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Booker suffering from cracked rib

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Marty Booker struggled pulling his clothes on in the locker room after the game Sunday, and his worst fears have been realized by X-rays. A source close to the player revealed that Booker suffered a cracked rib when he was tackled by Jacksonville cornerback Brian Williams and linebacker Clint Ingram. The injury happened at the end of a 12-yard reception in the fourth quarter of the Bears' 23-10 victory.

Booker finished with three catches for 28 yards after missing two games with a bone bruise in his knee and going catchless through three games when he tried to play through the injury. The three receptions tied him with Curtis Conway for the third-most in franchise history with 329. He's 27 behind Johnny Morris in second place.

The injury is not expected to end Booker's season and it will become a matter of being able to play through the pain. Wide receiver Devin Hester missed one game earlier this season with a rib cartilage injury. Booker played a bigger role against the Jaguars as the struggling passing game came back to life. He saw considerably more playing time than Brandon Lloyd, who's been virtually invisible since returning from his knee sprain.

There are two wide receivers on the practice squad in Mike Hass and John Broussard, and cornerback Rudy Burgess was first announced as a wide receiver when he was signed last month.

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You only become even more frail as the ages go by. Sad but true.

Well at least he won't drop anymore passes. Oh wait Chicago lore has it that he never drops passes and is good for 1200 yards a season and 20 TD's. Hmmmm I guess not. At least he gets to retire Bear, unless he tries to play next year, and I hope he is not on this team next year. Now Anquan Boldwin thats a different story, would love to see him in a Bears uniform, then again when was the last time the Bears went after a prized FA. Yeah ok, so maybe we will draft a stud reciever, oh wait drafting a WR who is good. OK ummm maybe Hester will develop. Yeah, well it's nice to speculate what Orton would do with a good reciever.

I really doubt any good free agent receiver will come here anyway. Weather stinks, QB stinks, Offensive coordinator stinks, offensive line stinks, "Bears get off the bus running", Head coach stinks, Forte is THE MAN, GM stinks, sod at Soldier Field stinks, owners stink, media stinks, fans stink, defense stinks, Hester stinks.......I think that about covers it!!

Booker hats off to you, gutting it out trying to play in bitter cold with cracked rib.....Now that what I call a BEAR....Creighton my friend would love to get Bolden too, but could only happen via trade, he is not FA next season, that's why he did not get re-negotiated deal last spring, Cards have him by the balls, he does not have the same escape clause that Fitzgerald had and therefore is at the mercy of another tightwad organization. Injuries starting to pile up hope to steal the game on Thursday to heal some before the get back game against the low down dirty non-functional Pack, three wins in a row would surely wake up the blog and the town....Go BEARS

Chitownbear, yeah you are right he has 2 years after this left, totally forgot about him not being able to opt out. F it maybe the Bears could trade there first round pick. It's not like we use it anyway at least we could get something for it, Cards might deal they already have two really good recievers with Fitz and Breaston, share the wealth already.

Although it would be a fantasy rather than a dream, I would love to see the disgruntled Ocho Cinco or the agitated Hushmanzada in a Bears jersey either via trade or FA. We need some strong and reliable receivers and what we have right now is a bunch of misfits that barely seem to try except for Hester who unfortunately has been dropping the ball as though is was covered in flames. We need to get it in gear and the Org must stop being so cheap.

Ahhh Ish, there not Cheap there really really Frugal.

Hey were are all the fans talking about how great this recieving group was after week 4. What was it Booker never drops anything, Davis is like a young Booker, Lloyd is a stud and him and Orton have built a repore together. Or my favorite one guy even claimed and I will not name names like it was Brando or anything. But this clown actually said now that Hester is a reciever he would be better on offense than Gale Sayers was. This guy actually said Hester would be better than Sayers. Or how about the Mark Bradley guys who are made at how well he is doing in KC, have you seen this guy the last couple of games? The answer is no, cause he is hurt yet again. Oh and how about Olsen who is ranked all of 14th among TE's.

I still say the Bears need to just trade there first round picks away from now on under Angelo, he does nothing with them and we could actually get something for them.

Its my understanding that Marques Colston will be a RFA next season. Anyone think he's not worth giving up a mid-first round pick as compensation to the Saints? He's definately got the size that we're looking for. My only concern would be if he can play in the cold. I guess we'll see Thurday night.

Creighton, you might be on to something there when it comes to Angelo and his drafting we all know he does well in the late rounds maybe he should trade one or two high picks and stock up on picks for guys late, then have them earn a spot on the team in camp, just might help upgrade the talent in a lot of areas and save the team some cash also...just a thought!
Hell yes on Boldin, but it would take a hit squad to get him out of Arizona as cheap as they are they know a great deal when they got one and that they have with Anquan,......BEARS I'm still with them all the way. The williams boys are officially out now, we have a shot the Vikes have a hell of a schedule the rest of the way, we need this win Thursday bad or its over this season but if we get it I like our chances..I'm with Kevin A on this.....has anyone heard from Da Coach I know he was pissed on the vikes game maybe he said I'm out on the blog....put out an SOS on Da Coach I know he has something good!....By the way MSBEARSFAN has been solid lately just wanted to send a shout out there also!

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