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Pro Bowl teams unveiled later today

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The Bears' playoff hopes dimmed over the weekend but they could still be represented in the postseason at the Pro Bowl.

The league will announce the teams later today and weak-side linebacker Lance Briggs figures to be a good bet to be named to his fourth consecutive all-star game.

After Briggs, nothing is certain. Return man Devin Hester led the fan balloting and could get the nod on reputation but his statistics are not worthy. Punter Brad Maynard has enjoyed the best of his eight seasons with the Bears. Kicker Robbie Gould has also had a fine year as have a handful of kickers in the NFC.

Then there is the case of middle linebacker Brian Urlacher and center Olin Kreutz, both six-time selections. Urlacher led the fane vote at inside linebacker but he did that last year when he was shunned for the first time in a season when he finished the year on the field. Kreutz also missed the Pro Bowl last season.

When it comes to rookie running back Matt Forte, he will be interesting to keep an eye on. The position is loaded in the NFC with Adrian Peterson and Michael Turner just about locks for the conference. DeAngelo Williams, Brandon Jacobs and Brian Westbrook could also get strong consideration, as should Forte. But given the number of players who back out of the game, it seems to rise every year, if Forte gets a spot as an alternate, he just might wind up making it.

Stay tuned for the results later. The Bears will practice at Halas Hall at 11 a.m.

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probowel????????? ahahahahaha!!!!! ohhh you looser bears fans crak me up!!!!! noone and i repat NOONE from the looser bears are going to the probowl!!!! boo hoo hoo loosers. but tel you who is going: aaron rodgers! yes he is soooo dreamy ans i now because iam always right and i only give facts.

but you guys now me old crap-ton jus tring be posative...

p.s. I HATE BRRRRANDO! ans i hate his peacefull nature and his smile of sunshine ans hiss rozy cheeks nas his love of all thatis good!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree, Lance Briggs should probably make his fourth trip to the islands, he has enjoyed a pretty good season. Robbie Gould could sneak in also, that would be pretty cool.

I would love to see rookie Matt Forte make it, he might as an alternate, actually, he has a really good chance as an alternate. You have to figure the starters will be obviously Adrian Peterson with his 1581 yds rushing, along with Michael Turner with his 1421 yds on the ground. Forte could sneak in at the third spot, it will probably go to Clinton Portis who has 1337 yds rushing, thats around 200 more than Forte, Forte could edge him out on the strength of his 58 catches, Portis only has 27. Matt Forte should edge out DeAngelo Williams, Williams has Forte by about 80 yds rushing, but with only 22 catches, he does not even compare to Forte as a receiver out of the backfield, Forte should get the edge. I don't see either Brandon Jacobs with 1002 yds rushing and only 5 catches or Brian Westbrook 841 yds rushing and only 46 catches getting in over Forte, Matt Forte should edge out either one of these guys GO FORTE!! GO BEARS!!

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