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Meet the press: Angelo to discuss 9-7 season this morning

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General manager Jerry Angelo will meet with media this morning at 11 at Halas Hall to recap the season.

We'll see what he has to say about the coaching situation and Lovie Smith's staff. Smith has control of his coaching staff and Angelo, ultimately, oversees the 53-man roster. Angelo wanted Rod Marinelli as the defensive coordinator in 2004 when Smith was hired as he had a strong relationship with him from his days in Tampa Bay as well. We'll see what he is willing to share on the subject.

Angelo will also surely be asked about the performance of the defense that he invested so highly in. Only the Baltimore Ravens dedicated more salary-cap space to their defense. The Ravens finished ranked second in the league. The Bears were 21st and had the 30th-ranked passing defense.

More after Angelo talks.

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Why would the Bears even consider Marinelli with a 0 - 16 record!!!!

because was a good line coach and his pedigree made him ideal for a DC spot...

i dont blame him for the 0-16 record completely look at the talent he was given....matt millen killed that team...but they never quit they kept trying as hard as they could even though their talent limited them...they stayed close in a lot of games...

im not opposed to him being on the defensive staff in some capacity...its obvious babich is in over head...crenell is retiring, mangini has been a d coordinator for only 1 yr...jim haslet is well him haslet...ill pass...its slim pickings out there

Will the Bears consider renegotiating the contracts of several highly paid defensive players in the off-season? The Bears are paying elite money to players like Urlacher and Harris who clearly are no longer elite players!

John you make a very good point. JA gambled that paying the key players would pay off big time. He was looking to create stability in the roster and establish a tradition of rewarding the big producers. It failed, other than Briggs none of them produced anything close to what they were paid.

JA has to dump payroll. The Bears need at least 8 players (DE,DT,WR,OT,LB,S,RB,QB). Count on him trading down in the draft.

Marinelli has shown some class in a tough situation and has indicated that even his patience can become exhausted, as did Lovie toward the end of the last interview. I think it's time for the Bears' coaches to show a little Mike Singletary hard-nosed mooning, well-deserved for the way the team played this season. Is anyone else sick of hearing the positive spins put on mediocre performances? Maybe some of those former Bears on the Chicago radio stations could conduct seminars for the present Bears on how to play tough.

The majority of their problems can be solved in-house with one good draft and two F/A pickups. [1] draft USC MLB Malanga and move Urlacher to WILL, [2] move Tillman to free safety, [3] move Harris to DE, [4] good college tackles make good pro guards get big up front in the middle. [5] pay A. Boudin what he wants play Hester in the slot, in motion who can keep up with him and it will make defenses shift. These little things will bring 3-4 more wins and going deep in the play offs.

The last thing the Bears should do is trade down. In fact if the right player is still on the board, such as a Boldin or a Mario Williams talent, this team should trade up for that impact player.

However, talking about draft choices right now is meaningless. The decisions to be made now is what coaches should be replaced. The braintrust decided to go a different direction after the Super Bowl season and that unit has suffered ever since.

It would be unacceptable to me to continue the same course defensively. See the definition of insanity.

Interestingly, as much as the letdown defensively, there is a bright side on the other side of the ball. What would this offense be able to accomplish with the addition of a true #1 WR, and one or two road-grading linemen?

As much as the philosophy of this head coach is defense, offense is key in the NFL. Score points, dominate TOP and you win games.

This season was far more frustrating than last year. Simply getting to the post season next year won't be enough.

Going into the post season without a shakeup in the coaching ranks on the defensive side of the ball will only sollidify the medicrity we witnessed in 2008.

The best thing would be for Angelo to announce his resignation !! Since that's not going to happen,as Wmfights points out, Angelo needs to dump saleries. Can we trade Tommie Harris to Arizona for Anquan Boldin ? Can Angelo admit his mistake and bring in a free agent or two ? Trey Thomas of Philly is a free agent and it's obvious the Bears need an upgrade on the "O" line. As the late John Belushi said, "WISE UP".

