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DT Adams had career performance vs. Jaguars

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Defensive tackle Anthony Adams' big day Sunday got better on Monday after coaches reviewed film.

Adams was credited with a career-high 10 tackles, six of them solos, and now has 16 tackles in the last two weeks. He's proved to be a more than able fill-in for Dusty Dvoracek.

Strong safety Mike Brown was credited with 11 tackles, the second-most he's had this season.

Running back Adrian Peterson made four tackles on special teams and pressed into action after the loss of Garrett Wolfe to a hamstring pull, Earl Bennett made three tackles.

Linebacker Lance Briggs extended his season-lead in tackles over free safety Kevin Payne to 114-105. Brian Urlacher is third with 90.

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I thought I heard Adams name mentioned an awful lot Sunday. Good for him, we will wait and see how he does on a consistent basis before naming him all pro though.

Good for Adams, a lot of people have been questioning why he has not plaid before this game. A lot writers, and fans have wondered why he was inactive game after game. Well we got our answer, he is too good to play. Yet another puzzling personel choice by the Bears. I guess if you want to get any playing time on this team one of the starters is going to have to be crippled or died.

The Bears have had a huge problem developing young talent in recent years, it seems unless someone gets hurt rookies have no shot to play. Look at Beekman he didn't play at all last year when the Bears were desperate for OG play and never even got to dress. He may not be a great player but he is better than what they had. You cannot develop if you can't play. The Bears have no clue what there doing with personel.

Among all the negativity on this board, one thing has been overshadowed, the emergence of second year safety Kevin Payne. Not only is he second in tackles with 105, he is leading the Bears in interceptions with 4. So not only is Payne a hard hitter, he can also cover from his safety position, this was a great draft pick by Bears GM Jerry Angelo in 2007, especially for a 5th rounder.

Actually, Angelo did a heck of a job on the second day of the draft back in 2007, not only did Angelo bring in Payne with a 5th rounder, he also brought in corner Corey Graham in the same round, both Payne and Graham have developed into good NFL starters. Also on the second day of the 2007 draft, Angelo brought in starting left guard Josh Beekman, Beekman has also developed into a good starter inside of just one season.

A year ago, both left guard and a safety were big question marks for the Bears, with two second day picks, Angelo fixed both positions, not bad GO BEARS!!

Right on Creighton, How many are lanquishing on the sidelines now? Rideau has earned a shot but Booker keeps playing with cracked ribs. Williams at LB why is he still sitting? How do you develop guys when there is no contact? how do you perfect technics if you don't hit anyone? How can C. Williams get any better without contact? I wish someone in the organization would answer that question for me.

Well DeputyDawg just look at Kevin posted, Corey Graham, Payne and Beekman. While I am not as sold on Beekman as Kevin and would like to see a bigger more athletic guard that didn't struggle so much in run support like Garza does. He was better than Metcalf but was not being given a shot until Metcalf got hurt. Payne got to play cause they had nobody else and Graham didn't become a starter until Vash went down even though he was playing like garbage.

And Kevin yes I get your point but I have always said Angelo could draft secondary players, he has a solid history there. However you need more than that to build a football team. You like Beekman and thats nice but just cause you start for the Bears, that does not make you a good player. Take a look at the O line Kevin Angelo has drafted only one player who is starting and he is average to below average. Angelo also has a history of drafting DT's and LB's. Then again those are two of the easiest positions to draft. He does pretty decent on defense were he has problems is first round picks, skill positions on offense and Oline. Not to mention QB. I know your about to scream your love for Orton, but the guy looks like Trent Dilfer to me and before you freak there is nothing wrong with Dilfer he is just not a franchise QB, back in 97 Dilfer posted similar numbers to Orton with a Tampa offense very similar too this Bears offense. He can't draft WR and his history of Oline picks is well really bad. He got Forte which was a good pick, not a first at RB for him either. But look at the amount of time and draft picks it took him to get a Forte or a Graham. Payne is ok nothing special. Consider how often teams pass on the Bears, the team is currently ranked 28th against the pass and you are bragging about the secondary. No Angelo struggles in the draft Kevin and everyone but you seems to get that. He wastes first day picks like no other GM and makes stupid mistakes over and over again.

