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Random thoughts coming out of Rams beatdown

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ST. LOUIS--The Bears' six-game season just became a five-game season. Here we go.

There is not going to be any time to celebrate today's 27-3 victory over the hapless St. Louis Rams. The Bears travel to Minnesota for an appearance on NBC's "Sunday Night Football" this coming week with both teams 6-5 and the Green Bay Packers (5-5) in a critical game at New Orleans Monday night.

Some rambling thoughts while watching Indianapolis-Green Bay at my hotel in the shadow of the Arch:

*** Matt Forte looked strong in rushing for a season-high 132 yards on 20 carries. The 47-yard touchdown run he had in the second quarter helped boost his season average to 4.0 yards per carry. That's a nice plateau to reach and if he can improve it down the stretch, that will bode very well for the Bears. With 909 yards on the season (fifth in the league), Forte is on pace to have 1,322 yards and that could secure offensive rookie of the year honors for him when considering he already has six rushing touchdowns and three touchdown catches.

*** If tight end Desmond Clark is out for any length of time with his right knee injury, offensive coordinator Ron Turner is going to have to take a long look at the playbook. The offense has been very reliant on double tight end sets and Clark is far and away the best blocker of the group. Third tight end Kellen Davis is a rookie and turning to him for the 40-plus snaps a game Clark has been getting would be turning yo an unproven player.

*** The hard thinking Turner would have to do revolves around the lack of production the team has been getting from its wide receivers. Wideouts made just nine receptions combined in the previous two games and they turned in seven as Kyle Orton was 19-for-29 for 139 yards and a touchdown. Devin Hester had five receptions for 57 yards but the rest of the production was limited to Rashied Davis' one catch for 10 yards and Brandon Lloyd's one catch for three yards. Playing without Clark will demand more production from wideouts.

*** The defense succeeded pressuring St. Louis' trio of quarterbacks and three of the four interceptions came on tipped passes. Who says the five sacks they totaled don't matter?

*** Defensive coordinator Bob Babich was on the move again. Babich called the game from the coaches' box high in the Edward Jones Dome. It's the second time he's moved upstairs this season. Babich called the first half of last season from the sideline before switching to the coaches' box. That's five switches in 27 games if you're keeping score.

*** Didn't see any sign of strong safety Mike Brown after the game. He left with what was called a lower leg injury and it's fair to assume it is a calf injury. Cornerback Nathan Vasher said X-rays of his right wrist were encouraging. Of course, we thought he'd just miss one game earlier in the year when he had the same injury and one became three.

*** Sometimes stats don't tell the whole story. The Vikings trounced Jacksonville 30-12 despite being outgained 321 yards to 226 by the Jaguars. The Vikings were ahead 14-0 almost immediately after the Jaguars fumbled the first snap of the game, leading to a fumble return for a score, and then fumbled the ensuing kick return. The Vikings limited Jacksonville to 35 yards rushing on 14 carries.

*** More reaction after we make the trip to Halas Hall Monday morning.

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I loved the way our D played today. I just had to keep reminding myself that they were ultimately playing a 2-8 team and not playing the Vike or the Pack. I wish our D of today (primarily our front line and LBs) would remain present for the rest of the season and improve on the secondary. With luck and a bit of skill and plenty of blessings we can beat the Vikes next week and hopefully the pack will lose to the Saints this week.

This is my reaction to the game.

Orton should not be playing right now, he does not look good at all and if he is healthy and his ankle is fine like Lovie says why is g
he wearing special shoes to support his ankle? The Rams are as bad as a team as I have ever seen, why risk your QB in a game you could win with one hand tied behind your back. You put that Ankle on the Metro Turf next week and you better hope Orton doesn't limp off the field for the rest of the season.

Lots of people seemed to be impressed with the D line, think twice, Brown was playing a guard starting at LT for the first time in his life, and Goon got two sacks but on both plays it was blown protection he came free and clear both times, nobody blocked him. The rest of the game he didn't do much. The Bears once again sold out to the run, you can get away with that against teams like the Rams, but better teams will make them pay and have. Harris did have a solid game against a bad O line.

If Bob can't figure out were to stand, should he really be trying to figure out how to beat an opposing offense?

6 game season????

I know Lovie likes to live in the "Neighborhood of Make-Believe" but not even Henrietta Pussycat and King Friday are buying that garbage. Let me guess if the Bears loose this week it will be time for the 4 game season to begin, in fact my guess is he plans to restart the Bears season everytime they loose.

This season will come down too the Bears at Vikings, Saints at Bears, and Pack at Bears. They need too win two of those three to have a chance.

Don't be fooled. This game means very little and absolutely nothing without a follow-up win against the Vikes.

A decent showing against a poor team is no reason to get excited.

Coaching staff still needs to go. We're just prolonging the inevitable.

Hey, I'm not the biggest supporter of Lovie and his crew, but I bleed blue and orange. So when my team wins, WOO-HOO! Even if it is against the Rams, it's good to see them dominate the teams they're expected to. That they did right.

Still, minus Forte, there was some concern on the offensive side of the ball. I have no problem with starting Orton, but why, why, why would they keep him in during the fourth quarter when the game was well in hand???? To pad his stats? The same with Forte. The kid is special, and I think nothing said it more than when he took a shuttle pass from Orton near the goal line and fought for the first down, but where is Kevin Jones? I'm afraid they're going to wear #22 out or unnecessarily put him at risk for injury. Every run oriented team has a one-two RB punch, why aren't we utilizing ours? Lastly, 27 points is nice, but they could have executed much better against the lowly Rams D. The things the O got away with yesterday, well, other teams won't be as forgiving.

