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Bears 2009 schedule

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Provided the Philadelphia Eagles hang on to defeat the Dallas Cowboys -- they are stomping them 34-3 in the third quarter right now -- here is the Bears 2009 schedule:


Green Bay
St. Louis

Green Bay
San Francisco

Provided the Ravens hang on to their big lead right now over Jacksonville and get a playoff spot, that means the Bears will have seven games vs. 2008 playoff teams (counting Minnesota twice).

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Whatever the number of playoff teams, this is not a daunting schedule. The Bears will always get 4 wins in the division. After that, another 6 are gimmes if the Bears are any good at all.

Given this schedule, which with limited exceptions all the North will play, people will call 2009 an up year for the NFC North.

A team may need 12 wins to take the Division.

What we don't get to play KC nad the Raiders to? Can the Bears sub them for Pitt and Baltimore. Tough schedual? The Bears only get 8 games against total loosers.

Yeah Brad 7 games. Lets see Arizona, not exactly looking like a playoff team, the Vikes twice, Pitt, Baltimore and Atlanta oh and the Iagles. I see 3 good teams there and four tough games.

How about the rest of it: Detroit twice, The Pack twice, San Fran, The Bungles, The Brown nosers, The Rams and Seattle. Brad what more do you want?

So they gotta play six playoff teams only 3 of which won there divisions. Vikes, Pitt and HAHAHAH Arizona. The NFC West is the Joke of the NFL. The Lions who are the biggest joke in the history if the NFL. 9 games against teams that went 26-83. This is a good thing Brad. The Bears should be able to squeeze 7 wins out right there all they gotta do is go 3 and 4 against the Vikes, Arizona, Pitt, Baltimore, Atlanta and the Iagles who they beat this year at home again.

Yup sure can tell how we will finish in 2009 by the results of teams in Dec 2008. Tell me how many people had Carolina as the #2 seed?; Dolphins over the Patriots?; Atlanta and Baltimore in the playoffs with rookie QBs; and a team any team as 0-16. Making predictions this far out is a waste of breath... or you have the sports book from Back To The Future II.

Stop hating on lovey.I swear if he did spoil us with that superbowl trip a few years ago,we be happy just getting a winning season.Do you really want a new coach here.(have u forgot the losing seasons we had before the smith era??).Im from Philly and I laugh when i hear fans here talk about getting rid of McNabb.Thats when i say get rid of him cause a team like the bears will sure love to have him.Theres about 25 other teams in the league now who would love to have our coach.IU dont think no coaching staff other than ours could when with the group of player we have better than our coachs.I mean look at our offense.B.Llyod,Booker,St Clair,Rashid Davis, need players,if we won today it would only asure we would lose next week in the playoffs.


1.De (pass rush is the key to getting our defense back)

2.WR (A.Boldin would be real exspensive ,could reall change to OF

3.OL (if we can afford to,we need a replacement for garza and tait)

4.S (i dont think this need is as pressing as people make it.yea we got burned in the secondary but with a bad pass rush who isnt going to have time to burn us down field.

5.MLB Urlachers not the same but he is still better than most(but we need a back up plan to fill in if needed)

Good Side

Tommy Harris should be fully recovered and back better than ever.

Harrison,Payne,Grahm, and Forte all have anther year of ex.

Williams can play at T and St.Clair can fill in at G so we dont have to spend in free agency to get a G.We can draft another T

Vasher will be fully recovered and can add good depth at CB

ALL I WONT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A.BOLDIN :Jerry Lets make it happen.

GO BEARS!! PS i was hoping you got 10 wins so you wont suck in madden again this year.but im still 55 -38 in madden playing with yall lol

These teams at the moment seem to be easy, but lets not forget what just happened to the falcons who were horrid last year, and nothing will help us unless we too make some grandious changes both in the coaching staff and the players. Another interesting fact is that playoff teams this year don't equal greatness next year (i.e. the Packers). I learned not to put my hopes and faith in the sorriness of the opposing team when our team is horrid. We need some change and we need it NOW, because these teams can change even though our stubborn staff won't. Then again that is my opinion, I could be wrong.

