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Vasher has fractured hand; reinjured thumb

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Nathan Vasher has a fracture in his right hand and reinjured his thumb where he had a pin inserted in October.

Lovie Smith refused to rule him out for the remainder of the season, but said he will not play Sunday.

Corey Graham will start at right cornerback.

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What a wimp. I have never seen a more blatant case of money ruining the heart of a player. The Bears should cut the wimp.

Thank god!! He cant tackle nor can he cover. His first year with the Bears was a fluke. Its time for the Bears to replace this guy and take their losses. Its time for the Bears to stop giving out these large extention contracts. Consider more incentive contracts based on what a player does in the future, not what he has done in the past.

Vasher hasn't been producing lately even when he's been healthy. So maybe this is a blessing in disquise by letting Graham play who seems to play with a great amount of heart, which is a trait greatly lacked by professional sports figures. Go Bears!

Tough crowd this week. Playing with broken bones before they heal and then are re-broken in the game doesn't sound that wimpy to me.

He definately was not playing like before. I think that groin thing last year took some of his explosiveness, not the money. Remains to be seen if he is ever able to get it back.

I think it might be smart to go ahead and place Vasher on injured reserve for the rest of the season. Its going to take awhile for Vashers thumb to heal up for good anyways, and even if Vasher could eventually come back, we have all seen Vasher is simply not the same player as before the injury, so I say sit him till next season. Besides, the Bears have Corey Graham, a player who could probably start on a few other teams out there, and the Bears also have Danieal Manning for the nickle spot, they should be fine barring any further injuries to the secondary. GO BEARS!!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone, hopefully the Titans can win today to help Detroit on their road to perfection GO BEARS!!

Well, hope he's OK. But Graham can do an even better job in close coverage, which the Bears will have to switch to at some point in the Minnesota game with Mike Brown up in the box.

And before you say the contracts for an NFL player need to be more incentive-based, please consider:

1. That the average life span for an NFL player that has played at least 4 years is only 58 years old.
2. That their quality of life spirals downward like crazy at the age of 45 (trouble walking, getting up and down out of chairs, the shakes or something of the like indicating brain damage). On an X-ray, their spine will look like a "normal" 70-year old spine with the level of degeneration in the joints.
3. NFL contracts are not guaranteed, they can be terminated at any point.

For most of these players, football is all they will ever do for whatever reason. They need these salaries to be huge in some cases to take care of their family for a long time.

Huge game this weekend.

Go Bears!

This is addition by subtraction. After being replaced last week @ St. Louis I noticed Grahm playing MUCH closer to the line, not giving recievers the cushion that Vasher does. For whatever reason, Vasher is playing "scared", giving up yardage trying to avoid the big play. Cut ties with him now, he's never going to be as good as his rookie year !! Cory Grahm plays w/ much more confidance and is the best option for the Bears at this point.


NFL contracts are not guaranteed. So whatever Vasher signed for in August 2007 -- I seriously doubt he is guaranteed anything in the coming years. Case in point, Tommie Harris signed a $50 million contract this year, but only this year is guaranteed. So Jim, please don't confuse NFL contracts with MLB ones.

By MD Kevin:

NFL contracts are not guaranteed. So whatever Vasher signed for in August 2007 -- I seriously doubt he is guaranteed anything in the coming years.

Actually most or all NFL contracts contain some form of guaranteed money.

"The former University of Texas corner received a signing bonus of $9.5 million, and for 2007, kept the same $850,000 base salary he was scheduled to earn under his original deal. But he will also be paid roster bonuses of $2 million this year and $2.5 million in 2008, in addition to his base salary of $750,000 for 2008. That totals $15.6 million."

Thats his money, he does not have to do anything else to earn that money this year.

"Base salaries for the rest of the extension are $2.9 million in 2009, $2.95 million in 2010, $3.45 million in 2011 and $3.7 million in 2012."

Now he could be cut from the team and he will not get all his money but he has already made 15.6 million for two years.