On offense the Bears have 4 starters drafted by Angelo currently playing. Beekman(average to below average), Orton(Average he is Ranked 18th and other teams have bad offenses too), Olsen (Average and can be shut down by a corner ranked 13th in the league), Forte(great pick top 10 in the league).

On defense: Tillamn (good pick but not great, has good years and bad years), Harris (Great when healthy, but he is injury Prone), Alex Brwon(Solid player, not special though), Graham(Looks like a good player a little early too tell though), Briggs(probably his best pick on defense), Payne(he's ok but tends to make that big mistake in every game). Of the possible 22 starters he has drafted 10 of them. 11 if you include Hester, but is he starting or backup. I'll be fare and say 11. Thats only 50%, thats at the bottom of the pile in terms of draft picks who start. Nice job Angelo.

Creighton, you don't know this, but you really don't have a problem with Jerry Angelo either.....seriously. On a couple of different blogs, you were screaming for Bill Cowher, by doing so, you basically admitted the Bears have the personnel, just not the right coaching. Sadly, I won't argue with you on that one. But I refuse to bash Lovie Smith, as a Bear fan, I will support him. I say give Smith one more season, which Angelo probably will, especially if the Bears make the play-offs.

Creighton, give me a break with this idea of yours that EVERY SINGLE DRAFT PICK ANGELO MAKES SHOULD BE A FUTURE HALL OF FAMER, SORRY BUDDY, IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT GM YOUR TEAM HAS, AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN!! And as far as your dream of a bigger more athletic guard, also, keep dreaming, every team in the NFL wants one, not eveyone can be the Cowboys of the early 90's. Just because a guard isn't 350 plus, and move like a linebacker, doesn't mean he can't run block. Again, everyone in the entire NFL wants a guard like the one in your dreams, not gonna happen. Beekman & Garza are just fine, they paved the way for ROOKIE Matt Forte to have a 1000 yd season, and counting thank you very much. Creighton, give this line time, they will be pretty good in the near furture, the pieces are in place. By next season, the entire left side of the offensive line will be Angelo drafted players, LT Chris Williams and LG Josh Beekman, this is a nice young unit to build around. Also, remember, big Dan Buenning is waiting in the wings, Im sure the Bears have plans for him also. The only thing the Bears need is a younger right tackle, Angelo can take care of this in the upcoming draft, this line is headed in the right direction.

By Creighton: I know your about to scream your love for Orton.
Auh...Creighton, isn't Orton your Qb also, are aren't you a Bear fan??? Whats up with the personal attack [your love for Orton] I don't really mind, but you need to learn about a little thing called team pride, support your teams QB for petes sake!! Again, Creighton, the dream thing I talked about above with you and the freak of nature guards, well guess what, not every team can have a Tom Brady type QB either, sucks doesn't it??

Bottom line Creighton, the Bears are by no means perfect, but what team is?? I still think they are the best team in the league, no fanboy glasses needed. I just think it is a waste of your time to sit there and CRYBABY about everything that is wrong with the Bears, I say GO BEARS!!

To tell you the truth you both make pretty good points.
I like Beekman, Payne, Graham and yes Orton, However I feel the Bears do have a problem getting the young talent on the field, Booker, Davis have not done much, why can't Bennet play? I am wondering why Url has played so much but hasn't really got the job done, and these players would not be playing if not for injuries. For real Adams, but as I said one game does not a career make.
Someone said earlier the Bears have the talent this year but no intensity, I agree with that, No Singletary's this year. The entire team fell apart after the 4 and out goal line play.
And I do like Orton alot give him a better line and he will be great, I like his audibles, line play calls, mental aspect. He had the problems when he hurt his foot. I do not feel we need a QB next year, Orton will do a great job with a better line and some WR that can catch a pass. (Bennet?) The WR as a unit have really loused it up, so why not try Bennet, Rideau? Is anyone really going to miss Booker this Thursday? I feel Loyd will catch a few against the Saints before the inj. he was a bright spot.

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