8 and 8 is what I see on this schedule. How will they win 8? If the Viqueens get a QB they will run away with the division.

This has to be the most disappointing 9-7 team ever. A veteran team that made so many mistakes. The Bears management spent huge money over the last two years on the defensive side of the ball in order to keep the vets and they made so many mistakes. If they were young players learning the system you could at least have hope that they will be better next year. The Bear Reality is they will just be a year older and slower and Lovie Smith will still be saying "we're close."

Off season Staff moves:
1. Fire Buddy Bob Babich. It may not be all his fault but Lovie is making too much money for the McCaskeys to swallow and a message needs to be sent that the performance of this unit this year is NOT acceptable.

2.Groom a replacement for Ron Turner and put him on notice that another performance like this year a change will be made, mid season if needed.

Off season player moves:
1. A. Boldin- Angelo thought Barrian was expensive! See what he has to pay to get Boldin. Angelo will have to pony up because a rookie would take too long to develope and he probably wouldn't be allowed to play anyway(see Earl Bennett's stats this year).
2. Right Tackle- Tait is old, slow and his contract ends next year.
3. Pass rush Defensive End- Wale will be gone and Mark Anderson may be too. Angelo does better drafting defensive players anyway.
4. Free Safety- a true ball hawking, sure tackling free safety. Mike Brown is done and until Tillman can be replaced at corner and can be moved to Free Safety they need a playmaker here, and D. Manning isn't allowed to ever play safety again.
5. Offensive guard- the Bears need a road-grader guard to be that "get off the bus running team" they want to be. Garza and Beekman are a 3.9 yard per carry pair of guards.
6. Another option at running back. The Bears are going to use up Forte with one more season like this. They need a second option in the backfield.

The Bears will be better, a lot better by default next year.

1. The first factor: DESPERATION
- Ditka averaged 10 wins per year, and was fired for personal reasons after one bad campaign in 1992. Wannstedt was hired as the McCaskey's prodigal son. That is the only reason he lasted 5 seasons. One playoff win, no season better than 9-7. Wanny was fired after 3 seasons of not making the playoffs, and had a horrendous year in 1998. Then Mark Hatley hired Dick Jauron, who had one miracle year in 2001. But no playoff wins, and no other winning seasons. Mark Hatley didn't make it to 2001. Noone knows what really happened, but he signed some impact players. Angelo takes over in 2002, and gives Jauron an extension for going 13-3. Jauron has 2 bad years, and is fired. Angelo swings and misses on Saban (thank God), and then gets Lovie Smith to be his prodigal son. You might be able to talk your way out of 2 years of not making the playoffs, but 3 years is pushing it (if you look at the previous history).
Deperation: they have to win next year to probably keep their jobs.

2. The second factor: Someone has to be the whipping boy or scapegoat. Probably Babich. Lovie Smith has shown he can win and make harsh decisions when he has to. He did hand pick Babich. But he hand picked Terry Shea too. And he realized he had to fire him, and get someone else. Face it, Turner isn't that bad. He realizes that Babich has to go. Lovie realizes he might lose his job if he doesn't win next year, so he has to make the move. He needs to shuffle the line-up too, and start tackling. He knows, and has done it before.
Kinda relates back to desperation. It forces changes.

Happy New Year, and here's to change in many more ways than just sports.

And go Bears!

I agree with a lot of the points Killer Kane referenced. the Bears record of 9-7 is a reflection of how close this team to last years 7-9 team not Lovie's reference to being a playoff caliber team. If coaching, player dispositions, and a commitment to excellence by coaches and players are not changed this team will continue to decline regardless of who next years opponents are. Lovie needs to release the yes men coordinators Babich and Turner, and get coordinators that will develop and challenge these atheletes. example two failed 4th and goal fullback dives in one season is reason alone to go another direction. Let's see what Earl Bennett can do today last game of the season playoffs on the line. Kyle Orton's ankle is the reason he has been well Kyle Ortonish the 2nd half of the season, while every other quarterback in the league after 17 weeks is nursing some type of pain. Let's also mention that Mr. Babich and his defense are the most predictable in the league. The front seven can't pressure the quarterback (Brian Greise & Matt Ryann) Can't stop the run Adrian Peterson has made the hall of fame on our defence, Brian Grant and others. And lets face it our secondary is not coached like a playoff caliber defensive backfield. These are items that will have to be addressed if any success is to be acheived against next years schedule. I am a lifelong follower of the Bears and want to see them succeed next year and for years to come. I live in Atlanta and travel to see the team play several times during the season. Bear fans turnout for them throughout the country. Lovie and Jerry let's go do it. Go Bears.

