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Harris could land Pro Bowl opportunity

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We'll take one more look at the Pro Bowl before we move on to the rest of the week and preparation for Monday's meeting with Green Bay.

There is a good chance defensive tackle Tommie Harris will be extended an opportunity to play in the Pro Bowl. He's the first alternate at the position and Pat Williams is out two to six weeks with a fractured scapula. It's unknown whether that half of the Williams Wall will be able to return to the Vikings this season, and obviously playing in the Pro Bowl probably will not be too high on his list, not as hard as some players work to get out of the game.

But considering the left knee issues Harris has had this season--he skipped the Pro Bowl last year for a legitimate reason to have arthroscopic surgery on it--we're guessing it is unlikely Harris will go to Honolulu.

The rest of the Bears' alternates face long odds to get a chance to play in the game. Return man Devin Hester was candid when discussing his situation on Tuesday.

``I didn't deserve it this year,'' he said. ``Every football player wants to be in the Pro Bowl. If you don't, then there is something wrong with you. Hopefully, I'm back next year.''

Hester is the third alternate after Tampa Bay's Clifton Smith, who was not promoted to the Buccaneers' roster until October. New Orleans' Reggie Bush, who has a knee issue, is the first alternate and San Francisco's Allen Rossum is the second alternate.

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Anthony Adams deserves to be in the Probowl before Tommie does!!

Is there a rule for the Pro Bowl that a player must be on the field 1/4 of the time - must not be.

Seriously the Pro Bowl selections are always about 2 to 3 years behind in matching up season's accomplishments with reputation from previous seasons.

The Pro Bowl is a joke every year from voting to believing that highly compensated football players are going to go full-speed, possibly ended their careers for a meaningless game, non-playoff players being in game shape and expecting TV watchers to tune in.

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