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WR Rideau to be promoted to 53-man roster

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Wide receiver Brandon Rideau will sign a contract and be promoted from the practice squad to the 53-man roster on Friday.

Rideau led the league with three touchdown catches during preseason and was one of the final cuts despite a productive summer. At 6-3, 198 pounds, he adds a dimension to the roster the team doesn't have at the position.

It's unknown at this point whether or not Rideau will be active on Sunday at St. Louis, but veteran Marty Booker missed practice the last two days with a knee injury and Rideau has been getting a crash course on special teams this week after practice.

The club will have to make a roster move to create a spot for Rideau and that could be to place linebacker Darrell McClover on injured reserve. He suffered a pulled hamstring last Sunday at Lambeau Field. The Bears will also have to make a roster move by Monday to open up a spot for guard Terrence Metcalf, who received a one-week exemption when he returned from his four-game suspension for violation of the league's policy on anabolic steroids and related substances.

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Cut Metcalf - he's worse every year. Great move with Rideau - he should be on the squad back in September - he will be an upgrade over Marty "hide behind the corner" Booker.

I think this is a great move if you look at what Brandon was developing into in the preseason. The only problem is is that he is now 10 weeks behind the rest of the offense. Next we need to elevate Hass from the practice squad.

It's about time...tall and quick at receiver ? What a concept ? Sato is right, he should have been on the roster back in Sept.

During training camp the past 2 years, many of the Bears' players have commented on the exceptional ability of Mike Hass to make difficult catches. Although he was activated for a short time last year, he didn't have the opportunity to fully show his skills. The only knock I've heard about him is that he's not very fast. I'd rather have a guy that's "not very fast", but can make difficult catches and doesn't drop the ball, than a fast guy that can't perform that way. He should be playing. Same old story; bad coaches making bad choices.

I like it, but it does not sound good if you are sitting on the Bennett front. Yes he is a rookie, but now he is a rookie who has played, what would have been for him last year, almost a whole season. It would be encouraging if Turner could find a little something he could do by now.

Sato they are not going to cut Metcalf, they are going to put Miller on IR. Addition by subtraction. UR right in that I don't see Metcalf on the team next year.

As long as Rideau plays. Actually I say cut Booker & Lloyd. Just play Bennett & Rideau and see what they can do. Maybe we can find a diamond in the rough, like Tenn & K.C. did with Gage & Bradley... Oh wait... we had them..

With our fantastic talent evaluating coaching staff, why should we worry.

Jerry Rice in his prime couldn't help you losers!!! Scrap this team and start over!! Matt Forte is the only player on this roster worth keeping!! Bring back Ditka....he's your only hope!

I agree, cutting Metcalf is the answer, not only did he get abused when in there, he just returned from getting suspended and didn't even gripe about it, so he knowingly did something wrong. As for Rideau, I like it a lot, I think that getting him and Bennett involved could be the spark the WR corps needs. You have Lloyd and Hester starting and have a ton of options now with Davis, Bennett & Rideau creating possible mismatch problems.

Yeah it is about time but what about Earl Bennett? (WHO?) Yeah the kid they drafted out of Vanderbilt who was supposed to be all world? Yeah that guy. So some dude off the practice squad is going to leap frog him into a game? That's cool with me because I think Rideau can emerge as a solid option. But what does that say about the draft pick? Also in this offense where they favor ball control why not have a solid guy like Mike Haas (WHO?) that can actually catch a tough pass and keep a drive going? But what do I know I am just a fan....

Finally Brandon Rideau will get a chance to prove himself, hopefully Rideau makes the most of this opportunity. Rideau does add nice size for the Bears, and showed the ability for the big play during the pre-season, hopefully Rideau can develope into a consistent target for Kyle Orton.
I do know one thing, even if Rideau does come on as a receiver for the Bears, receiver needs to be priority one on offense during this upcoming off-season. As far as the number one overall off-season need, Chicago needs to focus on their defensive line, maybe a defensive end or a defensive tackle with some size. I know Lovie Smith likes his defensive tackles to be in the 290-300 range with the ability to penetrate, but the problem with these type of defensive linemen, is they wear down as the season goes on, I say add some beef to that line. Rookie Marcus Harrison was a step in the right direction, I like his 6-3 310 lb frame, Chicago should get a nose tackle in the 310-320 range to go along with Harrison. Although, in the first round of this years draft, Chicago should go after a defensive end, someone that can get to the QB, just a thought GO BEARS!!

Booker is ruled out for this week, so adding another receiver to the roster makes sense, and given that McCLover is a candidate for IR with his hammy (yet another reserve linebacker getting hurt), we need someone who can play special teams. Rideau can do that, and will surely become a member of both coverage teams, and possibly a return team or two. If we see him on the field as a wideout, there most certainly would be something very wrong.

As far as a target for Orton, it starts and ends with Clark, Forte, and Olsen. Lloyd, Hester, Davis, Bennett, and now Rideau are secondary if the line can protect long enough to look down the field. Booker is out for this week, and could conceivably be out for the year if Rideau has an impact on special teams. We don't need a 4th receiver who doesn't get open, or play special teams. Lloyd, Hester, and Davis are all possibilities for long term contributors at WR, and Booker simply was a stopgap for this year. Bennett is the wild card, but you don't drop a 3rd round rookie unless they just don't look like they have the skills to compete. My guess is the adjustment is going slower than expected for the young man.