Kudos to Babich for actually calling stunts on the D line and actually being inventive for once. Where was this stuff before?

Good grief. Well, let's hope this victory boosts the team morale and that it carries over to next week and beyond. As for tonight, go Saints!

P.S. Creighton, I had no idea you were a fan of Mr. Rodgers' Neighborhood.

I think every win should be celebrated. Notre Dame lost to Syracuse and the Bears could have dropped this one...but they didn't. Let's enjoy while we can, right?

Oh and a 70% Orton is better than a 100% Rex. This coming from a Rex backer...he just doesn't have it this year.

We didn't score a touchdown in the second half against a very bad defense. That is concern enough for me! Who wants to see D.McNabb in Chi town next year? Anyone,anyone...Bueller!

Thank god the Bears won. The only thing they did was hold ground though. They looked impressive in the first half and uninterested in the 2nd. That's fine I guess.

I agree with Creighton that the D-line was going against 2nd stringers, and of course dominated. They still get no pressure if the there is no blown assignments though (even against the Rams) on the O-line. That bothers me that noone on the D-line can beat anyone one on one.

And who is the idiot that thinks McNabb would be better than Orton next year? If you are going to pay someone to play the QB position, then pay the younger guy who has been in the offense for 4 years. Not the guy coming out of his prime, and closer to retirement.

I know they lost last night, but has anyone noticed that the Charger's D has some bite to it the last couple games since Rivera took over? Some of that defense last night looked very familiar. The pressure packages, and the coverage. It seems like they took the fight to them. I still see no such schemes with Babich. Looks like Jerry Angelo was right when he hand picked Rivera to run the D in 2004. Too bad him and Lovie couldn't get along (what other excuse is there for his firing?).

This team might actually make the playoffs, and get spanked. But they are weak on the line. 4 things would make the Bears champion next year:
1. Not just fire Babich, but find a credible D-coordinator
2. Offensive Tackle - doesn't matter if by draft or by Free Agency, just has to get job done
3. Guard - same as the tackle
4. One more defensive freak on the D-line would be awesome.

Go Bears!!

This was like playing a JV team in college, but a win is a win. Hopefully the defensive line will remember what it feels like to hit a QB, and will carry that into Minnesota. We are going to need to get after Frerotte with our front 4, since we will need to commit the rest of the defense to stopping Peterson.

This was strictly a confidence builder. Sure, they were the Rams, but they were still a professional football team, and we played well. Still couldn't cover anyone, but we struck when the throws were not on the money and came up with turnovers. Frerotte is accurate, but even the most accurate QBs miss 30% of the time, and are not on the money on every throw. Berrian, despite his speed, is not that hard to cover, as he tips his routes (always has). Sidney Rice and Shiancoe are more immediate threats to our pass coverage. Minnesota is the critical game for the rest of the season in my opinion. If we lose there, we put the Vikes in first, and everyone else has to chase them. We can win, but we need a better performance out of the DL and OL to have a chance. Orton needs time to throw, and the Williams boys need to be kept out of the backfield. I think we will need Kevin Jones in this game, even if it means sacrificing a little special teams coverage by deactivating Wolfe or Peterson. We will need the 1-2 punch of both backs to establish the run game effectively.

Anyone that thinks we have a chance to slow down Drew Brees the way our pass defense has been playing is insane. We are going to need to get into a shootout and hope for a couple of key fumbles/INTs to make the difference. Not looking good there. But it is obvious you can hurry Aaron Rodgers into bad throws. We have a legit shot to win against the Pack in late December weather in Soldier Field, and we should be able to hold serve against the Jags.

If we lose to the Vikes, we still have a chance at the division, but it will not be easy. We surely have no chance at the wild card with Tampa, Dallas, and Washington all ahead of us right now. We win this game, we control our own fate. We lose, and we have to count on the efforts of others, which is a crappy way to go through a season.

We should have scored 45 not 27, maybe Lovie was being nice to his old team, pretty much zilch in the second half? and I agree why even play Orton, especially after the second Q - No matter what you think of Rex this would have been a game he could have got his feet back under him with, now then if Orton is inj. against the yikes then Rex won't have all that time under him. We will see what happens this week, This is the make or break game of the year! Yes we shoulda already won a few but this one REALLY decides it for the year folks, if we win this week there is a little hope - if we lose their is none.
Yeah,Joe some TUFF games coming up huh? Well the defense is pretty much rested up for this 6 game season as they haven't done much to this point, so we have that.

Nice to see the Packers get their butts handed to them last night in New Orleans.

The Bears looked good against the Rams but a true championship caliber team will show up big each and every week and particularly when it counts.

The Vikings game is big! Lets see which team will show up on Sunday night? My gut tells me that the Bears D will play well and get some pressure.

It should be a smash mouth game, I can't wait. Crieghton Ryan and Joe I agree with you and am not sold yet on the D line being great although they seemed to come to life last week; this week however they play against a top O line and we will see their true heart of champion or not. It was good to see some stunt action in the Rams game, I hope this typo of creative pass rush continues.

The BEars offense should have the wide receivers and tight ends open all night and Forte out of the backfield as a receiver should be open. As for the running game well if it can just break a few for 10 or 15 yards and move the chains a little that would work just fine.

Does Hester finally break one, the time may be right on the national stage to go big to the house and in the their house no less.

Go Bears!!!!!!!!!!!!

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