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Ex-Bear lands in Pro Bowl for 3rd straight year

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No word yet on how the Bears fared when it comes to the Pro Bowl, but at least one ex-Bear has made it to the all-star game and another figures to be a lock.

Brendon Ayanbadejo is one of five Baltimore Ravens named to the AFC team. He represented the Bears and the NFC as the special teams selection the past two seasons before departing in free agency. Ayanbadejo was a Pro Bowl first alternate for the Bears in 2005 as well.

New York Jets running back Thomas Jones is also expected to make the AFC team. Jones leads the AFC in rushing with 1,222 yards and has 13 rushing touchdowns.

Check back soon for updated information. Official announcements will come in about 45 minutes.

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Didn't understand Ayanbadejo not being kept to save nickels and obviously the decision making on Benson vs Jones was not very good either.

Not Berrian's biggest fan, but he could have made a big difference for this years team and maybe free'd up Hester a lot more by going deep and taking a safety with him. Hester then having a chance to catch and run rather than be dropped right away.

Berard Berrian is not worth anywhere near the money Minnesota is paying him. The Bears are better with than without him, but not at his price, as it would have cost them other players. They need to spend some money on offense for a change, but if they're going to spend that kind of money on a receiver, he better be a lot better than Berrian.

Wrigley Field Bear,

You are mistaken. Berrian as a player may not be worth it, but going into a new season, knowing that you don't have a replacement makes him worth every dime. They could have tagged him and kept him for another season. To bet the season on Hester as a replacement is just ludicrous. That is the kind of management people you have in Angelo and Lovie in making that decision. Yes, Berrian would have been the difference between making the playoffs and not....even if he didn't catch one ball...because the vikes would not have him.
The team would still have to overcome the coaching staff though. I figure that the coaching staff cost this team 3 or 4 games this year in play calling alone.
As for your financial statements fon sound like the Bears front office. It's the same stuff they threw around when Berrian left and you fell for it, hook, line and sinker.

The management doesn't know what it is doing. In loosing Berrian, it became clear that they had no choice but to try Hester full time a wide out and pay him the big bucks for what? He is not a premier wide out and he is no longer a special teams threat. By the way, here is another thing the Bears lost for not signing Berrian. The lost a premier kick/punt returner that could have gone down as the greatest. In addition, he helped put the team in great field position after a punt or kickoff. Not anymore.
That is why holding on to Berrian was worth every dime. And when you consider the salaries of all the other players on the team and look what you got for it...a 500 season, there is no comparison in to paying Barrian too much.
Don't let the Bears front office fool you. They are what we thought they were (now where did I hear that before?).

no need for paying Berrian that money.Thats A.Boldin money ....fingers crossed on getting him this year.

Not worth paying Berrian? I see, that way we could save that money and hand out lucrative contracts to high performing studs like Nate Vasher and Tommie Harris...


PDA, that's all hindsight. Vasher and Harris were in fact studs before they had their shortcomings. Vasher used to be a speedy cover guy that made the Pro-bowl in '05, set an NFL record (at the time) for the longest play, and had a knack for creating turnovers. Even with the groin injury last season, the one game he came back to play in against the Vikings left many to wonder if the defense fell apart because of his absence. Harris, heck, even injured he made the pro-bowl.

Val, you make a lot of sense as to why we should have kept Berrian. But I think at the time the Bears made the right move. Berrian had the arrogance to demand top receiver money for something he was not. He was a poor blocker and had a poor work ethic as evidenced by the routes he gave up on. Just off the top of my head, last season I recall Grossman throwing one deep into the endzone during the Chargers game when "B squared" slowed down and didn't seem to even notice the ball was in the air. He quickly denied any blame. In the Eagles game, Griese hit Mckie in the flat for what should have been a TD but Berrian let a LB run right by him and he made the tackle on Mckie just inches short from the endzone. He actually jumped out of his way.

So I for one am glad that someone like that is off the team. And besides, it's not like Orton would have connected him with him on any deep plays because he has yet to show the accuracy to do so.

If you looked it up you would see that the Bears have 2 or three players who have more catches than Berrian has. Forte has almost 20 more catches and leads the team because Orton is better throwing short passes. What would Berrian do if he couldn't just flat-out outrun guys?

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