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Half of the Williams Wall falls

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The Bears expected the Williams Wall to crumble at least two weeks ago, after their trip to the Metrodome Nov. 30, but the StarCaps case involving Vikings defensive tackles Kevin Williams and Pat Williams is caught up in court with no resolution in sight until the offseason.

But Pat Williams, the run-stuffer of the bunch, will sit out after all. He suffered a fractured scalpula in Sunday's win at Arizona and according to our good friends at the Star-Tribune, he will miss two to six weeks.

That could be a serious blow to the run defense. The Vikings are hosting Atlanta and the New York Giants to close the season, and the Falcons and Giants are 1-2 as the league's top rushing attacks. Still, the Bears must win out and have Minnesota swept in order for them to win the NFC North. For what it's worth, and for those who are interested in this kind of thing, the Vikings are a three-point favorite over Atlanta.

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All of a sudden with one of the walls out the opponents running game, play action passes will be more effective. There may be hope after all for a huge collapse by the Vikings against Atlanta and New York.

But also the Bears have to win out against an angry Packer team and a Houston team that wants to finish well with some excellent talent.

Go BEars!!!!

lets see that scumbag judge fix this one up! I'm not rooting for the injury (that would be dirty), I'm rooting for the fact that this can't be fixed by some biased judge, unless that same judge give up the money to provide the medical attention needed for Williams to be fixed within a week. TO THE JUDGE!!! HURAH!

Well, Well, Well, looks like karma has caught up with one of the cheaters. I hope Minnesota chokes on it now. Serves the Williams cheating wall right. HA HA HA

I was hoping one fell on the other and they both were out but I'll take this too.

Though I never want injury to befall any player (with the exception of Ray Lewis and T.O.) I think it's karma for that bs injunction from the Minnesota judge they bought to postpone their suspensions until after the season.

Now hopefully the Bears can win out and get some help from Carolina and the G-men but it's looking quite dim right now.

ps. Brad can you please have your tech guys fix this "caption" system. It is AWFUL; if you don't have programmers - which judging by the way this thing works you don't - you can always e-mail me and I'll fix the dang thing!

Cheaters never prosper.


Minnesota, [gulp, this is hard to say] was impressive vs the Cardinals sunday. But the injury to big Pat Williams does help Atlanta's chances. Hopefully Atlanta will exploit the fact Pat Williams is out, and run the ball down the Vikings throat!! This will also open things up for Matt Ryan to have his way with the Vikings defense, hopefully!

Chicago is going to have to take care of business on their side also, the Bears are gonna have their hands full with both Green Bay and Houston. None the less, Chicago still has a chance, this is all that really matters GO BEARS!!

-The following blog was inspried by an actual Bear basher, he asked to remain anonymous.-

I got to thinking one day, just for fun, how can I make Kyle Orton look good, then it dawned on me, yeah, why not prove, with stats, that Kyle Orton, by himself, with one less start [and a bum ankle], can be just as productive as two QB's on a playoff team, with the leagues best runningback, and an all-pro left guard with a better overall set of tackles, especially on the ever important left side. Thats right folks, it took the Vikings TWO, count em, TWO QB's to be just as productive as or own Kyle Orton, and oh yeah, Orton had one less start than both Gus Frerotte & Tarvaris Jackson, but the one less start should help out the Viking's TWO, count em again, TWO QB's. Lets compare stats:

Kyle Orton, by himself with one less start [and the bum ankle]: att 401 comp 236 pct 58.9 yds 2586 avg 6.45 tds 15 int 10 sacks 22 fum lost 5

Now, both, this means TWO QB's Gus Frerotte & Tarvaris Jackson, on a playoff team, with a better o-line oh you get my point by now!! att 388 comp 228 pct 58.7 yds 2741 avg 7.06 tds 18 int 16 sacks 38 fum lost 2

As you can plainly see, with one less start, Kyle Orton put up about as many yards passing as TWO Viking QB's Frerotte & Jackson, oh yeah, they had one more start. Oh, wait, Orton had a few more attempts, oh, never mind, Orton had a better comp pct 58.9% to 58.7%, again, compared to TWO QB's on a playoff team with a better starting left side on their offensive line. Oh, that reminds me, Kyle Orton, with a swing tackle on the left side, and basically a rookie starting on the left side at guard, was only sacked 22 times, compare this to, again, TWO Vikings QB's, who have an all-pro at left guard, and a better starting left tackle were sacked, wow, 38 times????????? Oh, and by the way, it took TWO Vikings QB's to have about as many td passes as Kyle Orton, Orton's 15 to TWO Vikings QB's 18, oh did I mention, Orton had one less start!! Bottom line, It took the Vikings TWO, count em again, TWO QB's with one more start, to match the production of Kyle Orton, all by himself, thats not bad QB play, as you can see, its all in the numbers GO ORTON!! GO BEARS!!

One can hope the Vikings will miss him enough to lose the next two, but their offense is looking very good with Jackson and Peterson at the top of their games. I suspect they will lose one of their two remaining games, but that does the Bears no good at all.Unfortunately, I think it's already a "wait until next year" scenario.

ahhhh... kevin! wel lokks you dare mock me again!! well i can play just as dirty kevin....bumseatd! hahaha iam soooooo funny! you calld me bear basher kevin????? wel flatery will get you no wear honey. ans did you now that i am always right ans onyl give facts? is strue kevin. is true.
ayway i hate you ans mike and specialy BRANDO!!!! ohhh i HATE BRRRRRRRANDO and i hat his sad puppy dog eyes ans his boyish hair ans his CHEERY happy GOLUCKY LIFESYLYE!!!

but you guys now me old scrap-ton juts trying to be posative...

Man I'm hearing an awful lot of crap about The Williams Wall for taking a weight loss pill not a steroid' and by the way vikingsUrGoingDown "THAT FAT PIECE OF CRAP" stuffed every run down the middle and even a few QB's probably including which ever horrible one you root for, if not definately your Runningback!

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