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Coaches' review: Urlacher tops in tackles for 3rd time this season

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Brian Urlacher recorded double-digit tackles for the first time in seven games in Thursday's 27-24 overtime victory over the New Orleans Saints.

After coaches' review of the game film, Urlacher was credited with 10 tackles, the same number he had in press box statistics following the game. It's the third time this season Urlacher has led the defense in tackles.

Lance Briggs finished with eight tackles and Charles Tillman, Adewale Ogunleye, Kevin Payne and Mike Brown all had seven tackles.

The Bears have been seeking special teams help on the street and it turns out they have had some on board all along. Running back Kevin Jones was active for the first time in five games and he led everyone with three special teams tackles, two of them solos.

"I'm a physical player," Jones said. "I like doing that."

It was the first time the former first-round draft pick had played special teams since his freshman year at Virginia Tech.

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Brad, thanks for these updates and tidbits. Do you think Urlacher saw his numbers jump due to the Adams/Idonije DT combo on the inside? These two simply put on their hard hats and go to work day in and day out. I think the D will continue with it's resurgence. Let's just hope T-Joke and the Vikings sputter and collapse down the road.

This: "Running back Kevin Jones was active for the first time in five games and he led everyone with three special teams tackles, two of them solos." just caused me to slap my forehead. This should be of no surprise. He's a RB and RBs have to be one of the toughest and most physically gifted guys on the field. So, ok, Bears coaches. He can play STs. Now get him on the friggin' field for offense! I don't think anyone ever questioned KJ's abilities, he's fast, runs hard, and can break long ones, he just has an injury history. And so will Matt Forte if he doesn't get some assistance in the backfield from Jones ASAP.

Before 2007, coaches, management and players all laughed, even gloated, about how the Bears had the oldest O-line in the league. When they should have seen a glaring problem and treated it as a legitimate concern. This year we know that Forte is getting more touches than anyone else in the league and Turner grins about it saying how mature he is or how we can trust him to do it all. Dummy! More touches than anyone in the league? That should raise a red flag, Ron! Football is a collision sport! The human body can only take so much punishment and no, #22 is not Superman; no one is. He needs to be spelled, plain and simple. And please, Ron, if we get another blowout like we did against the Rams, pull your head out of your @$$ and don't play him in the 4th quarter. Try to treat your most valuable player as such.

10 tackles....lets see, how much money does he make? That's about $500,000 per tackle. Not bad.

Hadji, glad you got your math down dude. Fact is the Bears would be screwed without Urlacher. Mike had it right, the defensive tackles doing their jobs and keeping the offensive linemen off the MLB is key to Urlacher doing his job. Ask yourself, how much money have the Bears made off Urlacher then compute that.

Mike you are dead on, Forte will be out of football really quick if Ron keeps running him the way he is. Then with our luck the bears will take for ever to draft another good running back.

Lovie and his coaching staff need to go, horrible half time adjustments all the time, Ron overall is a bad coordinator, who throws the ball on the first play, than three and out, than on the next series, throws the ball, than second play throws for interception.....what kind of play calling is that when you lead in 4 qtr with 5 min left!???I am sick of him ! Stupidity, and unprofessional....dull plays...i am a true bears fan for 11 years, and i don't remember to be so frustrated and sick over dumb coaching staff, they at least cost us 3 games! Corolina, Tampa, Atlanta...and i am not mentioning the failure against the green bay very embarrassing!!! And other close games. Babick Lovies pet, he doesn't even have enough skill to be a D-coordinator sucks point blank, first one to be kicked of the team this year! If you dont notice, MArk bradley, justing gage, boby wade, bernard bErrian, mUSHIN mUHHAMED! all start right now for nfl team, our receiving core sux...NOW I BELIEVE MOOSES WORDS.....THIS COACHING STAFF NEEDS TO GO.....LOVIE GET OUT OF TOWN WITH YOU DULL LOOK ON YOUR FACE AND YOUR DUMB COACHING STAFF! YOU ALREADY LOST THE FAN BASE, I JUST DONT WANT OUR SEASON TO BE RUINED NEXT YEAR.....BECAUSE YOU SURE DID WITH YOU IDIOTIC PLAY CALLS AND STUPID DECISIONS!

