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Three Bears probable

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The official injury report came out and quarterback Kyle Orton is indeed probable with his right ankle injury. Orton had limited participation in practice as did cornerback Charles Tillman (shoulders). Linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer (right thumb) had full participation. Hillenmeyer and Tillman are probable also.

Offensive tackle Fred Miller (shoulder) will not dress. He is doubtful and was held out of practice the last two days.

For Green Bay, defensive end Jeremy Thompson, the best pass rusher the Packers have on the right side, is expected to miss with a pulled groin muscle. He is doubtful.

Cornerback Jarrett Bush (ankle), Green Bay's top special teams player, and defensive tackle Justin Harrell (knee) are both questionable.

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Come on Guys it's the Pack !...Got to come out line up and Play need this WIN! Key to the game is stopping Jennings and Driver, both like to come over the middle, one of them needs to take a big hit to let them know they are in a BALL game......PACK Week I'm fired up already !.......GO BEARS Kick some Pack Azz

Well, only a HUGE game on Sunday.

Go Bears and go Tampa Bay.

If that happens, Bears go to playoffs.

I get the feeling that the defense is going to come out and play really well on Sunday. I think they are mad and know how big this game is.

It would be nice to see them put together a game like the Colts game opening weekend. The Bear's offense matches up great against the GB defense. The Packers are great at defending the pass to the outside. The Bears are awesome at passing to the middle, and screening this year. Matt Forte, Olsen, and Clark are all exceptional pass catchers, and will win 80% of their matchups with line backers. Hester, Lloyd, Davis, and Booker will keep the corners busy. It is imperative that the Bears run for at least 130 yards this game.

Keys to the game:
1. Turnover ratio: +3 and Bears win, -2 and Bears lose (b/c they are on the road)
2. 3rd down defense: 30% should be a goal
3. 130 yards rushing (unless they completely sell out against the run): They should gash the weakness of Green Bay's defense until it proves otherwise.

Look at the bright side:
Bear's remaining schedule: @GB, @ St. Louis, @ Minnesota, Jax, N.O., GB, @ Houston
Packer's remaining schedule: Bears, @NO, Carolina, Houston, @ Jax, @ Bears, Detroit
Viking's remaining schedule: @TB, @Jax, Bears, @Detroit, @ Arizona, Atlanta, Giants

Minnesota's remaining schedule almost puts them out of it. That is one tough schedule. 5 of the 7 teams have winning records. 4 of the teams would be in the playoffs if they started today. And @ Jacksonville is never an easy game.

Between the Packers and Bears, the Bears clearly have the easier record. Only one remaining opponent has a current winning record. And that is Minnesota, whom the Bears have beaten before. GB has 3 of 7 remaining with a winning record. 2 of those games being against the Bears.

A key could be the match-up with Jax. GB is @ Jax, and the Bears host.

The Bears must at least split the 2 games with GB this year. But they could put it in the bag with a win this Sunday. Effectively ending GB's chances.

Go Bears!!

I hope everyone is healthy and we win big.Lovie remember to put someone in the middle of the field that can intercept a ball or two,and bob babich either produce or leave! We need to see the old tommie harris and urlacher and SOMEONE in the secondary has to step up! Mike Brown stepped up big but no one else did!Get lloyd and olsen and forte and booker involved imidiately.And Hey D-Fence lets sack rodger a few time make him sweat!

Fred Miller is doubtful? Did he hurt himself collecting an unwarranted paycheck?

With my wife an ardent Packer fan, this will as usual be an interesting weekend. No Barnett, the running game for the Pack rather suspect, and Rodgers capable of being Favre-like and being pressured into bad throws...But on the flip side, a less-mobile Orton, and an abysmal pass defense.

Forte should have his best game as a professional tomorrow, and with Barnett out, the LBs will have to hold and extra beat in the box, which should let Clark and Olsen get open early in the flat and seams. We need to keep running Harris and Woodson downfield and look to Harris' side for the big plays to Hester. He can be beaten deep by speed.

Go Bears!

Always a fun week when the Packers are the opponent! I just hope the defensive line makes Rogers'life a miserable one on Sunday. One would think Forte should have a big day. chitownbear is right on about Driver and Jennings. Maybe Urlacher will show up for a change rather than watch Briggs and the safeties hustle to make up for his blown coverage. I didn't realize his big paycheck would lead to his early retirement on the football field.

