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Orton carted off field with ankle injury

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Looks like the Bears will be turning to Rex Grossman.

Kyle Orton was carted off the field with less than a minute to play in the first half when his right ankle was twisted badly at the end of a scramble. Orton was running toward the Detroit sideline on third-and-two at the Lions' 35-yard line and was brought down from behind by tackle Cory Redding. As he was being brought down, defensive end Dewayne White joined the pile and he twised Orton's foot.

No word yet other than Orton has an ankle injury. Check back later.

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Well, if Kyle's out for any period of time, as long as "Bad Rex" is in their gunslinging, there goes our season! Why not let "Mr. Hanie" get some experience instead??? He is after all our likely #2 QB next season and Turner knows how to call plays to "manage the game"!


It looked like a less than severe high ankle eversion sprain. It's when the connective tissue between the tibia and fibula is torn to a degree. He could be out a month at the most. More than likely, 3 weeks.

Grossman can be fine for a short term fill-in. If Bears can go 2-1 in their next 3 with Orton out, then Bears going to playoffs.

Why can't the D play like they did in the 2nd half every possession? Where is the emotion and the sense of urgency. The O-line was very shaky in the 1st half as well.

Hanie would be NFL suicide at this point with his experience. No way that happens.

Go Bears.

Bill --

I don't care how much you dislike Rex.

You don't turn to an undrafted rookie free agent when you are in first place.

For all his ups and downs Grossman has started a ton of games, and did help get the team to the Super Bowl.

I want no part of a project player who struggled at times at Colorado State.

He isn't even close to ready.

If Orton is out, what they need to do is start searching the free agent pool.

if you want Hanie over Grossman, you are retarded.

How quick we are to forget that Rex did get us to the Super Bowl and his style of play is the same as the mighty Bret Farve who thows a ton of interceptions and keeps getting praise for the way he plays!!!!!!!


Smith: Rex we got the Titans next week and we almost lost to the Lions.

Rex: So is Kyle gonna play cause I have the flu next week

Smith: No Kyle is hurt

Rex: I here that Caleb kid is pretty good he could start

Smith: Rex your our Quarterback

Rex: Thats BS Orton gets detroit twice, Atlanta and a beat up Colts team in game one and I get the damn Titans, how is that fare? You did it on purpose Lovie I bet Kyle ain't even hurt you just want to see me get slapped around cause you think it's funny. How about Forte everyone likes him let him QB, he can do it, it would be like runnin the Wildcat.

Smith: Everyone Rex is our Quarterback, I know most of you were hoping I would never say that again but Rex is our Quarterback.

Random Fans: Booo Booo you suck Grossman

Rex: Please stop remember 2006, how about if I buy you all some Ice Cream. Well would you like some Rocky Road? Anything just stop booing, I won the damn game for cryin out loud.

Fans: What
Rex: Don't
Fans: What
Rex: But
Fans: What

Give Rex some time here. Remember, he came in off the bench last year and played well until he was injured. Besides, Hanie hasn't played a regular season down all year. Why give the reigns of a division leader to someone who isn't totally proven? If the season goes bad with Rex and Kyle is still out, then I can see giving the kid a chance, but until that happens I will live with Rex. He did take us to a Super Bowl. Just give him a fighting chance.

You can't be serious Bill.

I wish all you idiotic WRECKS GROSSMAN lovers would stop trying to make it osund like he got us to the super bowl. He was riding on the coat tails of what was oncea great defense( notice i spelled it correctly) Rex did nothing but lose the super bowl for us because he couldn't hold on to the damn ball. by the way he played so great today. glad we had forte to carry the offense

To Anonymous:

You say that you should NEVER turn to an undrafted free agent at QB... Well, the Dallas Cowboys did it a couple years ago and, until he went down with an injury, that was working out pretty damn well for them!!

If Orton can't play, god help us with Grossman. But more fundamentally, this defense isn't playing to anywhere near its capability considering the players it has. Lovie Smith should be fired as soon as the season is over and the Bears should convince Bill Cowher to come out of retirement, which he seems to be waiting for someone to do. Teams take on the personalities of their head coaches, and Smith's laid back personality is not serving this team well. That combined with his lame, passive defense almost caused the Bears to lose today, and even in winning they were embarrassed at home by the worst team in the league.

