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Bears add receiver to roster

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With Marty Booker ailing with a cracked rib and needing some help on special teams, the Bears finally placed defensive tackle Dusty Dvoracek on injured reserve Tuesday.

The club has signed wide receiver Devin Aromashodu to the roster, a seventh-round pick from Auburn in 2006. He was plucked off the practice squad of the Washington Redskins.

He is primarily considered a special teams player and also has spent time with Washington, Houston and Indianapolis, winning a Super Bowl ring against the Bears.

That leaves the Bears with two players on the roster who are likely out of Thursday's game with injuries--fullback Jason McKie (quad) and running back Garrett Wolfe (hamstring).

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I think we are the only team with a pluthra of WR's that do not play. So what do we do we add 1 to the active roster who is a nobody. Bennet has yet to see play time at WR and Rideau as well. But we keep on playing Rashied "only could catch in 2006" Davis, Brandon "Will not be on the team next season" Lloyd and the aging Booker who is injured. Will we see Bennett or Rideau, probably not? The team would rather play an injured Booker.

So why draft Bennett and why promote Rideau?????

I keep hearing all of this chatter about aquiring a number 1 guy. With how terrible our number 1 picks have been please trade it for Boldin, Houshmanzadeh, Ocho Cinco. Each week it is apparent we lack a solid number 1 WR.

Packer Backer how's that number 3 in the division and not going to the playoffs feel. Your team sucks.

We'll see you losers Dec.22 then we'll talk. You guys beat one scrub team and think you're all good now. When is the last time you beat a good team? Week 1, I think.

By PackerBacker on December 9, 2008 1:45 PM
We'll see you losers Dec.22 then we'll talk. You guys beat one scrub team and think you're all good now. When is the last time you beat a good team? Week 1, I think.

you guys are 2 games UNDER 500, with NO CHANCE for the playoffs. And your defense can't stop ANYONE- ANYMORE, YET you are here talking SMACK? Puhlease! Go eat some more deer jerky and have another brewski, cause if the Bears don't win another game, they WILL beat the Packers on Dec. 22nd.

I am assuming then that Bennet is not a ST player. Which we all know is prerequisite for Bears WR. Boy I sure would like to see him play. Give him a play or 2 to learn. I really don't like the way our WR have played this year at all. (this year yeah right)Loyd could have been the exception - we will see how he fares the rest of the year. Maybe with good pass protection they would have more time but the dropsies and bad routes killed them as well

We don't care if we go 2-14 as long as we beat you losers twice. 37-3...Notre Dame would give us a better game than that. Papa Bear is rolling over in his grave.

yoo-hoo! packerbacker ist me sweety!! did i hear you say the baers are loosers like there fans and wil loose to the packers?? oh please wisper those sweet nothing in my ear!!! finaly someone who think ans smell like me.

p.s. ill be resdy for pickup at eight tonite you hunk. dont be late!


Hey Packersucker, I guess the point is: when we beat the Pack, we still won't have beaten a good team. If you are a fan of one scrub team, it's probably best not to run down other scrub teams.

That yo-yo is not why I logged on. Does anybody know anything about these new receivers? Does one of them have a second gear to get vertical for example? Good route runners? Good hands? Play the piano?

I think it's good that they at least are letting Bennett play some on special teams. It's even better that he is doing something with the opportunity.

Well, well, well, if it isn't the packerslacker back on our blog, got nothing good to talk about up there so you hit us up for some real football conversation, looking forward to seeing you guys on the Monday night game, but we have business to take care of first and that's to beat a "good" team called the Saints coming in on Thursday....
Nothing was more funny than seeing your coach throw dwon his hat as he realized his season and his team is in the can, you know the one we flush into Lake Michigan after we take a pack ( i mean crap).....LMAO

BEARS fans let's stay focused as our team must, we get our shot at the packerslacker again soon, let's just hope the gsme means something to us since its only for pride with them.......

Devin Aromashodu, Welcome aboard-War Eagle!

I never thought I'd be saying this Brando, but that last "crap-ton" post was pretty darn funny.

The packerbacker is mot worth me wasting more time than it took me to write this sentence.

A couple of optimistic thoughts on teh remainder of the Bear's season:
1. For the New Orlean's game:
A. The temperature at gametime should be at or near 25 degrees with a 10 degree windchill should slow down that speed of N.O.'s offense.
B. Does anyone know the status of the pending suspensions to Grant, Smith, and McAllister? If suspended, this is a major advantage.
C. N.O. has a bad defense against the run. Forte will eat them alive!

2. For the G.B. game:
A. Their defense is bad. Period.
B. They just lost their starting tackle Taucher
C. Revenge factor. Face it, the Bears just aren't as bad as that 37-3 beating they took.
D. I gotta a strange feeling that there is a lot of bad karma coming to GB for the Brett Favre fiasco. I know Rodgers has played really well, but Favre just had that "it" factor to push you over the top in close games. He was clutch. I am still glad the Bears do not have to face him twice per year anymore.

