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Bears have six Pro Bowl alternates

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The Pro Bowl teams have been released and while the Bears got only linebacker Lance Briggs named to the team, as first reported right here, the team does have an opportunity to add some more players.

The number of guys who back out of the expenses-paid trip to Honolulu only seems to grown each year, and that means spots are filled by alternates. The Bears have six of those:

1st alternate

DT--Tommie Harris

2nd alternate

C--Olin Kreutz
P-Brad Maynard
TE--Greg Olsen

3rd alternate

KR/PR--Devin Hester
ILB--Brian Urlacher

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WOO HOO 3rd alternate baby. Hester isn't even on kick returns anymore or at least almost never. Oh man that is funny. Olin probably should have gotten a nod or at least 1st alternate.

I hope everyone has enjoyed there 3 hour drives home from work, enjoy the weather.

Thats cool about Greg Olsen being an alternate, even if it is only second, I think by next season, Olsen could be a 60-70 catch tight end, then he should be a first teamer. I am a bit disappointed Matt Forte wasn't even chosen, maybe the league wants to see him do what he did this year again? I thought maybe Forte would have made it on the strength of his 58 catches, maybe next year?

None the less, with Olsen and Forte, the Bears have a nice young nucleus to build around. I think the Bears offense is headed in the right direction. With a healthy Kyle Orton, Forte, and Olsen, this offense could be a good one, all Chicago needs is a wide receiver, maybe Earl Bennett by next season? I also like the direction the offensive line is headed in, by next season, the Bears will have a nice young left side with left guard Josh Beekman and left tackle Chris Williams. I look for Beekman to really come on with a year under his belt and being more comfortable as a starter. I would like to see the Bears bring in a right tackle either by the draft or free agency, oh well, this is off-season stuff, the Chicago Bears are still alive playoff wise GO BEARS!!

Yeah, Olsen can be a big factor and that really is nice to have that. I disagree about Olin I felt he did not play that great this year, He is getting long in the tooth as are Tait/Garza it's time (past) to bring in the new OL.
Some fans felt URL deserved his new contract and some didn't well the proof is in the pudding. You certainly expect a player of his stature who just had a big contract, renegotiate, to play up to that status. No excuses, he did not. Scheme, whatever reason, no excuses he did not. Maynard was better than a lot of fans wrote bad about him.
I feel we are where we should be in Pro Bowl - we stunk it up this year and the Votes prove it.
I just realized the Forte comment and while I agree with you Kevin, It would have been nice I also noticed tonight on ESPN all the great runners ahead of him, notably Jones,Turner close to tops in yds/TD's who could have been Bears as well. That new OL we talk about I feel will vault Forte next year.
Between Kevin and Creighton - Positive/Negative thinking all the way from both ends of the perspective. lol
But I like reading you guy's comments - it really makes me rethink my own position on players and such.
Kudo's to Lance the MAN!


About Olsen being a first teamer for the pro bowl next year...
As long as Lovie is running this team, this team will be a 500 ball club. As long as they are a 500 ball club,you will see very few making the probowl squad. I expect that next year we won't even have as many alternatives....unless the NFL gets down the 5th and 6th alternative...just so the players can be listed.
You get a team that looks strong enough to have a chance at the superbowl, and you will see many probowlers from that team. Its just a fact.
What you should look forward to is the day Lovie and staff are canned along with Angelo. Only then, do we even have a stinking chance of seeing a winning team. The current coaching staff are responsible for at least 3 or 4 losses. Don't expect any different for the 2009 season.

I guess I'm not the only one who thinks Urlacher is overrated, overpaid, and over-the-hill. His peers do too!! I think we should start thinking about the future and get some replacements for some of these geezers we got. Kruetz, Wale, Tate, M.Brown, Garza, etc..etc.. The window is closed!!! How did Forte not make Probowl? If the Bears do make the playoffs, he should be league MVP!!!! Nobody else means more to their team then he does!

Hadji, I've been knocking Urlacher all year. He did look better the last couple of games, but I agree with the picks that only Briggs deserved the pro bowl. Forte was great, but others were better.

Hey Val, I don't know if you checked but we do have a winning team. We are 8-6 this year and are 46-36 over the last 5 years, including playoff games, and including Smith's first season when they went 5-11. They've been 41-25 since that season. You seem to be pretty eager to fire the entire staff that deserves some credit for this. But be careful what you ask for, because the Bears were 75-101 in the 11 years previous to this. There may or may not be better GMs and coaches out there than Angelo and Smith, but I guarantee you that there are worse ones.

By Randy:

"I just realized the Forte comment and while I agree with you Kevin, It would have been nice I also noticed tonight on ESPN all the great runners ahead of him, notably Jones,Turner close to tops in yds/TD's who could have been Bears as well. That new OL we talk about I feel will vault Forte next year."

Forte should have got the 1st Alternate spot. His Yards and yards per carry are good but his pass receptions are tops. I thought Slaton should have made it in the AFC. Unfortunatly for Forte the top 3 runners in the NFL are in the NFC and rushing stats come first. I also hope people on this board stop thinking Jones is all washed up like they did at the begining of the season. There seem to be a lot of great RB's having great season this year. Forte looks to be as valuable too the Bears as Westbrook is too the Eagles. To bad niether team has a second back would have loved too seen Turner in a Bears uniform but the Bears didn't think he was worth like a lot of the fans didn't. To bad he's a Chicago guy too. Him and Forte could have been a thunder and lightning tandem.