The Bears are an average team with an average GM, an average coach, average players.

You can pretend Orton is more than a Trent Dilfer type. You can pretend an O-line with St. Clair, Tait, Garza, Beekman is good. You can pretend Urlacher isn't a shadow of his former self. You can pretend our D-line is effective versus either run or pass. You can pretend we have good cover corners....and quality safeties.

You can dream about Angelo having a sensational draft, though he's proven to be not all that good at drafting. Or you can believe he'll make a great trade or FA signing, though his history doesn't support that either. You can decide Lovie will make in-game adjustments as well as his counterparts, ignoring the fact he rarely does.

You're great fans, and you deserve better. But you're not very realistic. This is nowhere near a great franchise as currently constituted. The Bears--a parity team in a parity league--are just reasonably good entertainment. That's all they are, and that's all they figure to be with current ownership/management.

WoW that LOOKS like a pretty soft schedule at home....away LOOKS tougher....Still like someone mentioned above who knows what will happen next year...Everyone can look at a schedule and go "oh I see 10 wins easy next year!" but until they play the games we will have to wait and see.....

Well it was hard watching the season go down the drain when the playoffs were in reach. I saw both declines and improvement this season, the improvement on offense, the weakness there is glaring and should be address within the the 1st two rounds of the draft, I think we have a better shot at Housemezadeh (sp) than Boldin, unless we can trade a pick and Vasher for him, I don't see the Cards making the deal, so the receiver will have to come from the draft, and with the performance of Bennett this season I wonder who we have on the scout team qualified to make the recommendation for this pick. On the D-side of the ball we have regressed, I see Babich being demoted if Marinelli comes ove, but we have gotten old quick on that side of the ball, we could use a large rush d-line man, a strong/free safety and most pressing a strong side linebacker, the play Slation got 47 on Brian was moved completely out of the hole, he did not play well this season let's face it and he knows it, look for him to come back with a vengence, but we need another playmker on the field on that side of the ball, especially since Mike Brown can't stay healthy. In reading the post, I think Dice makes good point, too many of the fans are asking for a clean out of the organization which will set us back, do not be fooled by the Atl and Ravens turn arounds, the Ravens always had talent and ATL had been a playoff team two years ago. Ryan's point on desperation being a motivatig factor also is key, but this team has some good young pieces in payne, graham, Harris, Forte, Orton,Olsen,Hester developing nicely as a possesion receiver with speed and believe it or not Manning as a nickel, experience, in Brian, Briggs, Alex "Big Paw" Brown, and Tillman (knock it down next time by the way)...I beleive we have a few people who could be traded for extra picks in Vasher and Wale also, 9-7 is disappointing whne you know one more win would have been playoofs and we can count at least three games where that win could have been had, but we have things to build on Orton, showed he can win, Beekmen got better each week, Harris started to show he could still play, and we got more than anyone could expect from Forte. Would like to see them throw more to Olson down the field more next year not just on slants and fades, hit Hester more on the curl pattern, and with a threat on the other side we can be a top 1/2 of the league offense, but we must improve on defense for sure, fortunately that is the side of the ball where improvement is the easiest, I've watched the BEARS for a long time, Lovie is no worst than the 3rd best coach the BEARS have ever had, the only otheres are Ditka, and the Founder, Pardee was okay, he will make the tough decision on his boy Babich especially now that Marinelli is available...playing the last game of the season for a shot the the playoffs, the only thing better than that is to WIN the game....time to get busy working on the draft, but finding out what we need is not the problem, its getting them.......Go BEARS

You can afford Boldin if you cut Ogunleye, Tait, and Mike Brown moves to the coaching staff as a defensive back assistant. We get some relief as Benson's dead weight is removed after this season, and the penalties we paid for Muhammed, Miller, Darwin Walker, and Ricky Manning Jr. will all be off the books. We can make a big splash, but the question is whether or not Boldin will get the franchise tag. I don't think they used it on Fitzgerald, and have not used the tag in a while, so they have it available. If it costs us a first round draft pick, I say we do not go for him. We need too much help, and the positions we need are top heavy with good talent. DEs and OTs are a very strong group, and we could get a stud DE in round 1, and our new RT in the 2nd round. We could get a decent WR in the third, and then focus on OL, DL, and LB for the rest of the day.

