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Forte, Orton sidelined as Bears begin preparation for Packers

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Running back Matt Forte, who injured his right toe on the Bears' first play from scrimmage last Thursday against New Orleans, was on the sideline at practice this morning at the Walter Payton Center.

Forte came out of the game and was checked out in the locker room before returning. He finished with a season-low 34 yards on 11 carries.

Coach Lovie Smith downplayed the significance of Forte's injury last Friday but the running back canceled a scheduled appearance in the south suburbs on Saturday.

Kyle Orton, who has been battling a right ankle injury for more than a month, was also on the sideline.

Orton was moving fine in the locker room on Monday and has no known issue. We'll see what kind of update Smith provides following practice.

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Its getting awfully close to the time to give Hanie and Garret Wolfe a shot at the starting line up.

I say rest them both we are going to need them the next two weeks to have any chance at the playoffs. I don't know if we deserve the playoffs but I am cheering on my bears all teh same.

why would you want to give either of those guys a shot at this point?? These next 2 games are crucial...
Hanie-Rookie QB - would get ate up.
Wolfe-is on IR & in no way is he better than Forte.
I agree with Indy- they are just resting them for our final push.
first things first - kill GreenBay

Lets see what Kevin Jones has in him..everyone needs two backs and AP isnt a great alternative for us

By Aryeh on December 16, 2008 12:09 PM
Its getting awfully close to the time to give Hanie and Garret Wolfe a shot at the starting line up.

I am trying to decide if I should even waste my time with this. No it's too easy. Ok just one, maybe we should also try Manning as a reciever he is a kick returner and a DB sound like someone else we know. Common lets give it a shot. Lets also make Chris Williams a DE and see how he does there. I also think it's time to see how Babich does as our new head coach. Ok that was three, so sue me.

Just win please that's all, win for a chance to get the division and win for a chance at wildcard in case we tie with Minn

Just win

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