David Toub did you know that Brad Maynard has a QB rating 118.8 against the Packers?

Maybe this is the game we can see Brad Maynard use his arm and pick up a first down or something.

I'll see what I can do Brando. You know, if it wasn't for diligent fans like you, I don't know what we would do. Thanks again, son.

P.S. Look for the special teams to form a giant "B" during the second half kickoff in appreciation of your advice.

David Toub

Why don't we see who's fault the pass defense is.

If the QB gets the ball out in less than a 3-1000 count, and is complete, then the coverage is at fault.

If the QB has more than 3-1000 count, then pressure is the weakness.

It is both. but at different times. And the coverage fault is usually a linebacker not being in a quick passing lane.
The scheme should be able to be changed/tweaked to account for the coverage fault. Man for man, the Bears are weak on the D-line. Specifically DE.

If you are going to play cover 2 on third and long, then you must get pressure with your front 4. So in cover 2, the strength of the defense must be the D-line. The cover 2 is a "play em straight up" defense. If you are going to play straight up, then you must win any one on one battles on the D-line to get pressure.

Tampa Bay was awesome at cover 2 when they had Warren Sapp, Bubba McFarland, and Simeon Rice all in their primes. But the point is they had 3 guys who could win almost any one on one battle on the D-line. They were bad for a couple years till they got Hovan and Adams.

The Bears only have Harris as a double team threat right now. In 05 and 06 they had Ogunleye, Brown, Anderson, and Harris playing dominant. But the ends cannot seem to win any battles right now.

They need a DE in the draft. That might be the #1 need right now.

Go Bears and win tomorrow!!

Brando, don't forget to write me as well young man. Dave Toub isn't the only person who reads your letters and grants wishes.

Santa I want an early wish. Da Bears go 7-0 for the rest of the season.

Kyle Orton stays healthy

Grossman at a crosswalk having the walk sign on, then all of a sudden it changes to dont walk. So he stop as is his nature to do and gets hit by a Buick. Just joking make it a Pinto fits his personality better.

Last but not least A watchable Chicago Bears Defense

Our chances against The Pack just went from good to excellent with the news that Fred "False Start" Miller will not dress for this game! Looking for several sustained flag-free drives! Go Bears! Beat The Pack!

Viera Bearsaholic, Did someone do a dirty trick on you? Is someone broadcasting last years games to your TV? Have you been drinking or smoking too much during the game?

FRED MILLER has yet to be on the field this year!

Im sorry if its true but you sure seem like a friend of Creightons.

ahhhh Brrrrrando! agian you mentshun me you filthy pig! thats ok because i now your holding your metcalf pillow and making kissy faces at angelo poster on your wall. oh and you still beleieve in santa claus i see? man, ia m so funny. hyu hyu hyu

well quit a g aem today no? my precish packers CRUSHED the bears. and i hear all yuou looser bears fans crying and wining. oh, music to my ears! maybe we can get back to talking about my plans to fire angelo, turner, mccaskey AND SO on. because man, i am always right. and maybe we can get back to talking about angelos first round busts like columbo, benson, grossmane, harris and carrot-top. crap-ton is in a goooooood mood today and soon the world will be a mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but you guys now me, old crap-ton, just trying to be posative...

p.s. i hate that cheery, happy-go lucky BRANDO!!

"p.s. i hate that cheery, happy-go lucky BRANDO"?????

Yes being around Brando is like living in a Rainbow, it's all sunshine and flowers. I am sure you had a great sunday like the rest of us, that was a really fun game to watch and your right it's probably all Creighton's fault. Now you keep trying to bate the man I am sure one day he will show up. I mean you only stalk him over at the Trib were you post comments trying to get him to slam you and you do it here too. Whats a matter is Brando lonely? Does he miss the big bad Creighton. Dat big meanie hurt ummms feelings and your still trying to pay him back. Dude that is just desperate and Pathetic.

Brando you do realize you actually made up a person named Crap-ton so you could win a debate cause the real deal was just to much for you to handle. I hope you realize how unhealthy that is. You yourself are admitting the guy was right but it's like your mad at him for being right. Why is it cause you were wrong and you can't deal with it? I mean if the guy shows up why not just ear muff it. Oh and I saw you posting at the trib too, thats kinda scary. Thats like stalker stuff dude. Not good man, not good. Anyway I hear that Thee Original Old School is speaking today, you should probably listen in.

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