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Ex-receiver Wade: Bears will "definitely blow it"

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Everything out of the Bears' hands that could have gone wrong, did go wrong last weekend.

The pendulum swung the other way for them this weekend as every outcome they needed for help in their bid for a third postseason appearance in four years happened.

But ex-Bears wide receiver Bobby Wade doesn't think the Bears are going to do their part now that their turn is coming Monday night against Green Bay at Soldier Field. More on that in a minute.

Minnesota's 24-17 loss to the Atlanta Falcons took one of the wild-card spots out of play, but it kept the Bears very much alive in the race for the NFC North. Quite simply, the Bears (8-6) must beat Green Bay Monday night and win at Houston next Sunday, and have the Vikings (9-6) fall at the Metrodome to the New York Giants. It looks more and more like that game is going to have meaning for New York in the sense that they need to come out and play a good game to build some momentum entering the postseason. The Giants, who have lost two in a row, are trailing Carolina 21-13 at halftime right now.

"We need the Bears to blow it,'' Wade told reporters in Minneapolis with a laugh. ``Where are they playing, at home? Great. They'll definitely blow it.''

The Bears can still sneak in via the wild card but that scenario is going to require some substantial help and when you're counting on the Oakland Raiders to fly across the country and face Tampa Bay, who has a head coach in Jon Gruden who despises the Silver & Black, well, those are long odds. But here is what the Bears need to get that second wild-card spot:

1. Bears beat Green Bay Monday and then win at Houston Sunday.

2. Oakland defeats or ties the Buccaneers at Tampa.

3. Philadelphia defeats or ties Dallas at Lincoln Financial Field.

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Is there any way that if we win our last two games, the Vikes lose next Sunday that the Vikings will take a wild card slot?

I can answer that.

NO, they cannot possibly take the wild card with a 9-7 record. Atlanta already clinched on of the spots. And the winner of the Cowboys / Philly game next week will only have 6 losses.


Not if the Vikings lose. For the Vikes to be a wildcard team they'd have to tie the Giants, the Bears would need to win twice, the Bucs lose and the Eagles beat the Cowboys.

bobby wade should shut his trap.He had his chance when he was here and he SUCKED.He couldnt make it on the hes on a team with garbage receivers behind berrian and he wants to chirp?IF the viqueens make it to the playoffs,"They'll definitely blow it",something bobby"butter fingers" wade knows alot about.

Now that the Giants beat the Panthers, they are most likely going to rest their starters against the Vikes and that being said, our chances there have officially been shot, unless the Giants second string are marvelous and the vikings team sucks, or the Giants do play their first strings and play to win, were are screwed. I hope I'm wrong and we make it with a set of wins for us, and another loss for the vikings for the upcoming games. Go Bears!

Let's just worry about taking care of the fudgepackers first. I'll admit that I'm concerned about the JInts resting some of their guys. But if we don't take care of business, this would all be moot anyway.

Ya know, I USED to like Bobby Wade, I thought he was a fairly classy guy when he was with the Bears, but no longer. Who the hell on the Vikings can say that anyone else will definitely blow it? The Vikings are the biggest choke team in NFL history, only narrowly beating out the Bills. Four Super Bowls, no wins. Dome team that loses in December at home? Uh-huh. No post-season wins in what seems like forever. Whatever. GO BEARS! I'll be cheering from Sydney!

Last year the Giants were playing their way into the play-offs so they played everyone in the game against NE. The Giants are enough old school that they'll play hard next week. From what we all saw last night Bear fans have nothing to worry about if the Giants play Derrick Ward. Without Pat Williams the Vikings defense was very suseptible to runs between the tackles yesterda... exactly what the Giants do best.

Without being cruel, the Bears are AVERAGE on defense and BELOW AVERAGE on offense. If they rely on special teams to score, that usually means the other team has already scored. Not a recipe for success in PROFESSIONAL football.

I also seem to recall that Green Bay already beat the stuffing out of the Bears once this year. They will be playing for pride and new contracts. This will be Green Bay's SuperBowl..OK?

Perhaps next season the Bears will find another "can't miss/diamond in the rough" greased-lightning deep-threat in the ashes of the AFL, to lead the team in special teams tackles. Remember, that's where we got good ol' reliable "rock-hands", #81....

YIKES..Mommy..I'm afraid..!!!

Bobby Wade comments don't even require a response! He is a ex-bear for a reason. The real true Chicago Bears, who are now in the trenches to earn a playoff spot, have to bear down and get it done on the field against Green Bay. The Bears have to get away from that laid back Lovie Smith attitude and get mean in the cold weather and snow against our arch rivals from Wisconsin. I am not a Ditka fan especially since Walter Payton didnt get the ball in the 1985 SuperBowl. But Ditka, didnt play and was a motivator during his time until he single handlely dismantled the greatest Chicago Bears football team put together because of his ego and me,myself and I attitude that turned out to be the detriment to the Bears.

your code is absurd! I have correctly entered the code and was informed it failed, and then lost my message as well. Straighten out the damned thing!!

And what was Wades stats last night in a very big game for the queens.

Minnesota Receiving

B. Wade 5 38 7.6 0 20

Hey Bobby you actually need to produce in the league to actually be able to run your mouth

Old stonehands wade can eat a big fat one. Good riddance to bad rubbish. By the way bobby, you look like a schmuck in purple. Without Peterson you are on a 4-12 team. But hey, thanks for the bulletin board material idiot.

As predicted, the Vikings' mojo ended (at home, no less) and they choked to the Falcons. All good stuff.

Now the Bears need to pound the Packers.

Final score: 37-3 Bears.

Then it's on to Houston for the Texans. We don't seem to play well in enclosed stadiums. Let's hope the Texans are still trying to overcome losing to the Raiders.

But first things first. Kick the Packers back to Green Bay.

your code is absurd! I have correctly entered the code and was informed it failed, and then lost my message as well. Straighten out the damned thing!!

Dude, all you have to do is hit the preview button to update the code, then type in the new code and post away.

Calm down Bra !!


Paul Minter wrote:
"your code is absurd! I have correctly entered the code and was informed it failed, and then lost my message as well. Straighten out the damned thing!!"


I write in Firefox. Do you? Here is my work around. If the comment fails I click on the history (in the upper left) and go back one page. When you click back one page what I wrote returns. I then the preview button and then re-enter the security code. Try that. I hope that works.

Bobby Wade? He couldn't even catch punts when he was here. 10 fumbles in '05.

How does that crow taste, you moron?

Hey, Bensonsucks, I tried your suggestion. It worked once and failed once. Here's another try.

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