I look at this schedule and see 8 wins right out of the box: Detroit (2), Green Bay (1 of 2), Arizona, Cleveland, St. Louis, Seattle, and Cincinnati. Winnable games after that are: SF and Minnesota at home. We are in trouble with Pittsburgh, Philly, Baltimore, and Atlanta. We have a shot at Minnesota and Green Bay on the road, but those are not easy by any stretch. If we fix our pass rush and pass protection, we can win 11 games in my opinion. If we trot the same scrubs out there on both sides of the line, we potentially go 7-9 or 8-8.

One tough thing. Get rid of the people that suck even if you like them, or grew close with them. Trade them if you can, but cut them if you cannot. Here they are:
Offensive players: Booker, Rideau, Kellen Davis, Grossman, McKey, Kevin Jones, Garza, Tait, and Metcalf.
Defensive Players: Ogunleye, Matt Toenia, Mark Anderson, Hillenmeyer, Jamar Williams, Marcus Hamilton, and Craig Steltz.
Special Teams: Patrick Mannelly: what a waist of a roster spot.
Coaches: Bob Babich, Steven Wilks, and Brick Haley.
*For an explanation scroll below (I swear writing this much is therapeutic when it involves solutions to a problem...maybe I wrote too much. Oh well, this is good stuff).

1. Start at WR:
Keep Hester and Lloyd. Bennett probably makes it based on recent draft pick protocol. Keep Davis too. He is not a starter, but is effective as a 3rd WR, and is cheap.
Get rid of Booker (too old and inconsistent) and Rideau (if he hasn't made it by now, cut him).
- This team only needs one real good WR. It has all supporting pieces in place, but needs a beast. Boldin, Houshmanzadah, or maybe someone else?

2. TE: CUT KELLEN DAVIS!!! He sucks! He did nothing. Get a big blocking TE in here as a replacement.

3. QB: What a surprise, CUT GROSSMAN!! They should draft another mid to late round QB, just to see if they get lucky.

4. Full Back: Cut McKey. He cannot lead block. Davis can do all the things he can do for less. Get a true beast that could lead block a tractor out of the way in here. He needs to be mean too.

5. Running Back: Cut Kevin Jones. Draft a late round guy (like Steve Slaton, or Hightower) to back up Forte. Peterson is good on special teams. Half joking, but why not put Mark Anderson at Half Back in goal line? He is 255 lbs and fast. Why not tinker? See if you get lucky. The guy isn't doing anything else.

6. Offensive Line: Based on getting beat one on one, not for stupidity (which can be fixed).
Is Metcalf already cut? If not, for sure him. Garza has go to go. I think Tait should go too. They do have Buenning at 320 lbs, but he was let go from TB for a reason. Gruden knows talent pretty well, and usually won't part with it. Beekman is fine, and hopefully WIlliams is good too. They should draft a tackle somewhere in the first 3 rounds.

7. Defensive line: Adewale Ogunleye, Matt Toenia, and Mark Anderson. This area needs the most overhaul. This is the most critical element to the overall success of the team. A team built on defense must have a beast of a D-line. DE and NT need a major upgrade. They should (or have to) sign either Peppers of Haynesworth. In the first round B.J. Raji might be available.

8. Line Backers: Hillenmeyer and Jamar Williams need to go. One is not good anymore, and Williams has still not made it. They should consider moving Urlacher to strong side if he is not as fast as he used to be. He could bee more effective there. Maualuga might not be available when the Bears pick, but Laurenitis might be.

