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It's a secret ... to the Vikings at least

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As reported earlier in the week, the Minnesota Vikings will not show the score from the Bears-Texans game on the video boards in the Metrodome today.

Vikings coach Brad Childress doesn't want his players watching the scoreboard, apparently.

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Lets start calling Kyle Orton by the name of GEICO......We can only hope he will be selling car insurance next season.

Great story on Lovies faith in Babich Brad, you really hit the nail on that one.
There is something wrong with Lovie (thats hard to admit) if he believed in Babich that much and Babich failed that bad, we can not really place all the blame on Babich, the blame goes on Lovie and JA as well.
The division title was right there but we could not get it. Coaches/scheme/players (mostly it's the players JA refused to bring in this year but the scheme's/coaches were horrible as well) Something BETTER change next year as I am getting real tired of these same old stories from the bears! 40 years of backing a losing team is quite enough I feel, either the bears change or I will, bottom line. I have had some great memories over those losing years = Dick the mauler! SMASHING!!! running backs, Sayres injury (as a young boy) I actually cried when I saw him go down because I knew the greatest RB in history would never play again. I think it was Douglas I saw spitting his teeth out on the field after a HARD hit, but I never saw but 2 real winners over all that time, 1963 and 1985, and the 63 one is hard to remember as I was only 8 years old, I don't really count losing the 2006 SB (does anyone except the losers?) but I am really gettimg tired of supporting a teams owners that will never consistently put good players/coaches on the field because they want to make more money for themselves. I have been laughed at, ridiculed by ALL football fans because I am a Bear fan and EVERYONE knows the Bears have ALWAYS been losers! It's been really hard to laugh it off and tell them - that I am loyal to the Bears because I am a Bears fan while they explain to me how pathetic MY team is. for 40 !@#$ years!!! Some things had better change next year as I am tired of giving my HARD EARNED money to the McCaskey's so they can line their pockets while I have to be ridiculed for supporting them.
I do not want to die while waiting on those McCaskey's to let me watch another Super Bowl WIN! Some of the younger fans on this board don't get it yet, but they will after so many years of the McCaskey money not trickling back down to the fans.
Before this year began I wrote that if we just added some key players this year we could be in the Super Bowl this year, mainly a couple good Offensive linemen, but did we, NO! and now here we all sit knowing if the McCaskeys would have added those players (and a good WR NOT BOOKER) we would still be playing and cheering.
Babich better be gone next year and Turner and maybe even Lovie and JA as this team was terrible this year and the blame is all around. Anyone that says JA has done a good job, only needs to look at the money he gave out and what he got in return, NO FA, when we HAD to have them and don't even tell me no one could know the D would play this bad, as thats his job to know and if he doesn't then he is in the wrong job for sure.

I am so sorry - I meant 3 winners!

"I love Brian Piccolo, and I'd like all of you to love him. When you hit your knees to pray tonight, please ask God to love him, too." Bears running back Gale Sayers uttered these famous words in May 1970, as he accepted the NFL's Most Courageous Player award. Sayers told the crowd they had selected the wrong person for the honor, and would accept it only on Piccolo's behalf.

Well I have finally finished throwing up blood. It actually is a pleasure that this miserable season is over for this Bear fan.
Like you Randy I have been following the Bears since I won a regional Ford punt pass and kick contest and was awarded a leather Bears jacket, I was 8 and also my first real memory of the Bears was in their championship year of 63.

Hard to say but 45 years later, I am probably as frustrated this year as I have ever been. When I get done with my daily run on the treadmill and the time starts to clock down from a minute, when it hits 55 seconds I say Briggs name at 54 its Urlacher at 51 it Butkus, 50 Singletary, 46 seconds its the 46 Defense and Doug Plank at 45 its Gary Fencik, 41 Brian Piccolo, 40 seconds Gale Sayers, 34 WALTER, 30 Mike Brown, 27 my birthday, 23 Devin Hester, 22 Matt Forte, 18 Kyle Orton, 16 Joe Montana, 12 Joe Namath, 9 Jim McMahon and 8 Rex Grossman. I do this each and every day that I work out. By the way #32 Benson was dropped off of my list. Can you tell, I am just a little superstitious.

The Bears are losers this year, they are losers because they gave it away, the year was a waste. The talent was sufficient to be in it, but the BEARS have not had any heart all year long.

