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Bears take a shot at grabbing a Packer, and miss

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The Bears reportedly tried to grab a linebacker off of the Green Bay Packers' practice squad, and failed.

The Green Bay Press-Gazette reported that the Packers promoted Spencer Havner to their 53-man roster to avoid having him signed away by the Bears.

Havner previously spent time with the Washington Redskins, where assitant pro personnel man Dennard Wilson came from.

The Bears don't have need for a linebacker but are believed to be seeking help on special teams. They are going to use the roster spot that will be freed up when defensive tackle Dusty Dvoracek is placed on injured reserve.

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Hmmm, not even Bears' management can bring down a Packer...

This is like a playground incident where eventhough the one kid doesn't want the toy he won't give it up to the kid he doesn't like. Very funny and very mature.

ahhh.....hey hey hey ist me ist me P. Crappy fizzel. so i see the bears tried to take a player from precius packers? ha! lik my mom use to say: uh uh saylor!

and maybe some of you hav met my freind: packerbacker! he an i are such good freinds. we go to bars al the time togehter. why weve gone to severel places here in chicago like wrigleyville or wesomtimes travell to his home in san francisco and ceck out bars there. i love both placs(theyr simply fabulous) but i hate the looser bears fans in wrigleyvile.

but you guys now me old crap-ton jus trying to be posatibe...

p.s. i hate jolly old saint BRANDO and his gumdrop smile and his cherrycolorred cheeks ans his dseep harty laiugh and.... you now what looser bears fans? i hate kevin to. even thoug he is the only onw that actualy talks to me. i gues i hate alot of people but is just becauese of my own insecurities AND LOW SELFESTEEM. oh bwell gi packers1!!

Oh almost forgot Brando, I know you get upset when this happens but it is the holidays and I will not be around till after the new year. So try and control yourself this time, those postings you were doing at the Trib, trying to find me were a little creepy. A little to much stalker go on there. While I am gone why don't you try talking to Kevin or Mike, Mike loves you, you always have a good time when you talk. You can tell everyone how it is my fault that the Bears suck. Even though you now claim that you knew all along they where a bad team and that Angelo and Lovie are doing bad jobs. But go ahead and blaim me anyway, it will make you feel better and remember what a big looser I am and how evil I am. I am the Devil boogey, boogey, boo. So if you are going to post get it out of your system cause Iwon't be around after this week for a little while. Oh I meant ot ask you how are your Irish doing?? Hahahaha, what did I tell you about that team. It's strange I thought you hungout with all the players how did you not know they would suck? Dude you should really tell everyone what teams you hate and what games you would bet on. Then we can all do the opposite and make a fortune.

The ONLY 1 and ONLY site I post my forums on is INSIDE THE BEARS.

Little creepy on your part to call me out so I can call you out!

Also I dont blame you for the Bears ups and downs. I blame the coaching staff and the players that play the game. I can realy care less on your opinions. If you cant tell Im now defending myself in the faulse accusitions you bring upon me.

As for the Irish I will be a fan regaurdless if Weise is still the coach!!!! Also Creighton if you can read and comprehend and remember for mor the 2 seconds I had said way back in the year that I go to Damonds a restraunt that is attached to Holliday Inn in Michigan City to mingle with the opposing team. Not to much of a secret here in the vast lands of NorthWest Indiana.

One more thing Creighton I dont hate any NFL team. I just dont like certain individuals on certain teams. If it wernt for all the other 31 teams there would not be an NFL today. I dont gamble!

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