I pray to God that Kyle did not sustain a serious injury, because he is the key to our successful O. WHERE IS OUR D?! WHERE IS OUR D?! WHERE IS OUR D?! I hope Orton will be alright and we make it to the playoffs, (and sign him to a long-term deal), with his success and ultimately learn that Lovie needs to FIRE BABICH!!!!!


Hopefully Kyle Orton won't be down for that long, it sucks because Orton was really starting to come on, oh well hopefully he gets better soon. I have confidence in Rex Grossman, he was off on some deep passes today, but like Orton earlier in the season, this will be fixed with some time working with the first team receivers, to get back in sync.
As far as the defense is concerned, there is really no fix, they are what they are, a defense that relies on speed. The problem with a speed defense, if they are on the field for a long period of time, they tend to wear down, and are off badly especially with their pass rush. A defense that relies on speed, like Chicago's, needs an offense to be able to run the ball and take time off the clock, with a good running game, this defense is most effective. I think Chicago's success running the ball today played a big part in their success on defense late in the game. Also, Orton's success throwing the ball, eating up more chunks of yards, therefore allowing the offense to score quicker the last couple of weeks, along with the no huddle, have actually played a part in wearing the defense down by being on the field longer. If you notice in a lot of Chicago's games where they have success in the air on offense, their pass rush is almost nonexistent on defense. Hopefully Chicago can improve their running game like they did today, and allow this defense to rest up a little more during a game, especially late in the season. Oh yeah, Matt Forte rocks!! GO BEARS!!

ESPN is reporting that Orton has a high ankle sprain and will be out for a month.

The Gods Of Football just couldnt let us go a season without Qb problems.Im not going to lie i was big on Rex winning the starting job at the beginning of the season.But Orton made me a believer, lets just hope Rex makes the right decisions while playing the blitz happy Titans.I think Rex is a top 10 Qb (when theres limited blitzes).But when he plays a team that likes to blitz hes (Ryan Leaf).Its all up to how he matured from the of season

How about this for tomorrow's Bears headline in the Sun Times?


I agree with Wrigley Field Bear. It's Time for Lovie To Go . This Team Has No Fire In Their Bellies. We Need Some One To Kick Them In The A**. Maybe Bill Cowher Is The Answer? They Sure Aren't Playing Like The Monsters Of The Midway!

You all should not put that much faith in the ESPN (some sportswriter guessing) report. Wait until the result of the MRI.

If this is a high sprain and since it was NO WEIGHT on this injury, as it was caused by an tackle injury and he did not roll on the ankle either. He might be out for only ONE GAME if that long. I have had a few of these in college, was back the next game on both accounts.

To you folks who have never played. This is like hitting your elbow hard and your whole forearm goes numb for 15 to 20 minutes.

Actually, Dice, "blitz happy" is not a term that applies to this year's Titans. They very rarely blitz. They don't need to with their front four constantly applying the pressure and the threat of a sack.

To Jointer1:

Dallas DID NOT turn to an undrafted rookie. You are WRONG.

Romo had been in the league several seasons before he ever got in a game.

Do some research before you post again

Well put Armstead.

I am very happy to admit I was wrong about Orton's ability at the QB position for Chicago. He has improved and looked very good commanding the offense. Especially over the last few games. I really hope he can come back quickly.

That said, Grossman can be successful in this offense as well. Matt Forte gives the Bears the ability to play-action pass. While some of the idiots on this board continue to hate on Rex, he is a very dangerous play-action QB and if you watch the tape (I have) you'll see the Lions were quite concerned about him going over the top.

It's like Jimmy Johnson said at halftime: "If Rex can protect the football, the Bears should be okay."

I agree.

Onto the defense. Armstead, this is where I disagree with you. The Bears D has given up huge chunks of yards and points in pretty short stretches of time. I attribute this to two things:

1. Poor play at the line. When the Bears have a lead, the pedal seems to come off the gas with the D.

2. Coaching. I think, at times, Babich has some lapses in his playcalling and it's really hurt Chicago this season.

Go Bears.

On a side note: Hey Biggsey, how 'bout that JT OSullivan and the great SF 49ers? Hopefully Samurai Mike can bring them back.

