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Orton does limited work in practice

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Proving once again he does not have a high ankle sprain, the kind of injury that would sideline an athlete six weeks, Kyle Orton took to the practice field Friday at Halas Hall and did limited work. While chances are Rex Grossman will start Sunday against Tennessee, Orton said not to rule him out and has continued to make progress, enough to allow him to suit up today.

"I can't go that far,'' coach Lovie Smith said when asked if Orton did enough to be on the field Sunday. "He's making progress, this is the first day he's actually where he's able to do anything so making progress, beyond that don't know."

Middle linebacker Brian Urlacher was excused from practice.

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Orton's a trooper! He's having an outstanding season! I'm not saying this because I'm a Bears fan, but he's worthy of a pro bowl selection!

Beat Tennessee!!!!

Even though I dislike Sexy Rexy and perfer Orton, I believe that Grossman is in fact the safer fella this week because it would be sucidal to let Orton play an undefeated team that possess such a devistating D. I pray that we win and if we have any luck we can, but I think Lovie is making the correct choice in sitting Orton out and allowing hime to mend further than he already is. My friends and I are saying that he appears to be more like Favre than Rogers or Romo when it comes to his overcoming of injuries and stubborness on resting. Go Bears!!!!

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