The D did not show up today or all year.
The Pass rush was a joke most of the year and today Schaub could have written a novel.
The D backs are completely lost without Brown,at least two touchdowns today because they were not prepared.
The coaches are terrible, the Bears were not ready to play today and that is Lovies responsiblity.. Fire LOvie because he does not know how to surround himself with talented coaches.
Babich "OMG" that D today was pop warner at its best. Turner well he is not that incredible, his play calling is not too creative and definitely predictable but he hasn't had much talent to work with either. The Defense has no excuses.

Tommy Harris and Urlacher poor play and poor seasons, you are currently not worth the money.

I am sick, sick sick and tired of these Bears,I would rather have some of those poor teams from the past that gave their heart and soul to winning each and every game, made teams not want to come to play the Bears because of the physical beating they would receive then to watch this pathetic group of millionaires that can't get motivated each week.

Well, I will watch all year next year and hope that this team will do what it needs to do to win.

But please JA and McCaskey's fire Babich and LOvie and bring in some coaches with some fire in their belly.

Wow Randy. You have been a fan for 53 years? That's 1 year less than my dad, and 24 years more than I have been a fan. I feel your pain.

Once Ditka was fired in 1992, the last hold over from George Halas was gone. It has been all, 100% McCaskey since then. This team would always make money even if they were maxed out on the salary cap. This is Chicago, not Cincinatti. This is a big market, a huge market! They should spend that extra money, and extend a little more luxary to the "top of the line" executives. I am talking about Ted Phillips position, and Jerry Angelo's position.

All you need is someone with "fire" and desire to win and be the best, and with a general knowledge of football. He (or she.. haha) needs to have the philosophy. What type of team? Smash-mouth or Gun-slinger. Power or speed (it is rare to find both in a player). They know that they need to hire someone that knows QB's well. If it were me, I would want the head coach involved in the decisions of which players to pick.

The GM would have rules:
1. No re-occurring off the field problems (Character) in the first 2 rounds.
2. No re-occurring or severe recent injury can be picked in the first 2 rounds.

Jerry Angelo has picked a good coach I think. Lovie Smith has accumulated a 45-35 record. Since 2005 (when he had mostly his "type" of players), his record is 40-24, or a .625 winning percentage.

Angelo's problem is 4 things.
1. Picking players with injury histories early in rounds
2. Picking players with character issues early in rounds
3. Needs to place more premium in the O-line
4. He gave Lovie Smith too much power. He should have made Smith deal with having Rivera here. Angelo's job is to make the team better, not to make people happy.

Lovie Smith is great. He knows how to win. But he "coddles" his players too much. Though he did run an intense first camp, his camps since then have been weak. He needs to let them hit in camp and in at least 2 practices per week throughout the year. He needs to stop letting Babich off the hook. But he is easily the best coach since Da Coach was let go in '92. I also admire his style of not publicly humiliating anyone, ever. He never throws anyone under the bus. But the tackling thing on defense is directly related to how much you practice tackling (at full speed).

There plenty of moves that should be made. It should be made clear soon that mediocrity will not be tolerated in Chicago. If Urlacher is too slow to be at MLB, move him to strong side and allow him to be more effective. Tweak with things in the off-season. Be creative. Be obsessed with winning.

There are plenty of free agents available that can fill a lot of voids. Each one has a price.

They could have a quality draft (like 04 with Harris, Johnson, Berrian, and Vasher).

It is clear the D-line needs something. Another impact player. There are 2 available as free agents.

The secondary needs a replacement at safety. I have heard the theory of moving Tillman to Free Safety. I am all for it, and hope they would consider it. There are moves the Bears can make that can make them dominant next season. It can be turned around or turbo charged in 1 year (see Miami, and Atlanta, and Baltimore, and Philadelphia - - all were last place in their respective divisions last season).

whit that being said. I think they had an exciting year. Definitely had a lot of close calls. But that is what you get from a middle of the pack team. They legitimately won 6 games, and got handed 3 more. But they let 3 chances for victory go in the final minutes early in the season.

The pessemist can say the Bears blew the oppotunities.

The optimist can say the Bear's lost their starting QB to injury when he was in a groove in mid season. They literally gave away 3 games early in the year. And still were 1 game away from making the playoffs.

They are not far away from being dominant again. Lovie Smith is well-liked by all players. He alone is attractive to free agents.

Go Bears!!

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