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Looks like the Williams Wall could stand at least another week

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A federal judge in St. Paul, Minn., has blocked the NFL from suspending five players, including Minnesota defensive tackles Kevin Williams and Pat Williams, for violation of the league's policy on anabolic steroids and related substances.

This would seem to ensure the Williams Wall will stand Sunday when the Vikings travel to Ford Field to play the winless Lions.

A victory Sunday by Minnesota would ensure the Vikings (7-5) win the NFC North in the event they finish tied with the Bears (6-6).

The judge in the case said he needed more time to consider the situation and depending on how much time he takes, it could have further impact on the Bears as it also clears New Orleans defensive end Will Smith and running back Deuce McAllister to possibly be active for Thursday's game at Soldier Field.

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Well what a pity, they break the rules and may win the war because the two cheaters get to play this week and maybe even next.

The Bears precarious push for the playoffs is truly only their own fault. They have lost at least 4 games out of the 6 where they have not finished well particularly on Defense (something they used to pride themselves on)and they blew the Vikings game when they could have taken a commanding lead into the locker room at halftime only to blow a touchdown and then give up a touchdown a few play later, essentially a 14 point swing.

Well, I guess these guys are not the champions that I thought they were or could be? Champions earn what they get and certainly in 2006 they were close but came away with no cigar or a championship.(they call it kissing your sister). This year is even more frustrating given their potential unrealized.

It is time for the Bears management to get some winners (with heart) and decent coaches (with brains) to complement players like Forte and Brown that give it their all on every play even through the fourth quarter. Those Bears that took plays off during a game, please look at yourself in the mirror and not wonder why you are not a champion.

The Williams Wall will be standing for the rest of their careers. Their is no way they will be convicted for any form of crime or rule breaking due to the great cries of "rape" by the defendants. And if this is infact a criminal investigation I assume Double Jeopardy will be intact. SO these players have officially found a way to take roids without notice. Geniu. We don't give perps and criminals enough credit sometimes. I personally would have thought that the NFL would have been able to afford better attorneys than the players and their union. Being in the justice field, this type of breaking and hustling of the legal system is completely gut-retching. Now one can only hope for karma to create the justice that was rejected.

Unreal but still I wouldn't throw this all on the Williams duo, in fact this is all on the Union. What are they doing? They agree too Zero tolerance but then pull this stunt. Even if they didn't take roids they still broke the rules. Roids has nothing too do with it, they took a banned substance. Miller got nailed for this back in the day and couldn't do anything about it and the union did nothing about it back then. Oh well maybe the Bears shouldn't rely on hoping other teams best players don't play so they have a chance to make the playoffs. Maybe they should learn how to tackle, actually work out during practice and maybe try to be consistant, it's just a thought though. To me this team look like it's gonna quit on the coach pretty soon if it hasn't already.

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