When the Cowboys turned to Romo, he had been on the team for several years watching the offense, and learning about how to play the game. Hanie has been watching for what, 2 months? How about some perspective??/

Well, as we have watched for 5 years now, Rex is still incapable of reading the defense, throwing through a pass rush, and struggles with checkdowns and short passes. He did a couple of good things, and since I was defending Orton in the Minnesota game last year, Rex deserves a chance because he wasn't working with the 1s all year. But a 5 year vet should be better than he is, regardless of his time in practice. He has looked like a pouter on the sidelines, and doesn't seem like he cares all season long. Sure, we have no idea what he does at practice, and the coaching staff seems to applaud the way he has handled his demotion (who wouldn't want to get paid 3 million to dress up in costume and watch a football game from the sideline?). But I don't see the same step forward that we have gotten out of Kyle. Maybe his confidence is shot, or even worse, his confidence is unshaken, which means he is still delusional, and we have bigger problems to worry about.

But to channel Lovie, Rex is our quarterback until Kyle gets back. Everyone light candles and pray to whatever God you pray to that he gets back soon....

Look, all of us Bear fans need to get it together. This Orton vs RG stuff is a cancer that is going to kill our chances this year. We all want to see the Bears in the Playoffs don't we? We have to support Da Bears. Even on the Score/670 Mully is starting a "I hate these players" movement and stirring up a lot of bad mojo. We need to pull together right now because Tennessee is going to kill us next Sunday. They are going to beat us up bad because we match up so poorly against them we don't have a chance. I am worried about the after effects of the Titans game. The Rex-haters will be booing louder than ever and it could ruin the season. I am asking all true Bears fans to just forget about what is going to happen on Sunday and stay focused on supporting the team the rest of the way and getting us into the playoffs. Thank you for your support. Mully, go to hell.

To Kevin and David on your guys' analysees: from your lips' to Gods ears. Hopefully Orton will be okay faster than the pundants and skeptics claim, and hopefully the "good Rex" will be present for the next few games. I was watching the game and I saw a fan holding a mock campaing ad sign reading "Orton: change we can beleive in". I am still hopefull for him to become our next Romo for the Boyz. So Lord willing he heals rapidly.

To Kevin and David on your guys' analysees: from your lips' to Gods ears. Hopefully Orton will be okay faster than the pundants and skeptics claim, and hopefully the "good Rex" will be present for the next few games. I was watching the game and I saw a fan holding a mock campaing ad sign reading "Orton: change we can beleive in". I am still hopefull for him to become our next Romo for the Boyz. So Lord willing he heals rapidly.

I agree this is not a QB problem, this is a Defense problem, I mean did anyone see how we did nothing against the Lions Offense? Everytime (except a couple once where URL got back there) the Linebackers etc.. lined up on the line - they drifted back into the backfield! I mean cmon, let them rush a few times!
And if they start from the line - they are slow getting into the backfield anyways. Did you see all the throws in the middle vacated by the LB'S?

And Chris, I disagree - our D lost that one by letting Manning throw at will and no rush.
Sure Rex fumbled but he didn't score points for the other team, Did you not see our D in their famous prevent against the Best Passer in the game?
Rex/Kyle haters need to grow up and leave the BOTH of them alone. Rex did a damn good job in this game, I feel Orton would have pulled it out as well, but the D stunk it up bad!
btw Go Steltz!

David You are an Clown This is noting" like hitting your elbow hard" you fool his whole foot got twisted What in college when you rolled your foot during band practice and was back for the next game. And Teddy I think all Teams in FIRST PLACE should Fire all there staff. and one last thing for you Rex Haters Think the Cowgirl wish they had signed ex in the off season GO REX

I have to say that I was upset, just like everyone else was when we saw Dewayne White cheap shot our starting QB on the sidelines - forcing him out of the game. Of course no call from that Humpty Dumpty officiating crew - the same crew that had to look up and look at the Jumbotron to see if they should throw a flag for hrose collar on Devin Hester --- Hey, I have never been a fan of Rex, but he is our backup and he did come in COLD and engineer two TD drives doing so without any practice prep last week --- and of course, he gets boo'd. I love the so-called fans that say "we" should do this and "we" should do that when speaking about the Bears - just like they're part of the TEAM. Well, I didn't see ANY of the Bears players booing Rex- all I saw were high fives, pats on the helmet, words of encouragement and the professional response to the almost expected situation the NFL presents - injury. They are getting behind Rex - we all should do the same! ( Till Kyle gets back!!)

