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Lonely Bear: Briggs only player chosen for Pro Bowl

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Lance Briggs is going to have to spring for some airfares if he wants to hang with his friends in Honolulu.

The Bears' weak-side linebacker was the team's only player chosen to the NFC Pro Bowl team, a source said. The league will release the official teams at 3 p.m.

Briggs, who has now been named to four consecutive Pro Bowls, leads the team in tackles with 122 and 73 solos and has three interceptions. He has been the most consistent player on defense all season.

The Bears had four players at the Pro Bowl last season and eight were selected after the 2006 season. The last time the franchise had only one player picked for the game was 2004 when center Olin Kreutz represented them.

This means middle linebacker Brian Urlacher, who waged what was at times a nasty battle for a contract extension in the offseason, was not selected. Urlacher, who was signed through 2011, threatened to sit out unless he got more money and was ultimately given an $18 million, one-year extension. Urlacher is a six-time Pro Bowl selection as is Kreutz.

It also means the talented special teams group was shut out. Kicker Robbie Gould and punter Brad Maynard have both had all-star seasons. Running back Matt Forte also deserved Pro Bowl consideration.

Check back for more information soon.

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I remember alot of fans were mad about the new contract for Lance, but he is the only one that showed up! Way to go Lance!!!

Fans had every right to be upset with the way he pouted and stomped his feet claiming he would never play here again to any media outlet that would listen. And let's not even get into the freeway incident or the number of baby's-mamas hauling his @$$ to court.

Almost none of that stuff should have mattered to the fans. He postured because he wanted to get paid. Everyone does it. He never downed the fans so why are fans mad about him saying that he never wanted to play for the organization he felt was lowballing him? Fans got mad for what? He didn't down one fan. And if he can't keep his little Lance in his pants then how is that hurting us? If having kids is his hobby then he has to pay that price. If he rammed someone on the expressway and left the scene then he committed a crime and would have to pay as well. We dip too much into their social life. We know too much about their personal lives and wallow in what they do too often. The last time I looked he was a football player. One of the only ones who got paid this past off-season and still showed up to play just about every game. That is what should matter. I don't look at him to do anything but play football. If he did that badly then I would complain.

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