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Meet the press: Jerry wants Marinelli on board

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Lovie Smith wasn't the only one who wanted Rod Marinelli to run the Bears' defense when he was hired in 2004.

General manager Jerry Angelo shared that sentiment but they were unable to make the move because Marinelli remained under contract to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the time as their line coach.

Marinelli is free now, fired Monday after his Detroit Lions became the first team in NFL history to go belly up at 0-16. Smith declined to discuss the issue in any kind of depth Monday but Marinelli's agent Frank Bauer told the Sun-Times: ``It would make a lot of sense.''

Angelo seems to agree. He echoed Bauer's thoughts and made it clear he wants Marinelli on board. Whether he would come at the expense of current defensive coordinator Bob Babich, no one knows. Angelo wasn't glowing in his assessment of the defense, and line coach Brick Haley is expected to come under fire.

"I think the world of Rod Marinelli,'' Angelo said. ``I would love to have Rod Marinelli on our staff and I think Lovie would say the same thing. He's a great football coach. Anytime you get a chance to get a great coach or great player, you're not going to sit here and say that you wouldn't consider him or you wouldn't work a way to do that. But again, that's premature, the answer to your question about Rod because I do know Rod. I think Rod is a very good coach and he'll be a great addition to any staff.''

You can find updates from the Angelo press conference throughout the blog today, with his comments on his top offseason priority in the post below this.

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Is this guy drunk when he reads or watches the news? 0-16 = Losing record, that is unles he's dislexic in which case I understand. Angelo is an delusional fool who needs to go.

Looks to me that Jerry should be thinking about replacing Lovie and staff. After all, didn't Lovie say "trust me" when he fired Ron Rivera? Well...what became of that trust?
Now he wants us to trust him again by bringing in a 0-16 coach.
How low can you go?
Blame just seems to eminate from Jerry and Lovie. The Buck just doesn't stop with them, the real cause of the bears downfall.
How quick they are to blame Orton while giving Rex a full 5 years.

I can only hope that Virginia sees thru all that bull and shows these 2 stooges the door.

Rod Marinelli would be a great addition to the team as D coordinator. Lets face the facts that he had nothing to work with in Detroit and still managed to have his team giving huge efforts with literally very little talent.

He has shown an ability as a D coordinator in the past. Bears go get him now.

Ish, Val,

Put down the crack pipe and pay attention. Kyle did not play well the second half of the season. He can't throw a deep ball and the Bears are paying a ton to Hester.

They took the prettiest girl to the prom and now they're not gonna try and bang her?

Marinelli is a good coordinator. The Lion's were having shenanigans long before he got there.

I say bring Rod Marinelli in, Marinelli could really help the Bears on defense, especially with his knowledge of the cover-2. The Chicago Bears still have the potential to be a good defense with some nice young upcoming players they have on the roster, players like, Kevin Payne who was second on the team in tackles with a 100 plus, Corey Graham who looked good as a starting corner in just his second season, and big Marcus Harrison, there's definitely potential there. Add Lance Briggs, Urlacher, and a healthy Tommie Harris, I think Marinelli could make this defense work, the only thing missing is an edge rusher, maybe in the draft or free agency?

If a couple juniors declare, the Bears might have a chance at one of them, maybe George Selvie of South Flordia, thats who I would like the Bears to land at #18. Selvie hasn't declared yet, but he will submit paperwork to the NFL advisory committee, but will not make a decision until after the bowl season. If he comes out, I say draft him, he could be a missing part of the puzzle for the Bears up front. Selvie is a two time all-american, so you know he is legit because its the coaches who decide who is all-american. Selvie is a great edge rusher, Selvie had 5 sacks and 11 tackle for loss while being doubled teamed 51 percent of the time on passing plays. Also, Selvie can play the run, scouts say Selvie has been run away from 80% of the time, even when Selvie is being doubled teamed. I like Selvie the most for his consistency, as showed with him being a two time all-american, I say bring him in and team him with Tommie Harris and Marcus Harrison, this would give the Bears a nice young front on defense GO BEARS!!

