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Bears make coaching move

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Cornerbacks coach Steve Wilks has been fired.

Wilks was hired heading into the 2006 season and it is believed he had one year remaining on his contract.

The Bears finished 30th in the league vs. the pass this season but had one young player develop at cornerback in Corey Graham, who played a major role with veteran Nathan Vasher missing the majority of the year.

We'll see if there is more action at Halas Hall but that move has been announced by the club.

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it should have been Lovie


Oh, PLEEASE! This move is like bringing a bb-gun to a tank fight! Get real - FIRE TURNER and BABICH and hire Marinelli and Martz!

Babich. Fire Babich. Turner did well with NO WIDE RECEIVERS what so ever.

You fan are so stupid.Fire Turner for what??I dont think no team in the Nfl had less offensive weapons than we had for last few years.But some how every year he makes something out of nothing.What other team you know could have made it to the Superbowl with Rex.

NOW YAL STUPID FANS MAKE THE CAKE:YA WANT MARINELLI????LOL,mabe you didnt see what his defense look like.Mabe you thought he made history by going 16-0 instead of 0-16.Mabe you thought defensive ranks start form 32 than goes down to 1.Or mabe you just dont watch football.

STUPID FANS #2:How could you say get rid of Lovey Smith???Did u forget how many losing seasons we had before he came??Did u forget how it felt to know the season was over before we played all 16 games?
did u forgot how it felt to be swep by the packers every year??Did you forget about not wanting to even look play with the bears on Madden?I DIDNT.

SIMPLE CHANGES CAN MAKE A WINNING TEAM:Falcons:Matt Ryan,Turner,.Panthers:Stewert as a back up for D.Williams.Jet:Favre ,Jenkins and Vilma.Dolphins:C.Pennington.Titans:Collins and Chris Johnson.

BEARS:A.Boldin and a Pass Rushing DE in the first Round.

This is a "move"? A snail makes a larger motion than these guys. Fire Babich! And do something with Turner!

Good to hear about Steven Wilks ' firing as the secondary looked lost this year. Maybe, Gil Byrd can bring some toughness and smarts to the coaching position if the job goes to him. (Byrd is a 10 year veteran and was Wilks' asst last year)

Also, let's keep the wrecking ball coming down on the Bears version of the 'College of Coaches.'

Lets' show these college coaches the door as well:

Bob Babich (def coord),
Lloyd Lee (LBs)
Brick Haley (defensive line),
Darryl Drake (wide receivers)
Charles London (off asst)
Pep Hamilton (QBs)
Eric Washington (def asst)

Hopefully, if Rod Marinelli is hired as def. coordinator after Bob Babich is demoted or fired, he'll bring some assts. with pro experience and not guys that are afraid to hurt players' feelings.

Well, at least the Bears web site people are on top of things as Wilks' name was off the site by Tuesday night.

Fire the WHOLE coaching staff. I have never seen a group of coaches get out coached week after week like these guys. WE NEED A PLAY MAKER AT WIDEOUT! Hey Dice you make a good point on your simple changes, EXCEPT THE DOLPHINS! Did you forget about the BIG TUNA! If we give Orton the leash we gave Grossman I think we will be fine.

I agree with "Butch"...who the hell are those guys, people who just put up their hands when asked if anybody wanted to be a coach? And don't forget genius you, to promote from within...NO NO, don't go out and get a proven NFL player, leave some money in the bank to give YOURSELF an contract extension because your doing a bang up job...BYE BYE BABICH !!!

please spend money on quality QB, RECEIVERS, D Backs that lay a hat On A mortha. NoBody comes across our middle. PERIOD. Especially a Viking. I Love the BEARS.

You guys with the "Marinelli" nonsense make me laugh. What has that turd ever done in the league? Replacing Babich with another Lovie puppet is useless. Use your brains guys!


Like the comments about Boldin and pass rushing D end in the draft.

The Bears need to fire Lovie and hire Shanahan as coach, period end of sentence.

Lovie is the man that has surrounded himself with poor coaches, the coaching staff can't make half time adjustments on either side of the ball and the team lacks discipline and intestinal fire.

By hiring Shanahan, the Bears get an great offensive minded coach (Denver has consistently had very good offensive production). JA will find a good D coordinator like Marinelli (he would be good).

It is about time that Toub is promoted or the Bears will lose him, give him a promotion within the defense somewhere, maybe the D line or linebackers and groom another special teams coach under Toub's direction.

Current D line coach should be axed as should Babich and Turner should get one more year to turn it around, although the offense should get Boldin which would solve a lot of offensive problems.

