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Bears picking 18th in first round of draft

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The Bears will have the 18th pick in the first round of the 2009 NFL Draft unless the San Diego Chargers reach Super Bowl XLIII.

The league released a tentative draft order today and the Bears wind up picking second among the five teams that finished with a 9-7 record, including the NFC West champion Arizona Cardinals. The New York Jets, who had games against the AFC West and NFC West, edged ahead of the Bears based on a weaker strength of schedule. And the Inside the Bears staff thought two games vs. Detroit would be enough to ruin anyone's strength of schedule.

San Diego, which won the AFC West at 8-8 after a second-half surge following the promotion of ex-Bears defensive coordinator Ron Rivera to defensive coordinator, will choose 16th. If the Chargers reach the Super Bowl, they'll drop to 31st or 32nd, depending on whether or not they win the game.

Here is the top 20 tentative draft slots, as released by the NFL:

1. Detroit
2. St. Louis
3. Kansas City
4. Seattle
5. Cleveland
6. Cincinnati
7. Oakland
8. Jacksonville
9. Green Bay
10. San Francisco
11. Buffalo
12. Denver
13. Washington
14. New Orleans
15. Houston
16. San Diego
17. New York Jets
18. Bears
19. Tampa Bay
20. Detroit (from Dallas)
21. Arizona

For what it's worth, the only time the Bears had an 18th pick, they selected wide receiver Willie Gault in 1983.

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i think detroit is going to be nice next year.They got a couple of early picks.Hey just look at this years draft.Players are starting to come out of college ready to play pro more and more each year.Matt forte,Chris Johnson,D.Jackson,Matt Ryan,and most of the OL taking in the fisrt round just to name a few.We are 9-7 not 4-12.All we need to turn things around is a Pass Rushing DE.Tommy Harris should be back from injury,so that will help alot.And A.Boldin.than we can make the superbowl.Kind of how the Eagles turned around that year they got TO.


Is there any interest in bringing back OG Chester Adams for a long this off season? It seemed that they liked him until his late pre-season injury. What's the story with him. He looked good in college and the SEC is the top f-ball conference in NCAAs.

You know what Angelo and Lovie are saying about drafting 18th? "At least if we screw this pick up it will onlt be the 18th pick. I also know that the pack and KC are looking at a pass rushing DE along with a couple of others. There will probably be a bit of a run on them this year just like last year it was OT's. Maybe we will get lucky and find one with a bad back, aka the Angelo special.

LOL!! There are people still out there who care where the Bears pick? To watch them pay a fortune to another first-round bust like damaged goods Doughboy Williams from Vanderbuilt to mostly sit on his fat can the entire season?

"Rex is our quarterback!" Squawk! Squawk!

Perhaps Angelo should trade the 1st rounder for a couple of second rounders. He's screwed up every first round pick but seems to do well afterwards. Get 'er done Jerry!

Alright I'm settled down a bit...the Prozac is kicking in now, every year at this time I have a standing appt. with my Dr. for a Prozac prescription.

Wow, so much positive thinking on the Bears who woulda thought? Where's Kevin when you need him?
Gault was a good pick but we did have McMahon throwing to him with a good offensive line, This year I feel our needs are OL,DE,DB,WR not in that order maybe, but we really stunk it up in pass rush - we had no pressure from the middle (untill Adams came on) to force the QB back to the DE's - who weren't back there anyways lol
Yeah, 18th will be tough to get that great DE, really tough, and to hope for a good OL AND DE - well thats alot of hope picking that low. Sounds to me like we better hope for FA for one of those positions.
Go Bears - (minus Babich)

Agree with most of the comments. Hard to "trust" the Bears braintrust (term used lightly) after the last 2 years. Has it really been 2 years since the Bears were NFC Champs? Anyway, doesn't matter if the first round pick is at 4 (Benson, anyone?), 14 (Williams, Harris), 22(Grossman), wherever it is I "trust" them to mess it up. And to mess it up BIG TIME!

Agree with most of the comments. Hard to "trust" the Bears braintrust (term used lightly) after the last 2 years. Has it really been 2 years since the Bears were NFC Champs? Anyway, doesn't matter if the first round pick is at 4 (Benson, anyone?), 14 (Williams, Harris), 22(Grossman), wherever it is I "trust" them to mess it up. And to mess it up BIG TIME!

My first mock:
1. Detroit: Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma
2. St Louis: Andre Smith LT Alabama
3. Kansas City: Matthew Stafford QB Georgia
4. Seattle: Everette Brown DE FSU
5. Cleveland: Eugene Monroe OT Virginia
6. Cincinatti: Aaron Curry LB Wake Forest
7. Oakland: Michael Crabtree WR Texas Tech
8. Jacksonville: Malcolm Jenkins CB Ohio St.
9. Green Bay: Aaron Maybin DE Penn St.
10. San Francisco: Rey Maualuga LB USC
11. Buffalo: Jeremy Maclin WR Missouri
12. Denver: Knowshon Moreno RB Georgia
13. Washington: Jermaine Gresham TE Oklahoma
14. New Orleans: B.J. Raji NT Boston College
15. Houston: Vontae Davis CB Illinois
16. San Diego: James Lauranaitis LB Ohio St.
17. New York Jets: Mark Sanchez QB USC
18. Chicago BEARS: Michael Oher OT Mississippi
19. Tamps Bay: Chris Wells RB Ohio St.
20. Detroit: Tyson Jackson DE LSU
21. Arizona: Brandon Pettigrew TE Oklahoma St.

