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Hamstring to sideline Wolfe 3-4 weeks

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Perhaps Garrett Wolfe fell victim to the cold, he's not really sure, but with a pretty serious hamstring pull it doesn't matter now.

The Bears' leading special teams tackler will miss three to four weeks following his injury Sunday on the opening kickoffs, meaning the Bears will have to make the playoffs to see Wolfe in action again this season.

"I've had hamstring issues since I left college,'' said the third-round pick from 2007. "This is probably the third time I've had a hamstring problem. That makes it even more disappointing."

Wide receiver Marty Booker suffered a cracked rib in the 23-10 victory and coach Lovie Smith called him questionable for Thursday's game with New Orleans. Defensive tackle Tommie Harris was held out during the second half after tweaking his right hamstring. He left the stadium with ice on it.

Wolfe was running downfield and made a turn to cut in when he felt his hamstring go. He was still limping Monday afternoon in the locker room. His loss is considerable for a special teams unit that has been working to piece it together all along. Wolfe leads the team with 21 special teams stops, seven better than his closest competition.

"I think this is something I can come back from," he said. "It's just like anything. It's going to take time to heal. I'm not exactly sure how long it will take, but it's definitely going to take some time to heal.

"I felt warm. I felt as good as I could be before the game. But obviously I think the weather had some type of effect on my body. I don't think it affects everyone's body, but when you're running downfield on kickoff, you're trying to run as fast as you can. It can have more of an effect than any other phase."

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I've had hamstring issues since I left college,'' said the third-round pick from 2007. "This is probably the third time I've had a hamstring problem. That makes it even more disappointing. you see now looser bear fans?????? taht means wolf was injured before and angelo still dfrated him!!! another BUST by angelo!! but is no surprise because iam always right (man, iam always right) and i only give facts. time for me to waiste your good time like i always do hear are angelos 1st round draft pick who are all BUSTS:

2002 - colombo-BUST

2003 - haynes grossman (BUSTOS)

204 - tommy harris (crazey....BUST)

2005 -benson (oh baby what a bust!)

2006 - noone hear but if anfgelo did pick someone they would have FAILED so BUST

2007 - olson 9cant block so yeah he also bust)


2009 - does it matter??? theyl all be busts because angelo pickd them and because iam always rigth! so my loyal fansan admirrrs we need to get angelo fired so that i can be the GM ands then i wil rule the world!!!!! MOOHOOHAHAHA!!!

but you hus now me old crap-tojn just trying to be posative...

^^This guy is high

I think we need to keep wolfe no matter what. Forte+Wolfe would be a nasty change of pace for 09 since it lookes like jones and peterson are done here.

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