As far as roster moves, if McClover goes on IR, they only need one spot. Fred Miller or Marty Booker will be the sacrificial lambs there. Both are struggling with "injury," and neither factors into the long term plan for the team.

Joe F. & Kevin A. Good points fellows, especially with the slow maturation of Bennett, always did like Rideau for the size factor alone, he can hopefully help out this week on special teams. As for needs I think we could use a strong-side LB, who can run and cover the tight end, to me this is a big weakness in the pass defense, the cover 2 looks to have safety coverage over the top and uses the LB's to cover the middle of the field, the strong-side usually has the TE one on one, teams have attacked that area and our weakness here, this keeps the safety more to the middle of the field and has the corners play off so as to not get beat deep, which of course opens up the slant pattern inside or the out pattern with the QB throwing to the back shoulder virtually impossible to stop for a corner...These are issues that have been hidden in the past due to the pass rush getting to the QB, whic we have not done this season... Hey Da Coach, where you at man ! I know you got a take !

Packerbacker your'e still a bum, glad to see you know where to go to learn about the game, on the BEARS fan site...I still say we kick your tail in the return match my bum ( oops, I mean friend).....Go BEARS let get on a run!


You don't think the coaching staff is finally getting smart?

They are finally making adjustments.

Now to get better blocking on the kick teams for poor (no holes) Devin.

When is someone in the Bear's organization going to admitt that Tommy Harris has a serious knee injury? He has no quickness or explosion anymore and he sits out of practice every week to "rest".

"Jerry Rice in his prime couldn't help you losers!!! Scrap this team and start over!! Matt Forte is the only player on this roster worth keeping!! Bring back Ditka....he's your only hope!"

That's funny coming from a FudgePacker... thing is that the Fudge are just as mediocre as the Bear at 5-5 !!

Lets not get crazy and start throwing Bennett under the bus. The kid has not been given a shot for whatever reason this season. He does have ability, he showed good speed and route running in training camp but did have a couple of drops. He did however have an awsome punt return for a TD that showed off some of his ability.

Rideu coming to the active roster could mean different things:

(1) he is just a replacement at WR because Booker can't go

(2) he is replacing McGlover for ST's

(3) he was drawing interest like Baldwin was from another NFL team and the Bears just elevated him to keep him.

(4) he is going to be counted on to spark a muddled WR core that hasn't produced much so far this season.

For all we know, he cold be inactive on Sunday and Bennett may get some of Bookers noraml reps !! We just have to wait and see.

Go Bears !!

Joe Felicelli, I say give rookie Earl Bennett till next season, a lot of wide receivers don't come on till their second season anyways, heck, Tim Brown didn't come on till his fourth season, and Michael Irvin didn't come on till his second, when Bennett is ready, I still think he is gonna be a good one.
A lot of rookies in general, receiver or not, won't contribute right away, take our own Josh Beekman, a lot of fans on this very board thought he sucked because he didn't start right out of college, mind you, he isn't an all-pro, but he isn't the worst guard in the league either. Some players simply are not ready straight out of college.
Speaking of our offensive line situation, Biggs, very interesting article you wrote today about who will have to sit for Chris Williams to get on the field. I realize in the Packers game Beekman was the odd man out, but moving forward, I think it would be in the Bears best interest to go with Beekman. I'll give you a couple reasons. First off, St. Clair will be a ten year vet next season, so is he really the long term answer at guard for the Bears, or will he give the Bears two or maybe three seasons, then inevitably hit the veteran wall that Ruben Brown hit? Also Biggs, you bring up size, and the fact St. Clair might help the run game because he is bigger, I disagree. If you compare the two players, Beekman 6-2 310, and St. Clair 6-5 315, Beekman only gives up a couple of inches, thats all good if your talking about being a tackle. Ive read, not only in your article Biggs, that the Bears like how Beekman is coming on, I think next season will be skies the limit for Beekman. I think as far as power, Beekman had to think to much this season, his first as a starter, this would not allow Beekman to play full throttle, next season when he has the position down, I think you will see a lot more push from Beekman. In the end, whatever the Bears decide to do, I'll support, I just think it would be smarter, long term wise, to go with a younger player like Josh Beekman at guard GO BEARS!!

Good points KA & JF let me add Garza is the weakest link right now he get little or no push at point of attack. Why bring in a guy with a maulers rep like Bruenning and don't use him? at least in short yardage. Beekman is the heir to Kreutz. They should get Williams in at opportune times to get his feet wet and move St.Clair to guard as originally projected.

Where's Hass? He's always referred to as the 'guy who catches everything thrown his way".

This from Brad's article:
''Earl's improving and he's getting better,'' Turner said. ''He can get in the mix. It's just a matter of right now the guys we have in there, we're pleased with. They're playing well. It's hard sometimes with the rotation. We have three guys rotating in there, and they're all playing well. But Earl is getting better and better. I can see it happening.''
I REPEAT `They're playing well'!!! What?? Our WR are playing well?? Does anyone here agree with that? - And Bennet who's improving can't get in the game? So, I wonder if it's an injury??

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