Val get off the crack, Rex has been getting booed in this town for years. He was booed in 06 when people were demanding he be replaced by the end of his first full season as a starter. Rex played in all of 8 games from 2003 through 05. Played one full season in 06 and was benched in 07. Nobody gave him 5 years as a starter to prove himself. As for Orton this is not his first year as a full time starter. He played in 15 games in 05 which is his first year as a starter, then he played in 3 in 07 and 15 this year. He has almost 33 starts under his belt. Rex has played in 3 more games than Orton and was on the team 1 year longer. So what are you smoking to say Rex had this huge shot and Orton didn't. Looks to mee like they have been given the same damn shot. Plus Orton will be starting next year. What did Lovie say? "Kyle is our Quarterback." He will not finish next year as the starter, just like Rex didn't. First half good second half bad. How many interceptions did Rex throw the first half of 06? Good Rex Bad Rex, Good Ankle Bad Ankle. Pick your poison. You will notice when Orton had a good game the coaches said his Ankle was fine, when he had a bad game it was his Ankle.

OH, NO, NO, NO!!! Moronelli is another "yes man." He's a "yes man" and he's friends with Lovie. Hmm, don't we have that already in Babich?

I think it was midseason when reporters were asking about his job security and he told them some bunk about "following orders" or "not questioning authority" because young people don't do that enough these days. Yeah, I don't know what that means either but he said it.

What our Bears need are good sharp minds with a winning attitude. Moronelli is a loon with a losing attitude. For the most part, I think Angelo does an ok job, but what kind of rationale goes into this decision making?:

Hey, we want to improve for 2009. Say, why don't we bring in this guy from Detroit. His credentials? Well, he was the first coach in NFL history to go 0-16. Oh, and he defiantly hired his son-in-law to coach the defense which ranked somewhere near the bottom. Sounds good to me. Let's bring him aboard!

If this is the improvement, I'll take Boob Babich anyday. I just have a real bad feeling about Detroit's ex-coach.

The following should be Angelo's to-do list this off-season. Please Biggs, give this to Jerry the next time you see him.

1. There's no question our biggest need is a no.1 receiver. I think Hester is fine as a no.2 and Bennett would seem ideal as our slot receiver if only the coaches would give him a chance. Plan A should be to go all-out in trying to land Anquan Boldin - a top 10 receiver just reaching his prime. The Cardinals are not going to pay two WRs 10 million per year and Boldin is going to do all he can to force a trade, so we should accomodate them. I think sending Nathan Vasher, Mark Anderson, either Dvoracek or Adams, Rashied Davis and one of our two 3rd round picks would get the deal done. Each one of those guys would fill a need for Arizona: Vasher - starting CB, Anderson - pass rushing OLB, Dvoracek/Adams - run stuffing NT, Davis - slot receiver with Steve Breaston taking Boldin's place. I think the Cardinals would be crazy not to accept such a deal and we really wouldn't be missing any of those guys with Graham supplanting Vasher and with Anderson and Davis both regressing for us. Plan B should be to sign either Houshmandzadeh or Antonio Bryant in free agency. Both have detriments (age and off the field problems, respectively),but still would be a solid no.1 for us.

2. I think we should make a serious run at Albert Haynesworth. Can you possibly imagine pairing him with a healthy Tommie Harris!? We would put the Williams Wall to shame. Haynesworth would instantly improve the pass rush of everyone around him and the run D as well. If we can't get Haynesworth, then we should stand pat at DT because no other free agent/draft eligible DT is better than what we already have.

3. FIRE BABICH!!! This guy is obviously out of his league (literally)and just got the job because of cronyism. The numbers on D from the past two years and the two years before (with pretty much the same players) are indisputable and unforgiveable. I'd much rather have Marinelli over Babich anyday.

4. On offense, sign J.P. Losman to be the backup QB and re-sign John St. Claire to compete with Beekman for the LG spot and to back up both of our starting tackles. However, if either of these signings preclude us from getting Boldin or Haynesworth, then we should address these two positions in the draft instead. Which brings me to...

5. Draft priorities (assuming we get our receiver by FA signing or trade)

Round 1 - Safety to eventually take over for Brown - even if we re-sign him (which we should). Either Taylor Mays or William Moore would be good.
Round 2 - RT to eventually replace Tait who's in his mid-thirties.
Round 3 - If Tebow comes out and is still there, pounce on him. We could take time to develop him at QB and at worst he would be the be the best FB in the NFL. If he isn't there, take the best FB available (McKie was terrible this year and should have been cut before the season began).
Round 4 - OLB to challenge Roach for starting position.
Rounds 5-7 - best player available (contrary to popular belief, we don't have that many needs - in fact, this is one of the deeper teams in the NFL, especially on defense.

And there you have it, Jerry. Do all of the above and we should be back in the Super Bowl if not in '09, certainly by 2010.

Olin, I like your analysis. Don't see AZ going for that trade (mainly backups or injury risks) nor Haynesworth being avaialble to the Bears wallet. Probably gets outbid or franchised.