I cant wait to here what he has to say about the players and especially the coaches. I don't know about you guys, but I'm sick of having an emotionless coach who always has a befuddled look upon his face. I want a coach who expresses when he's angry so that I know what he thinks of the calls, the actions of the players and their own calls. I wnat a set of drill seargents for a staff who refuse to accept any shenanegans from ANYONE and that will not let their emotions get in the way. I like coaches like Coughlin Gruden, and Billicik (who although doesn't show emotion, does something to scare the team into winning) who DO SOMETHING and at times express emotions. If the players weren't obeying and just fiddling around I would call a time out, go onto the field and make them do a set of pushups! Thats the disciplin we need, and from what I see happening, I doesn't look good. We also need to start giving up some loot to get some killer players, all of which have been previously mentioned, if we want to start looking like a team. Please for the love of God, Go Bears.

I think it is time for the Bears to get the hint.If they want to be an established winner every year the coaching staff and the management need to get on the same page. Lovie and jerry are going to need to take emotion out of thier decision making process and adopt the same type of rules as the established wining clubs have,a.k.a , the eagles steelers colts patriots have . There is a reason they are at the top of the league every year , and yes I know they have strong quarterbacks , but they also know what they will pay and what they won't .The management makes the tough calls and most of the time it works out and us the fans get over it because if were being honest all we want is a consistant playoff team and will get over the tough decisions too.As for coaching staff it is time to get a oc and dc who scheme for each teams weakness and beter at halftime adjustments it is plain to see they are very weak in that area. Come on Bears lets figure it out before we are like the lower end of the league .

I couldn't care less what kind of emotion the coach shows. I want to see more fire from the players, better execution, and, for ONCE, the Bears winning, instead of losing (read: getting clobbered) the in-game adjustment battle -- on BOTH sides of the ball. The entire team suffers from a brain drain -- dumb players, dumb coaches -- and it speaks volumes that the two best players are a punter and kicker. They need to bring in smarter players, not just guys with "talent" who are intelligent and football-savvy enough to understand the innovative schemes to be brought in by the new coordinators (plural.)

The Bears need to get smarter. Smarter on the field and smarter on the sidelines. They have plenty of "talented" guys who are killing the team with dumb plays. Also, the coaches are always stymied by other teams' adjustments. They need more Mike Browns and Matt Fortes (though the former probably won't be a Bear) and fewer Peanuts and Mannings.

Angelo is a joke. Just look at the roster. How many positions do we need? Oh yeah almost every single one. Great roster management.

A run at Julius Peppers would be prudent. It's about time we finally signed a big name free agent. Of course Professor Jerry probably would balk at that. I don't know about going after a WR since we have no one to throw them the ball downfield.

You know a 9-7 season isn't that bad but it just seems that a lot of those wins were due to luck more so than skill.

We should clean house get rid of Lovie and Jerry and bring in someone who can evaluate offensive talent.

I kinda liked that emotionless coaching style, ala Tom Landry he did alot with that Coaching style - except I have been thinking the same thing about this team lately, Mike mooning, benching etc.. sure did wake up S.F. and the Ditka style maybe just what this team needs (besides more talent)have to admit though we let this team get old in some key areas, but throwing money did not work as well as throwing the moon.

Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith both put way too much stock in "their guys". Both of them are poor at evaluating and developing talent, and they refuse to acknowledge their mistakes by "righting the ship", instead they reward these guys with horrible long term contracts. I am not upset about the Tommie Harris contract, but Vasher, Hester, Clark, etc. all horrible signings. Look at the Bears draft picks since 2001(Angelo's first year). Way too many wasted picks in the early rounds, not enough impact players. If Jerry Angelo wants to improve the Bears, he should start by firing himself.

I would like to see the beloved Bears start building a team around Matt Forte and Greg Olsen on offense; and to build around Tommie Harris and Lance Briggs on Defense. I do not believe there are any "big name" free agents available in 2009 worth going out and breaking the bank on. I realize TJ Houshmandzadeh, and J. Peppers are available, however the Bears have way too many pressing needs than to go out and over spend on these guys. Start building the offensive and defensive lines on the ends. We need to find out if Chris Williams is a NFL tackle? We need to bring in a mid-level WR from the free agent market like a Devery Henderson, Antonio Bryant, or Drew Carter; and lets see what Earl Bennett can do for us? He was a high draft pick last year...Kyle Orton is our QB next year lets face it, so we might as well get him some help. Also it is time to start looking at a guard on the offensive side of the ball you cannot go with Beekman and Garza(no push, no speed) One of them has to go. On defense you have to let Ogunleya and Vasher walk. Championship teams are built on the lines, not at the QB position. If you do not beleive me then why don't you ask Marino, D.Fouts, and J. Kelly.

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