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Forte expected to return to practice Friday

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Coach Lovie Smith said running back Matt Forte was given practice off Thursday but is expected to be back on the field Friday. Smith said he expects to have most players avalable Monday night.

Forte is resting an injured right toe.

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And now your Bear news.

Today 670 the Score reported that Bear coaches continue to search for film of Kyle Orton throwing the deep ball at Perdue, but as of yet have had little luck finding anything that may help the QB fix the problem he has throwing the ball deep.

Perhaps this is something they could have looked at pre-draft.

In a related story during an interview Orton was discussing the improvemnt he has seen in Hester the last 3 or 4 games. Orton went on to state that he felt the reason for the improvment was that "Hester was running really fast." No thats not a joke he actually said that.

Continuing on with our Bear update, Mike Mulligan Staff Reporter for the Sun-Times was quoted in a recent article titled "Time to seperate Bear fact from Bear fiction" that the Bears are not a great running team and that Matt Forte is more of a Anthony Thomas than he is an elite player. He then went on to say Steve Slaton and Chris Johnson were both better rookies.

In a follow up piece Biggs Blog own Kevin Armstead was seen outside Sun-Times headquarters sporting a new Forte Jersey, holding an axe and asking Mr. Mulligan for a direct quote.

While this was going on, over at the Tribune David Haugh wrote a article about how 10 wins is better than eight wins. How if the Bears get 10 wins it doesn't matter if they make the playoffs.(Again this is not a joke)

Indeed Mr. Haugh 10 wins is better than 8 and thank you for writing such an insightful piece. However it does actually mater if you make the playoffs. Later Mr. Haugh will be writing a piece called Touchdowns are better than interceptions.

Today on the "ESPN" show "Rome is Burning" Jim Rome reported that something is burning, but only when he uses the bathroom.

Lovie Smith was spoted at Halas Hall today staring blankly at a wall. Later GM Jerry Angelo was seen unpluging Lovie from the wall and using what appeared to be a remote control device to move Lovie to the film room.

In our final piece Packerbacker has once again appeared on the Biggs Blog in a uprevoked attack on Bears fans. Well known poster and flip flopper Mike(no relation to Mike of Mike and Ike candy by the way)responded to this attack by inviting Packerbacker to post at the blog anytime as he feels sorry for the Packers a team that beat the snot out of the Bears earlier this year and are about to play them again. The two men were later seen holding hands while they took a long walk through "Lincoln Park Zoo."(So happy together)

This has been your Bear news update

HAHAHA!! Lol, know, just when we thought we had you figured out you go and pull something like this. I mean, I think I speak for all of us regulars on Inside the Bears who believed you were hopelessly pessimistic, bitterly antisocial, psychotically depressed, lacking in personal hygiene, desperately lonely, or even suffering from delusions of grandeur, that it's a welcome change to see you have a comical side!

All in all it was a pretty funny post. I liked the part about Armstead with the axe the best. I'll even overlook the blatant plagiarism of the news report I did a couple of weeks back or my pseudo-interview that featured Smith as a robot. Hey, at least you're getting your inspiration from me rather than your former mentor, Beelzebub.

Anyway, have a Merry Holiday Season, Creighton, and Go Bears! Forte should be ready to run for Monday night so let's bulldoze our way into those playoffs!

Im sitting here in my brand new Matt Forte jersey [actually not kidding] and I got to thinking, Forte is actually a lot more comparable to another former Bear runningback, Thomas Jones, a lot more than say, Anthony Thomas. I can see why Mulligan made the comparison to Thomas for the obvious reasons, both rookies who ran for over a 1000 yds, one set the Bears rookie mark for most yds in a season, Thomas, another is about to, Forte, but other than that, I really can't see any other similarities? Forte, unlike Thomas, is a threat to brake a big run at any time, Forte is a much smoother receiver out of the backfield than Thomas was, and Forte came on straight out of college, Thomas didn't start till almost October of his rookie season, I just don't see the comparison?? Maybe he figured they both had 1100 plus yds rushing in their rookie season, yeah, but one problem, Forte still has two more games to go, Forte could realistically hit 1300 yds rushing, oh yeah, and 60 plus catches, again, I really don't see the comparison?? Maybe it might be a good idea to wait till the end of the season to make another player comparison???