9. Secondary: Marcus Hamilton (he is not good), Craig Steltz (He is not good) need to go. Brown should play till he can't, but Bears should draft or sign someone anyways. With that being said, there is no faster safety in the game than Daniel Manning. What his problems are, they are coachable like blown coverage. But he has a ton of athletic talent. You should keep McBride simply because he can tackle on special teams. And remember that Zack Bowman will be back in camp.

10. Patrick Mannelly. I mean seriously, could we not have this guy taking up one roster spot that we could put another linebacker or CB or safety or WR for any reason. We have others that can do it on the team. It would also be great if the kicker could also punt. I would make that a rule. You do all the kicking, punting. Free up 2 rosters spots right there.

11. Coaches: Bob Babich needs no explanation, nor does Brick Haley (D-line coach), or Steven Wilks (Defensive Backs Coach). All 3 did a horrible job this year. The defense as a whole was bad, but the secondary with lots of talent, and a small defensive line were particularly bad this year. The 2 weakest areas on the team. They need replacements here.

Gosh darn it go Bears!

Ryan slow down man you cannot cut half the team. First most of the guys you list are under contract and if you cut them you take a big salary cap hit which prevents you from signing free agents.

Also Manning cannot not play saftie, he has proven that time and again, he has been personally coached one on one with Lovie all year and he still can't play saftie. It's not about speed if it was Mike Brown would have never played in the NFL.

You don't need to cut Grossman,and Tait has one year left on his contract. The Bears only have 6 picks in the draft. I am sure Angelo will turn that into 10 picks in the 4-7 rounds but that is not here or there.

As for the Oline, let me remind you Beekman did not get better every game in fact he struggles in run blocking, the interior line gets no push and niether tackle as Biggs pointed out recently ever pulls.

Lloyd is probably gone and I am glad to see him go, him and Davis can take a walk. Just so you know Booker isn't a starter but had the best numbers per snap than all the other recievers. Thats not saying a lot and he is well past his prime and is breaking down.

Now here comes some breaking news. Mike Hass is no longer a Bear.

Well where do i start. I read alot of the comments and I agree with many of them. First of all, we need a another receiver so that we wont be so damned conservative on offense. Hint(fourth and goal against minnesota, we were about to go up 14-3). We lost the division with that play. As Bears fans, we have to sit back and ponder this season. There were at least four games that we lost by squandering the lead and giving up big plays. We should have beaten carolina, Tampa bay, Minnesota, Atlanta and Tennessee. The only game that we got completely whacked in was the first matchup against green bay.
Anyway, Boldin or Housh would be great. I don't care about the money. We haven't had a big play receiver in a million years. Now, Kyle Orton has improved but I saw at least 5 underthrows to Devin Hester, where he had to slow down and wait for the ball. If we're gonna make Hester into a big play receiver then we should get a big time guy who can get him the damned ball.
Guys, I love the bears and it saddens me everytime I see them work hard to win a game to only come up short.
We can't fire Lovie Smith because he has done so much for this franchise but he does need toknow that we need an offensive spark.
Duh, the reason why our defense has lost some of its luster is because they stay on the field more than the offense does and that almost always will resul in tiredness or a big injury. We have to admit that our superbowl year those boys went hard and they played theri hearts out for us and then the reall rex grossman showed up.
I saw the new schedule and I am so ready.
I hope the owners don't let us down.

That was funny Creighton, I was really following along with Ryan on his cut list and agreeing with him and then you blew it lol.
This was one of the worst seasons I remember, we all had very high hopes, our D was supposed to be No.1 - with that D we would have went far, actually our Offense wasn't too bad, a couple of good Linemen with Forte and they can win, but the D? where do we start? Scheme/players/Coaches, they all need fixing. We have to play FA this year as we can not fix OLine and Dline in the same draft. We would need 2 firsts to do that. Arlesia may have a point as our D blew all our games in the 4th quarters, but as I mentioned at the beginning of the year we HAD to have Olinemen to run the ball, and we did not get them so now we still need them and we need more than that now. We have to go FA for Oline or Dline (DE) this year. WR will not help if we don't get the pass/run blockers/defenders first.

Bears suck, go cowboys!!

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