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Bears cast off practice squad WR Brown; Burgess to cornerback

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Wide receiver Travis Brown has been released from the practice squad. The New Mexico product had been signed on Nov. 26 and the Bears at one point were carrying four wide receivers on the practice squad because injuries to Brandon Lloyd and Marty Booker, along with Devin Hester getting an occasional day off, had made it a necessity for practice.

Now, the Bears are down to two wideouts on the practice squad, Mike Hass and John Broussard. That depends how you count up the players, though. The club is listing Rudy Burgess, from Arizona State, as a cornerback. He can play both corner and wideout, and was originally announced as a receiver when he was signed Nov. 19.

That leaves one opening on the practice squad with a spot still to be filled on the 53-man roster. General manager Jerry Angelo is looking for special teams help to fill the roster spot that will be vacated when defensive tackle Dusty Dvoracek (torn right biceps) is placed on injured reserve. The club failed in its effort to land Green Bay linebacker Spencer Havner, who was on the Packers' practice squad. Promoting Havner forced the Packers to place rookie cornerback Pat Lee on injured reserve to make room. Lee was nursing a knee injury and the hope was he would return in the next few weeks.

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I don't quite agree with the Bears moving players to different positions, especially from offense to defense, as far as Burgess to cornerback, this is the NFL, when you hit the pros, you should already have a set position. Im big on player development, but not transition, maybe in college, but not the NFL. If the Bears need another body at corner, they should go get a player who is an established corner, not try and make a receiver into a corner.
Don't get me wrong, moving players to different positions has worked, remember Jerry Azumah, but again, I just think in the pros, teams simply don't have the time to convert players anymore, its all about winning now. Chicago has certainly been guilty of this the past ten years or so. Go back about 6 seasons ago, and the Bears were trying to convert a couple of guards to tackle, and left tackle at that? The players Im referring to are Mike Gandy & Bernard Robertson, sad thing is, I think both of these guys would have been pretty good had they been left inside at guard. Most recently Chicago has been trying to convert former corners to receiver, Rashied Davis & Devin Hester. Hester might work out as a #2 receiver as a deep threat, but Im not quite sure about the Rashied Davis experiment. Chicago needs to remember the old adage," corners are receivers that cannot catch," this is not just a clever saying. Chicago most definitely needs a #1 receiver, there not going to get this type of receiver from a former corner. This current regime simply does not have the time to develop a receiver as of right now, if I were the Bears, this off-season might be a good time to break out the old pocketbook and pay one Mr. Anquan Boldin. Like I was saying, "the Jerry Angelo regime doesn't have time to even draft a first round receiver and wait a season on them," this is why I would go free agent at receiver, especially a receiver of Anquan Boldin's caliber. GO BEARS!!

Let Hass play.

Kevin I tend to agree with you about switching positions, but in this case it's probably OK. As I understand it the guy did the same thing in college.

Also it doesn't really matter what they assign for his primary position. The fact is he won't be either a receiver or a cornerback during games this year. If he is activated it will be on special teams in case somebody like McBride or Hammond has to be elevated.

Another thing is that the practice squad means practice players. Those guys probably spend a lot of time on the scout team. If he can play either way, it might save some wear and tear on one of the veteran's legs in the last qusrter of the season.

Hass would be a good 3rd down receiver i think but not a number 1. Boldin is not a free agent so we can't just sign him. If i were jerry angelo in the offseason i would cut booker and davis. Keep hester and lloyd and then trade urlacher and our 1st rounder for Boldin and a 2nd day pick. We can live w/out urlacher (what has he really done this season or last season minus 4 good games). Plus jerry can use the 2nd day pick to draft a starting db like he always does.

illinialumni, sorry, I kind of jumped the gun on Boldin being a free agent, I read Biggs article "Bears' receivers struggling to make an impact," in it it said, "Its debatable whether the Bears are likely to try to acquire Anquan Boldin from Arizona in the offseason," I just assumed Boldin was a free agent, I see he will not be a free agent until 2011, my bad.

I do however disagree about trading Urlacher, I agree Urlacher is not the player he once was, but he still gets the job done from his mike linebacker position, also, it would be hard to find a linebacker that can drop back into coverage like Urlacher can, this is a priority for the middle linebacker in the Bears cover two. Chicago needs their 1st round draft pick, actually they need every pick they can get. The Bears have a bunch of needs that include DE, RT, FS, and a number one receiver. Obviously the draft won't take care of every need, but Chicago needs every resource they can get to solve some of these position needs, I don't think it would be a good idea to get rid of their 1st rounder. Chicago has proved they can play pretty good offense without a true number one receiver, although one would really help Orton & Forte, they can still get it done, they just need to execute better. If a receiver of Boldins caliber was available, I would have definitely brought him in, but since he is not, Chicago is going to have to hope one of their current receivers can step up. I think rookie WR Earl Bennett will be a good one next season, I realize he has not seen the field this season, but a lot of receivers don't pan out till their second or third season, I think Bennett will be a pleasant surprise next season GO BEARS!!

Let Burgess Play

By the way, he played Wideout and corner at ASU

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