What I meant by a comparison to Thomas Jones was, they both can break a big one at any time, and are both good receivers out of the backfield. Only difference is, Jones took a couple seasons to come on, and age, Forte is a lot younger and will be around a lot longer than Jones. At first, Jerry Angelo looked like a goat for letting Jones go, now with the drafting of Matt Forte, no one seems to care anymore. Good pick on Angelos part!

This is why I think Jerry Angelo is one of the leagues better GM's, inside of just two seasons, Angelo has fixed the Bears runningback position, tight end position, left guard position, one of the safety positions [which just last season seemed like a big problem, not now, not with Kevin Payne,] and QB problem, Kyle Orton is a good QB, I say the ankle is still bothering him, and for you that don't like Orton, hey, Angelo brought in a guy named Caled Hanie. Receiver is the current problem, but Devin Hester is really starting to come on, not bad for a guy who didn't even have a set position coming out of college, if Hester comes on at receiver, which I think by next season he will, this will be nother great move by Jerry Angelo, I still think Angelo should bring in another wide out this off-season, but Earl Bennett might be another good pick on Angelo's part by next season, you never know? Im confident he will fix the receiver problem this off-season. All of these position problems were fixed by Angelo through the draft, I still have confidence in Jerry Angelo and I still think he is one of the leagues better GM's. GO BEARS!!

-We would like to take the time to apologize for certain remarks made by a certain Bear fan Kevin Armstead, on an above blog, we realize that showing actual support for your favorite team [that you choose to root for] might upset certain members of the Chicago Bears fanbase [some fanbase huh??]. Again, we are sorry, Armstead apologizes for showing team support, I mean the nerve of that guy, and he calls himself a Bear fan!!!!!!?????? If Armstead was smart, he would constantly bash the Bears, because they are not perfect, and attack every personnel move they make, even if most of them work out. Oh yeah, never be happy with anything his favorite team does, or their existence. Yes, REAL fans bash their team because their not as good as they think they should be, THE CHICAGO BEARS SHOULD BE PERFECT IN EVRY SINGLE THING THEY DO, I MEAN, HOW DARE THEY LOSE, OR HOW DARE CERTAIN PLAYERS HAVE THE NERVE TO GET INJURED!!!!!! Their players should be super human, and every draft pick should be a future hall of famer, till this happens, always bash the Bears till they are the Perfect franshise, this is the only way you will be happy watching football, you know, a form of entertainment????????? This has been a publis announcement, again, we apologize for Armstead showing actual team support, the nerve of that guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO PERFECT TEAM, A REALISTIC DREAM!! no really??

I've always considered Bears' fans the craziest in all of sports and to this day they keep proving me right. I'm one of the same however and my antics before, during & after gameday are so completely ludicrous I should be thrown into a straight-jacket just before kickoff. Thanks for making me feel better Creighton, Mike, Armstead & PA. I can sleep better now knowing ya'll are as crazy as I.

Boy we really need a game to play, the blog is going melodrama now, soon we'll be doing a Saturday night live remake of inside the bears staring, creighton, kevin a, mike and a PA guys whose voice we hardly know.........

Monday night, hurry up and get here so we have something to blog about again.... and packers azz to kick........LOL Go BEARS.....

I got a game:

What 3 players would you cut before next year? What 1 front office/ coaching move would you make?

I would cut:
1. Tait - There just has to be someone out there better than Tait, and for a lot less money than Tait makes too.
2. Adewale Ogunleye: I know that Mark Anderson is worse than Ogunleye, but they need to free up money to re do that position, and Peppers will probably be out there. He will command 10 million per year. (No one should freak out about 10 mil per year. You know only half of that will guaranteed, he could be cut anytime)
3. Garza: He has just not been good at all at pushing his man around. he always gets pushed around. He may be smart, and athletic for a lineman, but he gets beat where it counts (strength at the point of collision).