I was embarrassed when I heard all the fans booing Rex when he came out, what morons the Chicago fans sounded like. We needed him to win us the game and the idiots are booing him, yeah thats it Chicago fans - screw your win! I am not saying hoorah him, but at least wait till he screwed up, (which he did not do

After watching the last few seasons, I have come to the following observations:

REX GROSSMAN= the most overcriticized, underdeveloped player by a coaching staff that had the most expected out of him with the least amount of coaching or confidence that was instilled into him, and THROUGH ALL OF THAT has maintained class in being a backup in a city with fans that need to actually support him in this time instead of wanting to throw him to the lions!!!!

REX= Ratings

Kyle+ Forte= wins

Rex+ no running game = 2007

REX+ Forte= wins + ratings

Cover 2 = giving up 3rd down conversions on 3rd and 9 at least 8 times a game

Nathan Vasher= someone who looks tired and out of shape at times

Garrett Wolfe= the best special teams player at this point that needs to see some 'main' field time

Mike Brown = the most underrated Bear ever, and the smartest player on the field, even if the defensive scheme doesnt work to his strength

Chicago Bears fans = 50% optimistic + 50% that just need to shut the f*** up because they talk out of their a**

REX + Devin Hester = a potentially lethal combo if they can get on the same page

Lovie Smith + Bob Babich = INCONSISTENT defense

Brian Urlacher, Tommie Harris = underperformers BUT can still pull a play out of their a** when it is necessary

Greg Olsen = a mismatch waiting to happen, just do not put him at fullback

Kevin Payne= a future star

Mark Anderson = a 3rd down specialist, and NOTHING MORE at this point in time

Alex Brown = a beast and the most underrated dline player in the league especially against the run

Israel Idonije= Tommie Harris's permanent replacement if the current trends continue, lets just hope not for Tommie's sake

Caleb Hanie= NOT READY, so everyone just STOP and SHUT UP

Rex's redemption is his for the taking, and one hopes he is up to the task. I will cheer mightily for him and hope the offensive line gives him the protection they have generally given Orton. Opening some nice holes for Forte would also help, but I think the Titans will stuff the run and put the burden of victory on Grossman's arm. I really think he'll connect on some long passes, but the Bear defense has to figure out how to stop the Titans' short passing game and ball control offense. Go! Rex! Go! and shut up at least for a while the naysayers and fair weather fans who would rather boo than cheer.

It's our fault. Three days ago we were talking about giving the dude $60 million as a franchise QB. That's tempting fate, like washing your car on a day you don't want it to rain.

Seriously, y'all just breath into the paper bag for awhile and relax. The Bears have a good experienced backup and a promising kid developing. Orton will heal up and be back before you know it. I look for Grossman to play decently against Tennessee. That was going to be tough even with Orton. Then Grossman has always played well against the Pack. Then we'll see.

The Titans fans were freaking out when they went to the backup. So were the Viqueens.

You say that you should NEVER turn to an undrafted free agent at QB... Well, the Dallas Cowboys did it a couple years ago

Jointer 1, that's not what anonymous said, here is what he said:
"You don't turn to an undrafted rookie free agent when you are in first place."

Romo was picked up as a free agent by the Cowboys in 2003, he played in exhibition games and was familiar with the Cowboy's system when he was called on to be the starter in 2006. The Cowboys saw something they liked when they signed him, but he waited 3-1/2 years before he got his chance. Hanie has been with the Bears for 1/2 of a season. You can't fairly compare the two situations. And yes, what anonymous said is dead on. Like it or not, Rex gives the Bears the best chance right now.

When Rex sauntered onto the field, my mind went blank, I broke out in a sweat and had that Jimmy Stewart moment in "It's a Wonderful Life" when George Bailey realizes that he is dead and that Bedford Falls has gone to hell in a handbag. And then I started to scream. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Then I settled down and remembered that this is Detroit and six QBs this season have set personal, single-game passing records against this team.

And then Rex came out onto the field and I realized there wouldn't be a seventh QB to set a personal, single-game passing record against Detroit this season, but he just might be able to get us thru this game.

I will take a win, but we looked and played like crap. Don't care that Forte ran for over 100 yards. He should have done that in the first half against Detroit.

I hope that the Titans are mentally and physically wrecked after playing two tough games. Talk about stacking the box. I think the Titans will put 11 players in the box and dare Rex to throw over their outstretched arms.

