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Setback for CB Tillman

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Cornerback Charles Tillman, who has battled injuries to both shoulders for nearly a month now, had some type of setback following practice Thursday.

He is expected to be listed as questionable for Sunday's game after limited work in practice Friday. Tillman had been held out on Wednesday with the club using "rest" as the official reason. He returned to full participation on Thursday, when he was removed from the injury report.

Now, he's back on it and there is at least some doubt as to whether or not he will participate.

The official injury report will be released in a few hours. It's expected to contain good news for strong-side linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer, who is expected to be listed as probable with his right thumb. Hillenmeyer, had surgery a little more than two weeks ago, and missed last week's game. He was not expected to miss much time.

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It would be nice if Jerry Angelo could grow a set and make some mid season changes...I can accept 1 corner get beat every now and again but tillman and vasher production hasnt been what it should be...Do these guys stretch or work out??Vasher looks slow and put on weight and tillman has been banged up..I just feel like there isn't much more upside with either of the 2 and we can never get a full season out of either. It would really suck to be like corey graham or kevin payne or anyone else that barely has a job gets paid a fraction what these other guys get paid and makes plays while they watch..Look at Bowman he saved the day played with a torn bicep and still was able to make things happen. either tillman and vasher lost sight of the bigger picture or they just enjoy watching their bigger pictures at home..I agree you cant just abandon ship but sometimes we need to do what we can to have the best product possible..As far as the d-line something has to give because if detroits o-line was that good ol jon kitna would still be pitchin..I know the d has carried us but it's tuff when you know the talent is better...if Rex is going to get the start we better utilize all 4 rbs and sprinkle in a lil jason Mckie!

Look here's the thing with Tillman and Vasher, in this cover 2 scheme, you are making your corners vulnerable. The corners are not only responsible for covering their receivers, but also playing the run on the edges. In this system, they are letting the receivers and tight ends catch everything underneath and relying on the corners to come up and make the tackles. It is no wonder they keep getting injured because they are registering double digit tackles every game. I wish they could stay healthy, but I understand why they are getting injured. Yes, Vasher looks slower, but that's because he put some muscle on in the offseason so his body could take some of the punishment. I think that Tillman and Vasher are the best corner duo in the league when they are healthy. Off topic, why didn't we give DeAngelo Hall a look? It's not like we couldn't have used him with all the injuries. GO BEARS.

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