Front Office / Coaching Move
- Fire Babich, and replace him with someone competent. Marinelli is more than likely there for the taking. He knows Lovie. Romeo Crennel likely will be available, although he runs a 3-4. Maybe Wade Phillips if the Cowboys lose tomorrow against Baltimore. Ted Cotrell was fired in SD. Was he bad or are the players bad? I am sure there will be 4 others that we don't know of. The Bears should be patient, but persistent if they know someone is good. Was Haslett a D-coordinator? Anyways, there are lots of choices out there. I am sure 1 or 2 of them is good. Hope they pick the right one.

And one more thing. I would permanently move Graham to starting CB opposite Tillman. Vasher would then be the best nickel corner in the league. I think Manning is finally coming around.


My sales pitches for the offseason. (Through obviously fantasy)

Drop: Adrian Peterson, Marty Booker, maybe Lloyd, St. Clair, Taylor, Hillenmeyer, maybe Vasher, and maybe Brown depending on his continuing health status.

Pick up: T.J. Houshmandzadeh CIN, maybe Devery Henderson WR NO, UFA, maybe Jabar Gaffney WR NE, Jordan Gross OL CAR, Mark Tauscher OL GB, Albert Haynesworth TEN, Terrell Suggs BAL, and Julius Peppers CAR. Of course some of these guys' teams will most likely resign them, but I would LOVE to see T.J. and possibly Peppers in Navy Blue and Orange gear. But thats just my dreams and hopes. If anyone has thoughts on the odds of any of these players becoming Bears or thoughts about the players in general do not hesitate to provide info.

Ryan, I don't know if Chicago will cut Bears right tackle John Tait, he really hasn't played that bad this year at right tackle, which is his more natural position. Tait is only signed through 2009, this gives the Bears an opportunity to keep Tait at right tackle for one more season, then bring in a draft pick to develop behind him for a season. Only one problem with this scenario, if Chicago brought in another draft pick, they would have to keep 4 tackles on the 53 man roster, two starters, a swing tackle, and the rookie, which they don't seem to like to do. Chicago would almost have to use a first day pick on another tackle, someone NFL ready who could play swing tackle, to keep only 3. As far as swing tackle goes, the Bears have John St.Clair, but he is a free agent at the end of the season, it will be interesting to see if the Bears keep him or not? If Chicago does keep Tait, they will likely draft an eventual successor for Tait, if they do cut Tait, in all likeliness, their going the free agent route, here is what I would do if I were Chicago under either scenario, if they cut Tait or keep him?

If the Bears Keep Tait, it would be a good idea to draft someone who could sit a season behind Tait, like I said above although, "Chicago would almost have to keep four tackles on the 53 man roster under this scenario." At left tackle the Bears have Chris Williams, at right tackle Tait, the swing tackle would be John St.Clair if they resign him, which I think they will. Draft wise, I would bring in either Ciron Black of LSU, or Phil Loadholt of Oklahoma, Chicago would have to use a first day draft pick to get either one of these prospects. If the Bears want to go second day for a darkhorse, I like Augustus Parrish of Kent State, the 6-6 308 lb tackle is an athletic lineman who is an effective run-blocker, he could be a good eventual replacement for Tait, and Chicago could get him on the second day of the draft.

Free agent wise, I would rule out Marvel Smith of Pittsburgh, Mark Tauscher of Green Bay, Jon Runyan, and Tra Thomas of Philadelphia, all because of age. It would make no sense to bring in another stop gap much like Fred Miller was, I say bring in a free agent that has a furture and Chicago could build around. Best case scenario would be the Panthers Jordan Gross, only problem is, whoever lands Gross is going to have to pay him, Gross is only a 6 year vet headed to the pro-bowl, can you say monster pay day, so I don't know, but he would look good in blue & orange, I just think its gonna take to much green to bring him in. Vernon Carey of Miami is only a 6 yr vet, he would make a good right tackle for the Bears at 6-5 335 lbs, he is young with great size for the position and would really help out the Bears running game, I'd really like to see the Bears bring him in also. Khalif Barnes is another possibility, nice size at 6-5 325 lbs, and is only a 4 year vet. Barnes has been a little inconsistent in Jacksonville, but some scouts say a change of scenery might help Barnes, I think I might bring in Carey over Barnes. A darkhorse, who is a restricted free agent is, Tyson Clabo of Atlanta, a 3 year vet at 6-6 319 lbs would be a nice young addition, Chicago would probably have to give up a third rounder for Clabo, but who cares, they would probably draft a tackle with that pick anyways, and Clabo is already NFL ready. Whatever Angelos does, it will certainly be an interesting off season as always GO BEARS!!