Mac, you don't think Urlacher is overpaid? I think we'd be better off putting Briggs in the middle (he did play there at AZ) and Jamar Williams in Briggs' spot. We get the same results and save some cash for maybe a number 1 or 2 wide receiver!!......Why does everybody keep blaming the coaches? The coaches don't miss tackles, drop passes, blow assignments, fumble snaps, throw INTS, get burnt for 99 yard TD's, get blown off the ball at the goalline, etc, etc, etc....The play calls only look stupid because the players don't execute!! The fullback up the middle on 4th and an inch would be a great call if the LINE WOULD BLOCK!!!!!!!!! I guess it's easier to fire the coaches then the whole team!!

my god with the half time adjustments bit...

it makes no sense...adjustments are made all the time and the adjustments are made in conjunction with what the opposing team is doing. It is up to the players to execute. I see adjustments all the time...You see DE not doing speed rushing and mixing stunts in. I see CB getting closer to the LOS to cut off the slant. Etc etc.

what i dont get is why do people expect to go into the the locker room for 30 mins and redo the entire gameplan they had for a week. its just silly. Watch the game objectively, not just from a Im a bears fan perspective and you'll notice little adjustments made through out the game. Who gets rotated in, in what circumstances for how long etc etc.

in and interview with phil simms He ... scorns those who say that a team lost because they didn't make the proper halftime adjustments.

''Maybe I didn't pay attention to them, but we didn't do that stuff at halftime,'' he said in the interview. ''Maybe we'd say, 'Let's not run the play that got me sacked.'''

the halftime adjustment is like the city of doesnt exist

OK so URL depends on the DT's to make him plays? So that means he owes the DT's some money right? or we should pay them as much as URL? URL was at his best when we had those 2 big behemoths in front several years ago the 2 big 350+ pounders to keep him freed up for sure, but hey if he needs them to make his plays then maybe he needs to get better as well???
Mike I agree with you on KJ, why can't he get out there and play RB? Peterson had 15 yds? against the Saints! 3 yd avg. not too great huh? and Jones cant run? and we have to draft or find a Oline somewhere or our main weapon will destruct! and if we have to depend on another team to lose for us to get in the playoffs how much chance do we have in the playoffs?

Mike, I agree, the Bears need to spell Matt Forte more than they do. I don't think it really matters with who, Kevin Jones or Adrian Peterson, just give Forte a few drives off per game. Not to make up excuses for the coaching staff, but I think Forte is on the field so much for his ability as a receiver out of the backfield, do you realize Forte has 59 catches, thats unreal, especially for a rookie runningback! Forte's ability as a receiver out of the backfield is what make him so special, in another season, Matt Forte could very well be considered the leagues best all purpose back!! With Forte making up 39% of Chicagos offense this season, he might be already.

They say when a runner carries the ball 300 plus times, usually the next season, he will hit a wall. The good news is Forte carried the ball around 300 times last season at Tulane, I know there is a difference between Tulane and the NFL, but taking 300 hits, is still taking 300 hits. Coming off a 300 carry season at Tulane has not seemed to affect Forte so far. I think the main reason for this is Forte is not a bruiser type runner, more elusive, I know a hit is a hit, but this type of running also helps Forte in the long run. Bottom line though, the Bears must still spell Forte more than they do, this off-season, Chicago must bring in another runner to spell Forte, either via draft or free agency, hopefully the Bears can bring in another runner that can catch out of the backfield, this is definitely an off-season need. I'll will say one thing, "with Forte on pace for 60 plus catches and over 1200 yds, Matt Forte should be rookie of the year!!" GO BEARS!!

Justincredible, bring that information over to Roman's blog. They seriously need a reality check over there.

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