The QB coach hasn't shown much and should go packing if the QB's do not produce next season.

Two needs in free agency are

Boldin will make the entire offense and Hester so much better.
Asoumaga CB from Oakland would make the entire D better as he is a true cover corner and would allow for 8 in the box, more man to man and blitz packages putting more pressure on the QB. Also by aquiring this CB it would allow for Tillman to move to Free Safety, he would be a stud at free safety and it would prolong his career and Payne will develop into a great strong safety.

Draft in my order of preference

First round:
D end or Linebackeror maybe OT/OG in order of best quality athlete available at 18 in the draft. The USC linebacker would be great and solidify the linebacking for some time to come.

Round two and three: Safety or corner help and maybe TeBow.

Godo luck Bears in 2009

LOL! Didn't Corey Graham come on and have a great a season? Didn't he develop well? Wilks can't be blamed for the complete absence of the pass rush and yet he gets the axe. Because none of this can be ole Lovie's faults, uh-uh, no sir.

What's next? Lovie fires Dave Toub and points the finger at him for not getting enough kick return TDs?

dahlillama, you had a decent arguement until you mentioned Tebow... NO MORE FLORIDA QBs!!! I also believe the yrs for the coordinators are used up. They need to go now. The reason people are asking for Marinelli is because Lovie(who you know management won't get rid of) will accept him and I don't believe Marinelli will be a lap dog. It just isn't his attitude. I think he would bring much need tuffness to the D. Also, just like last yr we need to draft oline, period. One mabe two that we replaced this yr doesn't fill the need we have had for a few yrs. D side we have enough depth to work and we can prolly get some quality in later rounds. I'm also glad that my option of Marinelli/Martz has started to pick up steam. I hope someone with an important ear or someone important in the org catches the idea too. I think it would shake things up and give us Bear Fans something to REALLY talk about.


All good except Martz. I have watched him close and the teams that he has been the OC for have had problems with the D being on the field too long and too often and giving up big yards.

Martz, loves to pass the ball often and does not get a good mix of both the pass and the run. Lots of turnovers in Martz's offense. Until Singletary came in this year and forced amore conservative approach and cutting the starting QB, Martz offense put up some yards but had big turnovers etc.

Marinelli, would be good though, he had Detroit playing hard the whole season without any real top tier talent on D or on the O line.

You need to get rid of the entire coaching staff and start from scratch, than you need to go and get a quarterback in the draft that will be a part of the rebuilding process. Now you should go and get Cowher, I would rather wait for two to three years for a real team to emerge. Let's face it there is nowhere for this team to go but down as long as Lovie is the coach.

Three-headed monster:

They'll get the right players!

Lovie needs to go!!!! I am a Bears fan, born & bred in Chicago. Due to a transfer, I now live in the Atlanta area. I was at the Falcon - Bear game and watched Lovie coach it away with his "squib" kick. He also gave away the game against the Panthers and the Bucs by insisting on playing "cover 2 defense", which I call "prevent", because it does two things, prevents us from holding a lead, and prevents us from winning games. In the "cover 2" our guys lie back and give the opposing receivers a ten yard cushion, which leaves us vulnerable to slant passes, which we got "burned" on all season. We let Rivera go for Babich??? Once again Lovie's choice...both should go. Now for Angelo...You let Berrian go to the Vikings and left us no deep threat, and replaced him with a "washed up" receiver, Booker...just "Brilliant". Also, why wasn't Adrian Peterson used more??? He makes things happen when he catches passes.
Bears should have won the division by two games!!!!!!

Chitown: "Three-headed monster:
They'll get the right players!"

Two words for you Chitown ... JERRY FARKING ANGELO.

Why replace the coaching staff and not start at the top of the food chain? Angelo has done NOTHING that warrants being kept on as even a "gopher" for the next GM. Accountability starts with him and his track-record - especially in the draft - is a photo-finish with Matt Millen's.

I like the comment about the USC linebacker. If Maualuga falls into the Bears lap at 18, and he might, that would open room to trade Urlacher, maybe even for McNabb. And the Bears walk away with a beast at MLB. They should throw in Vasher to sweeten the deal, and pick up Asoumaga in the off season. Release Brown, he is good, but too injury prone. Re-sign Brown as the secondary coach; he is a leader, and the team loves him. I think Steltz can develop into a fine safety, he had problems this year, but he was a rookie on an uninspired defense.

But even without McNabb, Orton can do fine with a true #1 receiver. Go after Boldin or Ocho Cinco...he may be a huge distraction, but he can play far better than any receiver there now.

After that, address the O line in the draft. It is far too old.

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