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Saints' Smith, McAllister green-lighted to play Thursday

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The St. Paul Pioneer Press reported a half-hour ago that U.S. District Court Judge Paul Magnuson will not rule on the StarCaps case until Friday at the earliest, meaning New Orleans Saints defensive end Will Smith and running back Deuce McAllister will be eligible to play Thursday night at Soldier Field.

Smith, McAllister and defensive lineman Charles Grant were suspended four games by the NFL for violation of the league's policy on steroids and related substances, but won a temporary restraining order last week and played in the Saints' victory over Atlanta on Sunday. They'll live to play at least one more game before a ruling is made. Grant is already on injured reserve.

That doesn't put Minnesota Vikings defensive tackles Kevin Williams and Pat Williams in the clear just yet. If the players were to lose on Friday, the Williams Wall would have to sit out Sunday's game at Arizona as well as the other two remaining regular-season games and then the Vikings' next game--a playoff game in January or the season opener in 2009.

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no worries for the wall b/c the judge is certainly more pro-minnesota and anti-bears than unbiased and fair. so in my opinion the williams' are safe for their lives. personally i believe that those two little cherubs could use roids and carry guns onto the field and produce a mass shooting while on camera and this judge would need more time and evidence to investigate. then again that is my opinion, i could be wrong.

ahhhh....waht a fabaulus evening i had. packerbacker is just such o gentelman. he toom me to eat a t a truckstop bye tyhe highway. the moment he had three beers and two brats and then burped in my face i new he was the one. and then we danced the night away.

then all night long we talked about how bad teh bears are and how all there fans are such loosers. ahh. he laughed when i teld him angelo cant draft and always picks busts. isaid to him taht the bears are so bad that they wont make the playoffs and taht the packers will beat hhem again. he said youre right. and i now because i am alwasy right and i ongly give facts.

crap-ton is in love.....:)

Who cares. The schedule for Minnesota is still super tough. The Giants have a tough schedule, and they will have something to play for. The Bears need Carolina to beat NYG to make them fight for something on the final day.

On the other side of the coin is the fact that if Minnesota wins one game, the Bears have to win out.

Part of me thinks the Bears have some good luck lined up with the pending suspensions, and the injuries to foes, and the tough schedules for those in front of them. But then I realize this Bears team has not won more than 2 games in a row since winning 4 in a row to go from 9-2 to 13-2 in 2006. They are wildly inconsistent, and I don't know if they broken that habit yet.

Good things though.
1. Forte is almost a great running back right now.
2. Orton is a good NFL QB.
3. Maybe Beekman can play.
4. Corey Graham can play, he is just young.
5. Kevin Payne is the starting strong safety of the future.
6. Briggs is still great.
7. Marcus Harrison is good at NT or DT (but better at DT).
8. Greg Olson is a good TE, just can't block very well, but what a receiving threat.
-And extras are that Zack Bowman could be good, Dvoracek was good at NT when healthy most games this year, adn the overall running game has been OK.

Things that need to change.
1. Defensive Coordinator! Enough is enough. Get somebody that can do the job well.
2. The NT position needs more beef. There are 2 DT's worthy of a mid-1st round pick in this year's draft. Let Odonije go back to 275 lbs, and be faster again. He was more valuable that way. Or you could go the expensive route, and pursue Albert Haynesworth. Pair him with T. Harris and that should be fun to watch.
3. The Bears need a DE that commands a double team. I don't know what they will do to find one. None in this year's draft of note so far, and the free agent pool on a good DE is small. But the problem is the ends are not good enough to beat their man one on one consistently enough to command a double team. Haynesworth could help this though.
4. More attitude at the LB position. There are seven O-lineman worth a first round selection, and this might allow Mauluaga ( I know I butchered his name, but you know who I am talking about from USC). He is 6'2" 260lbs and is fast and likes to hit hard. He would be a beast to put along side Urlacher and Briggs.

** What a surprise, this is all defense. 2 moves can make the Bear's D dominant again.
1. Sign Haynesworth
2. Draft Ray Mauluaga

If the Williams wall ruling goes in favor of the defendants, its a huge blow to the Bears' playoff chances. The beloved obviously have to win tomorrow night, but if the mammoth run-stoppers are able to play the rest of the season the Vikings will probably win 2 of 3. I can see the Arizona Cardinals winning Sunday no matter what because of their ability to spread the field and pass the ball. Minnesota struggles with good passing offenses and they don't want to get in a shootout with the likes of Warner, Boldin & Fitzgerald. As for the Vikings matchups with Atlanta & New York, its extremely important for their sake the Williams wall plays. The Falcons and Giants rely heavily on the running game to open up play-action passing downfield. It's very plausible that if the Williams duo can't play in those games, the Vikes could lose out and the Bears would need to win just two of their remaining three games to make the playoffs. I am hoping and praying the suspensions are in effect come this weekend.