Game ball to the grounds crew on Sunday.
Game ball to whomever lit a fire under the o-line in the second half.

And a Game Ball to whomever sits Hester down and tells him he sucks this year on returns and challenges him to take his game -- once again -- to an elite level.

If we can emerge 2-2 (assuming Kyle misses four games), kudos to the team. Being 7-5 going into the final four games should still have the Bears in a position to make the playoffs.

wtf on that horsey call! That wasn't even close! I am hoping Hester/Rex can hook up, he missed him this time, maybe not enough practice, but thats waiting to happen in Ten.
I just don't understand our D why its not more aggresive?
Did anyone see the ESPN slowdown of the Forte long run at the end? Our Oline blocked perfect!, pulled etc..!course it was Lions but still, they did it like it was drawed - good job!

Chris Willette:
"After watching the last few seasons, I have come to the following observations:
REX GROSSMAN= the most overcriticized, underdeveloped player by a coaching staff that had the most expected out of him with the least amount of coaching or confidence that was instilled into him, and THROUGH ALL OF THAT has maintained class in being a backup in a city with fans that need to actually support him in this time instead of wanting to throw him to the lions!!!!
REX= Ratings
Kyle+ Forte= wins
Rex+ no running game = 2007
REX+ Forte= wins + ratings"

And one more thing kids ... don't do drugs. What in the hell does "ratings" have to do with football? Are you talking about Rex's stellar 49.3 QB rating? I've had higher blood alcohol levels watching this guy.

If you watched the game, Detroit started stacking the middle because THAT'S WHAT YOU DO AGAINST REX. I want to see him succeed until Orton comes back healthy but your "analysis" is the equivalent of crack-addled ghetto math. Truly.

Orton has been a top-tier QB to this point so hopefully he can bounce back quickly. If Rex starts next week, watch Tennessee stack the middle because 1) he can't see over the line and 2) he can't move in the pocket. The only thing that can save Rex is a complete stonewalling of the Titans by our o-line and you will quickly see Orton's decision making and pocket presence make this line look better than it is.

I hope I'm wrong and will be cheering for Rexy but this is not addition by subtraction as some of you would like to believe. Rex Grossman is a 2nd-string QB for a reason and that reason: everyone in the league has the book on how to beat this guy.

Why do I get the feeling that Michael McCaskey is chuckling right now. This incident just saved him immediate money, and possibly future money as well.

I hope Orton shoves it right in his face and comes back strong in 3 weeks. I think it is just a moderate sprain of the upper ankle joint. This is also known as a tear of the distal tibia-fibular interosseous membrane. This is the part that holds your 2 leg bones together (the ones between the the knee and foot. It should heal just fine.

Now for the flaws of this team. It is weak in the trenches. Both sides. And the defensive scheme is horrible.

1. The O-Line has done average so far this year. Good some games, and flawed the next. They do not miss many assignments as a unit. They do good there. Problem is that as individuals, they get beat one on one more often than not. Look how far back Forte is first touched on most of his attempts in the first half (and for most of the season).
- They need an upgrade at 3 spots to be better next year. They should not experiment this year unless it gets bad.

2. The D-line just gets beat at the line of scrimmage physically so far this year. And most of last year. They need a dominant defensive end. A freak of nature defensive end. They could also help out D-line if they got another "freak of nature" LB. A run stuffing mammoth wouldn't hurt either at NT. Someone of the caliber of Kris Jenkins, Shawn Rogers ( who I am ticked they didn't even try to get ), Jamal Williams, and Casey Hampton. DE's with the caliber of Freeney, Peppers, or Justin Tuck.
- Bottom line, they need players that command double teams every play. That is what makes any great defense possible. It is not possible without great players. Right now, only 1 is playing great (Briggs), and 3 others playing good (Graham, Payne, and A. Brown). They rest are playing sub par right now.
- Urlacher and T. Harris used to play at a "great" level up until last year. They have not had a single impact play so far this year. If they are now incapable of being great, then they must be replaced.