Oh Kevin, how is Williams going to beat St. Clair out for the Job of LT. He can't even find the field, not that I think St. Clair is great, but the coaches in chicago tend to sit guys until someone gets an injury. So unless St. Clair gets hurt my guess is Williams will not see a lot of playing time. If the Bears are out of it by the final week maybe they can let him play in Texas against Williams, then we could all see how good he is. But as of today I would really like too know why he has a roster spot that maybe someone else could have had, who may have actually contributed.


You must also be a cubs fan. Make it to the playoffs and die.
If you don't recall, the Bears went to the superbowl 2 years ago.
They have been heading south of that goal ever since.
They made it to the superbowl because they had a real defensive coordination in Ron Rivera. Now they have a clown running that defense.
What ever happened to all that talk about going back to the superbowl?
If you are happy with a winning record but never getting to the big prise, then you are easy to molify. But the fans in this city deserve more than just having a winning record. I always thought that the goal was to make it to the superbowl. I see that you are satisfied with a glass half full.
You apparently think that we can't do no better with another coaching staff. I differ with you. The team is here minus a wide out but we could have had the wide out if we didn't give him to team that is now going to the playoffs. How can you possibly support Angelo for that decision? It's not the only mistake he has made since he has been here. How about counting the number one and number two draft picks that Angelo drafted that are starting on this club? There's your answer.
You support Lovie but how many games were lost this year due to stupid play calling to put the game away...not just this year but last year as well. What? Are you just going to look the other way and pretend that it never happened?
You are very mistaken if shooting out numbers makes for a good a year that was considered to be an easy a division that was up for grabs due to all the turmoil in this division.
I think you need to re-evaluate this management staff and think about where we are going. Next year will bring another 8 and 8 season...or a 9 and 7 season...or if they are lucky...a 10 and 6 season...but they may not make the playoffs next year either.
If that makes you happy, so be it....but don't go throwing numbers at me or the rest of the fans. They want a team that is improving every year...not excuses. Let's see...the superbowl year..Lovie blamed Ron Rivera (he gets fired). Last year is was due to injuries. This year is due to execution. Maybe someday, he will blame himself but don't count on it.
Next year will be another excuse. You can bank on that.

Creighton, I never said anything about Chris Williams seeing the field this season, I meant next season. I realize Chris Williams ultimately lost any chance of starting this season with the back surgery he had back during the pre-season. Also, John St.Clair hasn't done a bad job for the Bears at left tackle this season. The fact the Bears have been in the play-off hunt for as long as Williams has been back from his back injury, is probably the biggest reason he has not seen the field. Creighton, you have to remember, continuity is key to havig success with your o-line. So the back surgery, no pre-season action, along with John St.Clair not doing a bad job, are probably the main reasons Williams never seen the field as a rookie, and there is nothing wrong with that. Overall, the o-line actually didn't play that bad this season, you have to figure, they have only allowed around 20 plus sacks, and they blocked for a 1000 yd runner, overall, thats not bad o-line play.

As far as Chris Williams being a wasted roster spot, I totally disagree, also, I realize you aren't the only fan on this board that has felt this way. I'll explain why Williams is not a wasted roster spot, despite popular opinion that he is. First of all, each team can only keep a 53 man roster, I think the league does this to keep things competitive, so NFL teams can only keep so many players at each position. For example, 4 runningbacks, 5 receivers, and 8 defensive linemen. Now, take defensive linemen, they rotate in and out, so to the fanbase, it looks like them extra defensive linemen contribute a lot more than say, a backup offensive lineman does. Now, as you know, o-linemen do not rotate in and out like d-linemen do, so if things go right, a team like the Bears will have the same starting five o-linemen all season, which they did. But you simply cannot go into a season thinking 5 offensive linemen are all you will need to get through a season, you must have backups at each o-line position, even if they might never see the field. So despite Chris Williams never seeing the field, does not mean he is a wasted roster spot, if one of the Bears starting tackles go down during a game, Williams will then come in, this is why he is not a wasted roster spot, even if it seems like he is because he might never see the field. So even though a backup o-lineman does not see the field as much as a backup d-lineman, doesn't mean he is any less important to his team, a team needs both to get through a long 16 game season, see what Im trying to tell you Creighton?

Creighton, good job on the complement to Matt Forte, I might make a Bear fan out of you yet GO BEARS!!

ahhhh is taht you kevin???? icant see because iam blinded by my hate towrds everything. i wil tel l you agin and angain kevin.....williams IS a BUST!!!!! do you now why kevin?? is becauser angelo drafted him and whoevr angelo drafts is (thats right) a BIG BUSTO! it makse perfect since kevin becuase iam always right nd i only give facts. didnt you now kevin?

anyway i hate you ans mike and angelo and williams and life..... but ohhhh i especially HATE BRRRRRRRANO!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!1!! BRANDO is all abot sunshine and lollypops and snips ans snails and puppy dog tails and i HATE it!!!

but you gsya now me old crap-ton just trying to be posATIVE....

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