3. For the Texan's game:
A. Pending suspension, for their starting center. It might not help the Bears much, but they should take all they can at this point.
B. If the Bears win the previous 2 games, they will be pumped for this game. They should play at a high level. They know what a high level is. Houston probably is out of the playoff race at the moment, and has nothing but pride to play for.

Don't forget that Minnesota goes on the road to Arizona, then hosts the Falcons, and Giants. Those are all playoff caliber teams.

More than likely, the NFC North champ will be the 4 seed hosting the 5 seed. That is currently Tampa Bay. Just food for thought, the Bears were up 10 with 4 minutes left, and had to hand the game away on a silver platter to lose by 3 in OT. The 6 seed is likely to be Dallas at Arizona. Likely Dallas victory. The 6 seed goes to 1 seed NYG, and the Bears as a 4 seed winner would then play at Carolina. Hmmm. At Carolina, weren't the Bears up by 17 late in the 3rd quarter only to falter down the stretch in the 4th quarter to give that one away?

The answers are yes. This Bears team has played inconsistently this season, but they clearly are not far off from the likely playoff opponents should they qualify. Remember that N.O. and G.B. are terrible against the run. The Bears may just be built for cold weather this year. The Texans game looks to be the toughest opponent down the stretch.

Go Bears!!

Bennett had 3 tackles on special teams on Sunday, so the kid is at least getting on the field. I would like to see him in the 3 WR sets in place of Davis, who has dropped everything that has come near him lately. The WR position is in need of a severe overhaul for this team to take the next step offensively. First and foremost though, we need an effective OL. St. Clair and Tait are consistently abused on the edges, which prevents us from going downfield on a regular basis. Garza gets pushed around at the point of attack. So we need upgrades at 3 spots on the line. Beekman has been getting better every week, and is showing the tenacity and mean streak to be a successful OL in Chicago for many years. We have Buenning on the roster, so I say put him in. Next year, you open up the competition to Addams, Buenning, Garza, and maybe Ryan Poles can come back after his injury and be a wild card in the equation. Williams, Balogh, St. CLair, and either a free agent or draft pick need to compete for the tackle spots. I cannot imagine St. Clair winning the job from a healthy Williams, unless he is way short of what was advertised. A multiple year starter in the SEC at LT is a pretty good training ground for offensive linemen. Maybe he isn't the most physical guy out there, but we do most of our runs by guard traps, and don't need him to drive his guy ten yards off the ball. What we need from him is to keep his guy off our QBs back....

Suntimes: "If there is an upside to the Bears not having a No. 1 wide receiver on their roster, it's that they also don't have a diva to whine about the ball not coming his way 10-plus times a game." Couldn't agree more. I just wish our receivers overall were RELIABLE!!!

Ryan, I enjoyed reading your analysis until this point: "The 6 seed is likely to be Dallas at Arizona. Likely Dallas victory." C'mon man! Dallas isn't going anywhere! Just like the previous 10+ years. Jerry Jones, by notoriously picking up thugs and misfits, gets exactly what he deserves year in and year out: nothing!

Personally I like the Falcons at that last wild card spot. Three teams from the NFC South. Sure, why not. And yeah, if we get wins against NO and GB, then the Houston game should be a breeze b/c our guys will be totally amped.

Next spring, the Redskins are already without second-, fourth- and seventh-round picks. The remaining four picks shouldn't be used in a package for Arizona receiver Anquan Boldin or Cincinnati receiver Chad Johnson. -- Washington Times NOT FAIR!!! I WANT AT LEAST ONE OF THEM WITH US!!!! (CRYING IN AGONY)

I hear ya Mike, but it is Arizona in the playoffs we are talking about. Right?

I agree that Dallas will get beat after that, but Arizona is a historic failure in the playoffs since the 1950's.


no questions asked the bears have a great chance of winning both teams yes both they just need to land out the clouds and gain confidence and put they'er game faces on they can win the super bowl finally agin in wht 20 years so LET'S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone know why speedy guys play corner??? Because they can't catch good enough to be a receiver. And both Davis and Hester came to us as Cornerbacks. That says a lot. We have true receivers on our roster and they should be used. Bennet broke records for a reason. The dude knows how to play receiver. And Rideau has showed promise. I'm sure he wouldn't drop as many passes as Davis and Hester. Put them in the game!!!

Secondly, put Chris Williams in the game! And move St. Clair inside to Garza's spot of RG. That move would benefit the offense immensely. St. Clair is big and strong, just a tad slow for the outside. I don't know what they are waiting for to play Williams.

Third, Activate Kevin Jones and play him at Fullback or have a two back set. Seeing handoffs and passes go to Mckie or Davis makes me sick. Especially when we have a talent like that on the bench. And Jones has proven that he can score in the redzone. Having him and Forte on the field at the same time adds another dimension to the offense. It seems like a no brainer to me. He's definitely big enough.

There is talent on this roster. But it has to used properly. Those are just a few suggestions that I see that would help out this team. If I can see it, then why can't a professional coach see it?

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