder and sharper since he took over.

There is an outside chance that Jim Johnson could come to Chicago in the event he is let go if Andy Reid gets handed a pink slip. But taht scenario is highly unlikely.

So the Bears need to draft according to philosophy, replace the D-coordinator, and start using health screening tools better. An T2 weighted, sagital MRI would have shown evidence of disc problems without a doubt. The process that eventually leads to a herniated disc takes at the minimum of a year (barring extreme trauma). Otah, Albert, Baker, or Brown would all be better than Williams simply because they are playing.

Oh well, go Bears. Beat the Jags brains in.

Personally I am not worried about Williams injury, he would not have helped this year anyway, and I will want to see what he can do next year, if he is the best LT to come out of this years draft then I will wait a year on him, we have more problems than him not to wait a year. I agree we should have drafted more Olinemen though, A team that runs must draft Olinemen, it's just plain stupid not to, why draft Davis when we have Clark/Olsen? We need a blocking TE? Then use him or trade Clark for a Olineman or blocking tight end. I agree with you Kevin on time but our WR are not doing crap, we should see Bennet at least a couple times a game, same with Williams. This team (even winning today) is going nowhere - It would help to see these younger players in a game. How could Lovie even not see the Olinemen were aging? or JA as well? That is wrong, bad business, stupid, they knew what our Oline was and left it dead in the water. Where's Buenning? Why can't he and Williams get on the field? We are NOT going to the Super Bowl Lovie. Can anyone see us beating the Giants or any good team this year? We would get killed.
I would love to see Johnson Coach here, but he is too smart to take a job for owners that won't buy FA. Lovie thinks he is still playing for this year, crazy!
Hope I'm wrong but I have seen enough of these players even winning today, I want them gone. Babich first. All those contracts and all these losses don't add up. Maybe a great Olineman FA with one drafted LAST YEAR could have pulled out a win or 2 out of our bad D. Williams is a small plug NEXT YEAR in a very large hole. All we did as fans was pad the owners pockets this year, oh yeah and last year and oh yeah.......
Can't even get excited about a win, now thats bad.

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