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Bears special teams takes big hit

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The depleted Bears' special teams unit just took a big hit.

Garrett Wolfe, the leading tackler, has been ruled out of the game with a hamstring injury.

Wolfe leads the team with 21 special teams tackles and far and away has been the most consistent performer for special teams coordinator Dave Toub.

Wolfe was injured on the game's opening kickoff.

The Bears have been seeking special teams help but have not found anyone out on the street to take the roster spot of defensive tackle Dusty Dvoracek.

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What receivers in the league will be free agents after this year? We need help there, big time!!!

How often can you not perform your job yet be given playing time? It's time to sit R. Davis and D. Hester and let a backup try to win the spot. There have been too many drops over the last two games to allow those two to keep starting. If the coaches can't make the tough decisions, Angelo/Philips should step in to take the corrective action.

Happy for the win but lets see some accountability applied.

Hope G.W. gets healthy soon. He is a beast on STs! Also fellas, it's not just the lackluster receivers on the field, it's also the fact that as a running team our #2 back is always inactive!

If we make a run at any free agent WRs (keep fingers crossed) I would love to see the Bears make a run at T.J. Houshmandzadeh.

I think Rashied Davis should primarily go back to the slot position where he saw success in '06. I'm a fan of 81 but the drops he's had drives me crazy.

I would start Lloyd and Rideau at wideout b/c we need guys who either have the athleticism to fight for the ball or the size to create mismatches. It's good our TEs are being used more frequently, but we need more weapons on the offense than just the TEs and #22.

Will we see Kellen Davis this year in the red zone? I sure hope so.

Hopefully the Card will step up and anialate the Queens and then the Giants will ultimately hopefully take them out of the run, but I'm not holding my breath. I personally found the hit on Allen both dirty and yet amusing because of the child-like hissy fit he provided after it. My friend if you can't take those similar types of hits don't play grimy yourself. HA!!!! The Queens need a great wake-up call an deserve to be knocked off their high horse of arrogance. Now for the Bears. We did well for a while against the Jags, but once again lets remember the Jags were a lackluster team to begin with so there ought not to be too many high hopes. Lets see what they can do against the saints and then we talk about rating the skills of the Bears. The Saints look like a bad team with their record in the south but they can certainly be a surprise team like what we were all hoping for with the Lions yesterday. Then again that is my oppinion I could be wrong. Go Bears.

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