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Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr weather

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They're still working on clearing up the field and from the press box, at least, it looks to be in pretty good shape. A few Packers players have wandered out of the locker room and they just practiced the ``National Anthem.''

According to, it's currently 3 degrees with WSW winds of 8 mph which make it feel like minus-8 out.

If the temperature holds, it will tie as the coldest Bears' home game since 1963, when they started keeping track of such records.

The coldest to date is the Dec. 18, 1983 meeting with Green Bay when it was 3 with 14 mph winds that made it feel like it was minus-15.

Stay tuned. We'll check back with an update.

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I know we have to run the table and get some help to make the playoffs but tonight I just want to kick some Cheesehead butt. I live in the land of Redskins and the people here seem to think that the Redskins-Cowboys series is the oldest and the nastiest in the NFL. Need to see some real Bear football and give the Packers some payback.

Go Bears!!!!

It's time to put up or shut up tonight.......I know the weather is no advantage to any team tonight, so its motivation vs pride, we need the game and the slimers want to knock us out the race, this should be one of the better low scoring games in the series in a long time, I look for BEARS to win this one 16-10, with toe of Gould being the difference....Get the chickenbroth going right now........packerslacker its time for payback, I know your low down azz is watching, just bend on over and get ready to take this cleat right up the.........well you know the rest.......GO BEARS

chitownbear, nice call, you called the game about how it really went, glad the Bears won GO BEARS!!

Kevin A. , it was a good one last night saw some hungry bearfans in the stands last night, thought the crowd did a great job keeping them in the game for sure, and how about Alex " BIG PAW" Brown, blocking the kick by getting three yards in the backfield on the last pack FG, what else can you they have to find a way as Lovie said last night to take care of their business, and let the wikes, I mean chips fall as they may.....

packerslacker payback is a wonderful thing.....LMAO ...Go BEARS let's do it again!

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