Ryan, I agree with your team needs for the Bears, a defensive end or a linebacker, Chicago could actually land either an end or a linebacker in the first in the up-coming draft this april.

As far as defensive end goes, the first round is loaded, as of right now, especially if a couple juniors forgo their senior season. Remember, a lot can change from now to draft day, you got the combine and the senior bowl, this will change where certain players are ranked. As of right now, the top rated defensive end is Brian Orakpo of Texas, he is a projected top 5 pick as of right now. Another top rated end is Michael Johnson of Georgia Tech, he is also projected in the top ten, Chicago doesn't have a shot at either one of these prospects as of right now, and the Bears don't like to trade up. One of the juniors I mentioned that has not yet committed, and my personal favorite for the Bears to draft, is South Floridas George Selvie, Selvie is the current NCAA tackle for loss career leader with 57.5, this guy makes a living in the opponents backfield, he is currently a pojected mid first round pick, Chicago could land him.

Linebacker wise, I also like Rey Maualuga, the inside linebacker from USC, but he is a projected top 5 pick, Chicago has no chance at him as of right now. A linebacker the Bears have a chance at is Ohio States James Laurinaitis, he is projected in the top 20. Laurinaitis is an animal, [not to poke fun at his father,] but he is a beast on the field, he has 121 tackles this season to go along with 4 sacks from his middle linebacker position. Laurinaitis also has enough athleticism to drop back in coverage, this is key for Chicago. But the main reason I like James Laurinaitis is something you mentioned above that our linebackers need, attitude from the linebacker position. Laurinaitis is extremely intense, [living in big ten country I see him play a lot] this guy brings an attitude to the field, he plays like an old school Bear linebacker. If Chicago could bring him in, they could use him on the strong side for a season or two, then move him inside, just a thought GO BEARS!!

Makes you want to believe in the good ole American justice system.

This bi-assed (purposely misspelled)judge is a joke and should be disbarred for being an embarrassment to the legal profession. Of course he delayed his decision until Friday at the earliest, he is waiting to see if the Bears win Thursday night and wants to let Deuce play. If the Bears do win, I predict that he will say he needs a little more time until next week to make the decision. That would allow the Williams flabby wall to play against the Cardinals.

Ryan, I love the thought of Haynesworth lining up on the D line in
Chicago but I think there is a better chance that a blind pig would find a truffle than for this to occur. although if the Illinois Governor got involved who knows what he could accomplish. I do like the thought of the USC linebacker as a pick in the draft and all of your other comments.

Go Bears and may the bad weather gods be with you, snow, sleet and cold rain in the teens with winds of 15 to 20 MPH should help to slow down the Saints offense and help with some turnovers hopefully in the Bears favor.

Normally if the Bears D was hitting on all cylinders with a pass rush, I would prefer to have great weather and have the Bears D dismantle the Saints in the style that has intimidated teams in the past.

Funny how this corrupt judge lets the fat druggies and the saints druggies play against the BEARS. Once he sees the results (standings) he will finally rule on the case. Wanna bet if the BEARS win he delays it longer? This really says a lot about the integrity of minnesota judges and the NFL drug program? By the way will Metcalf get his suspension revoked so he can recoop his 1/4 million? Hey what about the games the BEARS lost when he was suspended? Does this taint the NFL in any way?

Another tidbit that a lot of people are not talking about is the fact that Matt Jones should have been suspended for his cocaine bust earlier this year, but his appeals process DRUG on the entire season, so he was still playing as of last week. The NFL was finally able to uphold the suspension as of Tuesday, but I for one think this whole situation is rediculous. I've read the arguments on both sides of the Starcaps case, but to me, the bottom line comes down to this. The NFL needs to be able to suspend players for a rules violation, without any interferance from outside entities or judges. It is an internal issue, and needs to stay that way. Right now, the NFLPA seems to have too much power, which is probably why the current Collective Bargaining Agreement was not renewed earlier this year.

As for the draft talk... I like Laurinaitis also if he were to fall to us in the lower third of the first round, but I'm still convinced that we need to go with offense again in the first round. The defense already has the 2nd highest allocation of the salary cap in the NFL (behind Baltimore), and adding yet another high dollar athlete to the front four seems like a bad idea to me.

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