2nd round: Tebow (first choice), Brian Cushing (second choice) Terrence Cody (third choice),

3rd: Antonio Dixon, Ndamukong Suh,

I dont know after that. They just better get stronger in the defensive front 7 and the O-line.

The defensive line generated a weak pass rush. Lovie's cover-2 requires GREAT pressure from the front four. Our top pass-rushers registered fewer sacks combined than DeMarcus Ware. Minimal pressure resulted in time for QBs to routinely hit receivers 15-25 yards downfield between the safeties and linebackers.

Because Ogunleye is a bust and Anderson has very little upper body strength, 2 outside pass-rushers would be the quickest way to turn the defense around.

The average, over-achieving offensive line was too often dominated by strong defensive fronts. The Vikings defensive line will still be intact in 2009 and the bears must have a line capable of competing with them. For all of Forte's talent and big plays, he was unable to gain over 3.9 ypc for the season.

Selecting an outstanding OT prospect to replace Tait, coupled with moving Beekman to center, will help solidify the line. Re-sign St.Clair for LG/swing tackle. Draft a mobile interior lineman that can pull and lead for Forte. Finally, sign Anquan Boldin to the largest contract in team history.

I hope they draft another QB (maybe 2nd Round) and bring in a veteran.
Orton is not the answer!
Could we draft Joe Montana's son, Nick Montana? :)

JA Jr. good thoughts. The top 3 OT's will be gone Oher, Monroe & Smith. The other's are OLT. The DE's will probably be gone Orakopo, Johnson, Brown. Free agency will probably bring a WR and maybe a Safety. I think the Bears will go with Robinson OG. He would have been a first rounder last year and is the best prospect at the position in years.

The 2nd rd will probably be a situational rusher and 3rd rd a tall WR.

Unfortunately the Bears have so many needs they are going to need a great draft in all rounds.

No way I gamble on Oher in the 1st round. What will happen once he gets a big chunk if money in his pocket? I don't see JA risking another 1st round pick on an OL that might not pan out.

Most of the problems can be solved in house. Move three defensive starters [1] Tillman to free safety, [2] Urlacher to Will, [3] Harris to DE that would improve the defense. Offense [1] Hester to the slot, [2] Beekman to center, [3] move Olsen to H-Back and move him around like Dallas Clark from Indy. Crabtree will not be around by 18th PAY A. BOUDIN WHAT HE WANTS!! and give Rideau a fair shot two straight years he was the best WR in camp and never makes the roster but we have old Booker and a converted Arena ball player.

The biggest issue (WR) can easilly be solved before the draft starts. Getting a big WR would allow hester to move to the slot, thus killing 2 birds with 1 stone. We have Amazing TE's just need a big time WR. Usually (I dont know about this year) Offensive line can be fixed in Free agency too, not that it needs TONS of fixing this year, but depth is important.

Time to draft a young linebacker and safety, AKA a new version of Mike Brown and Urlacher. Possibly a couple guys who dont have arthritis. I still think both those guys can play, but its time to start looking forward too.

To fix the D the Bears need to get Asoumaga (spelling) the cover corner from Oakland as a free agent. Great cover corners are worth their weight in gold. With a true cover corner who is super aggressive and likes to tackle on one side with Graham on the other side, Tillman could move to free safety and Payne as a strong safety would allow Manning to move back to the nickel where so far he has excelled. Tillman as a safety would be great allowing for more man coverage, 8 in the box and better pressure up front on the QB.

The D line needs a pure pass rushing end and more push up the middle from the D tackles but I do feel that Linebacker is a key need in the draft (USC) along with a starting O line right tackle or right guard in round two.

To fix the offense we have to get a game changer the likes of Boldin. Hester would flourish on the other side as a Boldin starting WR would allow for one on one coverage for Hester. That one move would make a huge difference for the offense.

The QB is a problem, lets face it Orton is a game manager and could be an adequate starting QB but not a franchise QB (no deep passing ability yet. Stay with him and draft a QB for backup, lets see what Hanie has. At least with Orton you can win games.

The offense will be fine with a top line offensive line prospect and fullback prospect in the draft and Boldin.

The D line coach and Babich gone makes sense with Turner given one more year to get it together.

IF the Bears aren't serious contenders next year, then it is time to jettison LOvie and find a new direction with a little more discipline than what Lovie offers the BEARS.


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