I say sign WR free agent Devery Henderson from New Orleans - a deep threat and an under the radar, affordable type. Young, huge upside. Along with Hester, a great speedy combo. Bennett a #3. Re-sign Lloyd, who made some great catches. Also resign St. Clair to compete at guard position.

Sign Marinelli as Defensive Coordinator and Mike Martz as Offensive Coordinator. We have talent, just don't have good coordinators.

Marinelli will get productvity out of our existing D-Line (Harris, Harrison, Adams, Ogunleye, Brown, Anderson) with schemes making the LB's (Urlacher, Briggs, #3 pick) and DB's (Graham, Vasher, Tillman, Payne, #1 pick, Manning) much better.

On offense, Orton, Forte, Olsen, Clark, Hester, free agent Henderson, Lloyd give Martz lots of firepower that Turner has NO CLUE on how to utilize to their strengths.

Both are known by Lovie and good as COORDINATORS. Just because Marinelli went 0-16 as Head Coach does NOT translate that he cannot scheme and inspire good defense, for he can. Martz as an offensive brain is well documented.

#1 - Best Available Free Safety or Cornerback (with Tillman moved to Free Safety); let's face it - the Mike Brown era is over
#2 - MLB, move Urlacher to Strong Side. Imagine him and Briggs on the edges. With Marinelli scheming, blitzes work better with these two on the edges. Plus, Urlacher gets free easier.
#3 - Offensive Tackle (to replace Tait in a year)
#3 - Offensive Guard (to rebuild line)
#4 - WR
#5 - 7 - Best available

SIGN McNabb!!!!!!!!!!

Its been over 20 years since we had a QB!!

Fire Lovie and Hire Rivera as head coach!!!

By Mike on December 30, 2008 8:20 PM
SIGN McNabb!!!!!!!!!!

Its been over 20 years since we had a QB!!

Fire Lovie and Hire Rivera as head coach!!!

He's not a free agent and Lovie has more power than Angelo at this point.

This from Inet on Rod's time in Tampa Bay:

'Marinelli went to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1996 and was the defensive line coach for ten seasons under head coach Tony Dungy. The latter four seasons he also served as assistant head coach. He was known for his strict disciplinary style and his commitment to getting the most out of his players. There he worked to develop lineman such as Warren Sapp and Simeon Rice into Pro Bowl caliber players. During Marinelli's tenure in Tampa Bay, the Buccaneers earned more sacks than any other franchise.'

Now I am not big on a 0-16 Coach coming here but his time in Tampa speaks for itself, course he had Sapp and Rice and our guy's here so far seem headed downhill, but he would have to be a big improvement over Babich, of course Tampa had some pretty durn good D players though.

More on Lovie/Rod

`During Dungy's first season in 1996, the team continued to struggle, starting the season 1–8. But in the second half of the season they finished 5–2, primarily due to the performance of a defense ranked seventh in the NFL led by Hardy Nickerson and the maturing of Wyche's draftees Brooks, Lynch, and Sapp. Dungy, a devout Christian with an even-tempered personality, quickly brought balance and morale to the team, and his Cover 2 defensive scheme, sharpened to perfection by defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin and linebackers coach Lovie Smith, became the foundation for Tampa Bay's future success. Their version of Cover 2 was so successful that it became known as the Tampa 2. It has been brought to the Chicago Bears by Smith, Detroit Lions by Rod Marinelli, Kansas City Chiefs by Herman Edwards and to the Indianapolis Colts by Dungy himself, and copied by several other teams.'

McNabb? He's a good QB but he's terrible in the red zone. And yeah, like Creighton said, he's not a FA. But that all depends probably on his postseason performance.

PLEASE, no more D. Mcnabb talk !! He is old and beaten up. When was the last time he played all 16 games ? If the Bears go w/ another QB (and I think they need one) at least spend the money on someone more durable and who will be here for years to come, not a short term solution.Boldin would be a GREAT addition, but I doubt the Bears would be willing to pay him the kind of money he's looking for (see Larry Fitzgerald). Housh also will want big $, and has alot of miles on those wheels. The Bears need to dump some of the mid-level players on the team ; R. Davis, M. Booker and give that money to a TRUE #1 reciever. Hope that Chris Williams has a mean streak and can actually play the position he was drafted to play, as we ain't seen nothing yet ! Another road grader type "O" lineman in the draft, MLB to replace Urlacher, who can move to OLB. A D-end who can actually get to the QB would be nice too.Dreams are free, might as well dream BIG !!!

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