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Orton still missing from practice; Brown back

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Quarterback Kyle Orton is missing practice again this afternoon while he continues to rehabilitate his sprained right ankle. The Bears are practicing outside in the steady rain instead of moving inside to the Walter Payton Center.

Veteran free safety Mike Brown is back at practice on a limited basis after missing Wednesday's workout. He suffered a right calf strain late in the second quarter Sunday against Detroit and said he is feeling much better. In the past, it's the kind of injury that Brown probably would have tested in a game. He felt a twinge when he went to break out of his backpedal.

"Back in the day, I definitely would have tried to go back on the field and probably would've ended up hurting myself pretty bad,'' he said. "It wasn't something that was too painful. There were some things I was limited in doing like when I tried to get back out and warm up and see if I could continue. You know, back pedaling was a problem. That's what I do in the secondary. I didn't think it was too bad. Obviously, the MRI showed that. There's really nothing wrong with it. It's just more of a twinge than anything."

He believes he will be able to play Sunday, but the true test will be how his body responds after practice. Wide receiver Brandon Lloyd (left knee) and defensive back Danieal Manning (hamstring) also were a full-go for practice, which will go on for about another 90 minutes.

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I personally think that even though Brown is a good player with grand skills, he is still a liability with great uncertainty. I think the Bears would be smart to release him after this season and put forth the money towards Orton. As far as Orton is concerned for this week, I believe that playing him--even though I would rather have him in over Grossman--it would be insane for him to play when he is not fully cleared. I beleive that he should sit out this game against the titans-- because lets face it, we're going to lose-- I can be in just as much denial as some to think we can and will win. (Then again who knows)And come into the GB game full throttle and fully armed with rest and strength. Then again that is my opinion I could be wrong. GO BEARS!!!!!!

I hate fans who concede victory. That type of thinking would be laughed at by the Greats of the Game Past and Present.

Never say Die. Beardown!!

Orton has been a huge surprise. I've been a big REX fan but Orton has really shown he can play. It is a very tough situation for REX. Like last year he seems to play against the best defenses. I just hope the Bear fans will realize they need to support REX not beat him down. GO BEARS!

The reason Kyle Orton shouldn't play is not because the Bears are going to lose, which is a horrible attitude -- you'd never be on my team. He shouldn't play because no single game at this point in the season, especially one v. an AFC team, is worth causing him further injury. Much better that he's healthy for the Packer game, which is much more important, and for the rest of the season and hopefully post-season.

Bears 33, Titans 13. I think the Bears will light up the sky with long and short passes and that Briggs, Urlacher,Brown and the cornerbacks will stuff the Titans' running gaame. They don't need to stop the passing game because the Titans do not have one. Rex is the better choice for this game if the offensive line gives him some protection and receivers do not drop passes that hit them right on the numbers. I think Orton, if healthy enough, would also do well against the Titan line, but he might be a little too cautious because of the injury worry. Go with Rex and protect him.

I have always been a Chicago Bears supporter but never did like Rex Grossmans play. One thing that is a possitive is that Grossman has been there and done that in Ron Turners system. My opinion, there was no other QB out there that would have been more capable of doing the job then Rex. Sad but true.
If its Rex Sunday I will cheer on the Bears as always but in the back of my head I will have to wonder when the bad INT will happen or a miss handled snap or him getting the snot knocked outta him by a blind side blitz.


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