Impressive analysis of the offensive tackle position, Kevin.

I know I have said before to fix the OT position. But I am thinking right now that guard is a ore pressing need on the O-line. I just keep thinking about how many 3rd or 4th and 1's did we attempt and not convert this year? It sure seems like a lot. SO I think they need to beef up the inside of the line first. That is why I have said Goff from SD. He is huge and can get the job done with better coaching. He will have that in Chicago.

But the most pressing need right now is defensive end. Either side. It doesn't matter. They need to get Julius Peppers provided he is not signed to an extension by the end of the season. If not Peppers, then they must get Albert Haynesworth. The addition of either one would put the Bear's D-line in the top 5 in the league again. They must do something with that D-line, because those guys are not cutting it right now. They can't even hold a line now much less push it back. That is why the Bears must overcommit to stop the run.

I say this offense is good enough if this defense can be a "Chicago Bear Defense" next year. OK, maybe the offense blew the Carolina game. But the defense blew the Atlanta game and the Tampa Bay game for sure.

So my order of free agent priorities are:
1. Peppers
2. Haynesworth
3. Goff
4. James Farrior (Pittsburg) - fill in Hillenmeyer's spot
5. Nnamdi Asomugha - he is just an awesome shut down corner flying under the radar in Oakland (I live in the Bay area sadly). You could put him at corner in place of Tillman, and put Tillman at Free Safety. It would be 4 superior athletes in the secondary. This move instantly makes the Bears secondary top 5 in the league.

If they somehow lucked out, and were able to draft Maualuga (6'2" LB from USC), then their LB corps would return to top 1 or 2 in the league.

If they do all 3, their defense will be the best in the league again.

I hope they do, and GO BEARS!! BEAT THE pack

Ryan, I like your list of free agent defensive linemen. I agree, Chicago should at least try and land either Peppers or Haynesworth. I'd like to see the Bears land Albert Haynesworth the most, I like his size at 6-6 320 lbs, with this kind of size, Haynesworth could really free up our linebackers. Team him and a healthy Tommie Harris, Chicago could be back on top defensive wise, and yes, we need the push inside Haynesworth would provide. Also, with the addition of Haynesworth, Chicago would have great depth, Harris, Harrison, and Adams, this could be a great unit inside for the Bears. Defensive end wise, I say use a first rounder on George Selvie of South Florida, as a rookie, Selvie could be the Bears third end, I think he is gonna be a good one with his ability to make plays behind the line.

As far as the guard position, I actually think Chicago is alright. At left guard, Josh Beekman has really been coming on as the season has progressed. I look for him to have a breakout season next year, now that he is more comfortable as a starter. As far as right guard goes, we have Garza, who a lot of fans think is the weak link. Early in the season, the Bears brought in Dan Buenning, at 6-4 320 lbs, Buenning could add the size, and push you talked about, Buenning is a great run blocker. If you check out the Bears depth chart, Buenning is listed as the second team right guard, Garzas position. This tells me a couple things, Chicago will probably have a position battle for the right guard spot this upcoming pre-season, also, the fact Chicago went out and acquired Buenning, shows by itself they have plans for him. I think an inside combo of Josh Beekman 6-2 315lbs and Dan Buenning 6-4 320lbs, would give the Bears a strong inside push at guard, and their both young. Age is why I don't quite agree with Chicago signing San Diego guard Mike Goff, Goff will be a 12 year vet next season, I would like to see the Bears get younger inside. I think Dan Buenning could add the push inside that you talked about, and Buenning will only be a 5 year vet next season. With the addition of Buenning, I can't see the Bears going after any other guards free agent wise anyways, but I could be wrong. Buenning is a hell of a run blocker, I think he never seen the field this season because he joined the Bears so late, and Chicago's current offensive line hasn't played that bad this season, they blocked for a 1000 yd rusher, and only allowed around 24 sacks, thats not bad overall line play. I do look for Buenning to break into the starting lineup next season, and really help the Bears on third and short like you talked about, I think him and Beekman will give Chicago a nice set of guards GO BEARS!!

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