Kevin, it could be possible that Vasher could play if the Bears made the playoffs and had an extended run. He may be needed in a playoff scenario. I don't think it would hurt the Bears by keeping him on the active roster. I guess this is a little premature because we still do not know the full scope of the injury and the expected heal time.

I do agree that Vasher has not played well this year but would likely be better at playoff time than a rookie or number two CB.

Ryan, you are right on with your comments about NFL injuries and life expectancies, they over any sport deserve the cash.

Our D has looked soft lately minus last week vs the putrid rams. We need to start rebuilding starting with our secondary. Vasher has great speed but has not been playing like he did his rookie season. Tillman is still a playmaker on D but he can't cover guys like T.O. or Brandon Marshall and shut them down the whole night. We need to draft a corner in the first.


I admire your optimism regarding a possible playoff run by the Bears. What a wonderful thought, but it ain't gonna happen. This team is too inconsistent to go beyond the wild card round against a superior team, even if it will be at home.

And Paul, I agree the D must be changed, but I don't think the secondary is weak. It is the the front 7, specifically the D-line that must be addressed in personnel. Obviously Mike McCarthy will be the D-coordinator next year. Lovie hand-picked Shea too. He cut ties with him when it was obvious he couldn't get teh job done, and he will do the same with Babich. McCarthy will be fired the day after the season ends.

And Creighton, you are right that if Vasher remains on the roster he will receive the figures you stated. But my point was that look at the lifespan, the quality of life after age 40-45, and the fact that they could be cut at any time.

Here is another wonderful thought:
What if the Bears grabbed Albert Haynesworth in the offseason. They would have to pay him roughly 8 million per year. That would mean roughly 15 million per year committed to the starting DT positions. Or about %8.5 of the salary cap. Plus the Bears need to extend Forte, and Orton. Maybe Kevin Payne too. It would be pricey, but just stop paying top money for corners and safties. It is obvious the Bears are good at drafting corners and safties. Tillman, Vasher, Graham, McBride, Chris Harris, Payne, Manning. All looked good when the D-line got pressure.
Think about it. They sign Haynesworth b/c of playing for Lovie Smith, and next to T. Harris. They will probably pick somewhere between 15-20th in the draft. They could get the best lineman available that is a DE, OT, or Guard.
Now think about Haynesworth next to Harris. As an offense, whom do you double team? Do you have to double team both? FOr the Bears, would that keep blockers off Urlacher? Yes. Would that make the pocket collapse (if there even is a pocket) faster and not allow the QB to step up to avoid the ends? Yes. Could the defense defend the run adequately enough with only 7 in the box? Yes. They could not move Haynesworth. Harris will run through a double team if one is a back.
THE DEFENSE WOULD BE INCREDIBLE!!!! I think they should do it. If I were GM, I would just go for it, and sign Haynesworth. Provided he is healthy of course. But he is young.

It is fun to dream, but back to reality.

Huge game, and go Bears!!

An extended run in the playoffs happened with the Colts (against us) their run D exploded in the playoffs from terible to amazing, except they had Sanders return for the playoffs - Vasher is no Sanders, I hope we could do that but I'm not holding my breath that Lovie or Vasher is holding the team back untill the playoffs to suddenly surprise everyone and destroy them unexpectedly.
and Ryan as you said to Dahlillama, I admire your optimism, but I repeat, If you have been a Bears fan for 40 some years like me you would know that the Bears do not regularly play the Free Agent Market, they do not spend that money. So lets hope they can draft a big time DE or DL in the first round, as I do agree with you on your points just not your optimism lol. We need a shut down corner and a great DE or DT for sure! I think Harrison can be great.
Tonight game is HUGE guy's it will rally tell everyone what this team is made of, I hope Orten can not limp, if he does I would rather go with Rex.

Orton/Olsen hey their all Bears to me....
bottom line -
We have to beat the Vikes tonight!

Is it just me, but didn't football players use to continue playing with broken hands and fingers back in the 70's and 80's? I can remember several players in the game playing with cast on when I was a kid. I believe the great Ronnie Lott even opted to have his pinkie severed versus missing a game. Is it against the rules to play with cast on?

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