3. The defensive scheme is crap. The Bears get beat by the same play over and over again. The QUICK SLANT or QUICK POST. The LB's are up at the line, and cannot get out into the throwing lane in time. The CB somehow is expected to jump the slant route, and gain position. If so, they should be in bump and run. Bump the receiver to the outside, and then turn and run. Make the QB hold the ball that extra second. If still playing corners off, then you have to make them do something different than a slant. Teams know they can beat us with it. I am sure they watch film, and practice it for preparing for Chicago. Babich has to make them do something different.
- If the rushers are a split second from contact with the QB, then prove it. Make them prove it. But give them the chance to. Devise a scheme to make sure the primary and secondary is covered early. Make them throw something else. Make them hesitate that extra 1/2 a second.
- If Babich cannot adapt, he must be replaced.

Go Bears.

Looks like we get good news regarding Kyle's injury, I wanted to wait and see how things would break before making a comment, not sure if that was a cheap shot by the Lions player White who was just hustling on the play. Hopefully the defense comes out ready to play this week, when you really think about it we match up well versus the Titans, who are a running team with a psssing game that is average at best, if we stop the run and do not turn the ball over in scoring position we can win the game, I see maybe 2 touchdown at best either team will score and expect the game to come down to a FG. Time for the d to continue building on the 2nd half performance, Harris came through last week and looks to be rounding into shape it takes a while to come back from a knee fellows don't forget that, his game is speed and leverage which you don't have when you have no legs under you...Briggs came up BIG in the game also, earning his pay, go ahead 55 and do you thing....Anderson is missing in action, not playing the run and maybe should lose some time to Idonje who is doing a hell of a job as a swing d-lineman...
To maximize REX we might have to telegraph our passing plays to put him in shotgun to give him half a chance to read the field until Kyle gets back, we saw a few batted balls last week and will see more if they try to use him in the pocket, can't roll him out due to lack of foot speed so gun may be only answer, to get him away from aggrereeive blitzes up the middle as teams try to take advantage of his lack of mobility.....Go BEARS big game this week a win here gives us breathing room in the division before hated PACK game on the sh--ty tundra....

Jerry Angelo might be a better evaluator of offensive talent than a lot of people give him credit for, think about it. Take the quarterback position, first off the obvious, the emergence of Kyle Orton, but not only Orton, the Bears actually have two QB's on their roster that could start for a few other teams in Orton & Rex Grossman. Grossman might not be a fan favorite in Chicago, but the guy did throw for 3000 plus yards, 20 plus td passes, and led his team to a super bowl apperance. This might not seem like a big deal, but to a few other NFL clubs out there, it is. In the NFL, one mans trash is another mans treasure. I might be a little over optimistic with this next player, but Caleb Hanie might be a find also. All of these above mentioned QB's are Jerry Angelo players. Also, remember the QB's Angelo was checking out before the draft, Matt Ryan & Joe Flacco, both are the two hottest rookie QB's. Angelo was all over Ryan last season, and it seems like Angelo was one of the original GM's to take interest in Joe Flacco. All these QB's are young, but they all have great potential. Also Angelo isn't so bad at the running back position either, Matt Forte might be rookie of the year, and Thomas Jones wasn't a bad free agent acquisition for the Bears either. Both Angelo runners, both pretty good players. I think Jerry Angelo is proving to be a very good all around GM GO BEARS!!
P.S Brad Biggs, what is the status with Kyle Orton, it seems like no one is saying anything about Orton, is he going to be out for a couple of weeks, maybe just one week, can you give us something on Ortons status? GO BEARS!! good to be back! helo crap-ton faithful, im back! i now you were all wondering were i was. well i was out to lunch wen someone slamed the door on my dumpster. i was traped but then i heared you looser bears fans cry about youre QB. ahhh so nurtureing it is to hear that. crap-ton is strong yet again! an kevin do i see you saying something good abot angelo????? wel looks like time for me to slap you arond kevin.....bumstead! ha. i am so funny. just ask my mom. hyu hyu hyu....but sriosly kevin, angelo drafted benson, grossman, columbo, ryan leaf, gengis kahn, pikachu and he made our economy bad. its true because im always right (man iam alwasy right) ..p. s. it wouldnt be me without insulting brandowould it? he is looser, wimp, girly-man, sidewshow freak and he voted for angelo. hyu hyu i am so funny!

im crap-ton and i aprove this masage.

Good game with Tenn. coming up - can't wait, I have predicted a win, sure our D worries me, but unless Rex stumbles I still feel we have a good shot, I think Ttans will take us lightly and that will cost them.

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